foodspeaking of hamburgers...

Bryan's top seven burgers:

1) Carl's Jr. - Western Bacon Cheeseburger

2) Carl's Jr. - Kentucky Bourbon Burger

3) Jack in the Box - Chicken Ciabatta Burger

4) Jack in the Box - Sourdough Jack

5) In-N-Out - Double-Double

6) McDonald's - Big Mac

7) McDonald's - Double Cheeseburger (because it's one dollar)

Now excuse me while I go play ball for seven hours to burn off these 7,000 calories. I better stop by the 7-11 for a double gulp of Diet Coke too...

A New Era

We are [BiA] which stands for Ballers in Arms. We are a group of guys who like to play basketball and watch war movies and play shooter video games. Ironically, Bia is also the Vietnamese word for beer (you can expect a full lesson on how to speak Vietnamese fob coming soon).

About us:

We are all part of a Vietnamese Catholic youth group. We basically grew up together. We are located in LA County, and we're between the ages of 18-25. But these things don't mean we all think alike. On the contrary, we have varied opinions on just about everything. For example, some of us think epic movies are lame, whereas others think lame movies are epic. Some of us like sports cars the most, others like big SUVs the most.

What to expect on this blog:

Sharing our opinions on just about anything serious and nonserious: sports, politics, failblog videos, religion, pictures of stuff we like and don't like, fail and win stories, and hamburgers.

The Reason to Continue Fighting the Fight.

Always be Protected!

Stay Safe Comrades.
-C. Jonski