What are you more afraid of?

Are you afraid of crazy bad guys more, or rational bad guys?

I'm not sure myself, but I would assume that there are ALOT more rational bad guys than crazy ones.

Repealing the 2nd amendment would stop emo mfers from shooting schools. But it would make life so much easier for the rational bad guys. Now they can rob gas stations and jewelry stores with knives and have no fear.

Which of these would you rather stop? A rare (but getting more common) incident of public shootings, or the everyday occurence of non-reported crime? The big shootings get more attention, but do you think the family of a slain gas station clerk are any less devastated?

People who are extremely liberal would eliminate citizen firearms in the hope that everything becomes better. Admittedly alot of things would get better, but many things would also get worse.

No opinion is stupid, only the people who refuse to listen to all sides of debate. Rational compromise only starts when the yelling stops.

My solution: make guns extremely hard to get - legal and psychology background checks, family friends and employer interview, and a gun shooting test (like DMV test). All these costs would be beared by the gun buyer, and not other taxpayers. But I would also allow those same people to have conceal carry in public. Hopefully this can cut down crazy shootings AND normal crime. Any private business has the choice to put up a "no guns here" sign if they want, but is anyone that brave?


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