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I don't know if you guys have access to the stats, or if it's admin only. But anyway, I found out some surprising stuff!

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Good job Khoa, you made up 6% of our views! lol

We have some viewers from other countries:

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And these are the posts with the top views:

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If you looked at the top search queries, this makes sense. Alot of people searched for western bacon burger (or other burgers), Snape and Lily, and long pinky nail.

Another announcement: I have earned $1.87 from the ads at the top left! Unfortunately I can't get a check until I hit $100. I don't think I'll still be alive -_-

Mind boggling numbers from China

Recently read an article

about how a show called "Super Girl" in China was cancelled even though it drew in 400 million viewers on TV for it's finale. Holy EFF 400 million? The USA total only has around 300. Anyway it was cancelled because it works like American Idol, where you get to VOTE for the winner. The great party of China didn't want the youth to be accustomed to voting -_- The official statement is that it was unhealthy for young people to be paraded around as it didn't emphasize morals.

Another topic... we all know that there's too many boys to China compared to girls (due to one child policy and gender based abortion). Either this is really smart because China can go to war to even out these numbers, or they're effed. I forgot the exact number of men in their 20s who statistically can't get a wife, but since China has so many people, that number is equal to the total number of young men of the same age in America!


So I was playing Words With Friends and TA challenged me to a game. At first she was dominating me with her words, but I caught up and well all I can say is Plaggggguuuueed!!

My crazy word streak ended with:

QI = 33 pts
Anatomy = 24 pts
Jane = 102 pts
Brain = 43 pts
Plagued = 65 pts
Total = 267 pts

Since I used all the letters in my queue for Plagued, the game gives you an additional 35 pts. But my what a game. Plaggggguuuueed!!

Below is proof! Took me an hour to get a screen capture on my phone, but it was worth it (had to download some android development software for the computer).


Sunday Thoughts

By: CP & Frosty

Some pre-meeting shenanigans

you know you play too much video games when ...

... you drive on a long bridge, and you're not worried about an earthquake but an RPG hitting the supporting columns.

Amiable Advice: Practice Safe Arguing

Don't you love it when an argument quickly changes from a somewhat calm disagreement to ridiculousness because someone said one thing? I believe the reason behind these arguments escalating are because people don't understand how to argue. For example:

Person 1: "I know what happened and I just wanted to know why'd you do that?"
Person 2: "Because I wanted to!"

 *corny but I couldn't think of an example =P, just think of an example that comes to mind*

This could've easily been avoided had both parties practice safe arguing. Instead of going about it like adults, both parties entered the ring and ended up paddling for life on the failboat. You can avoid the failboat by keeping in mind a few simple things to keep in mind.

Frosty's 5 Ways to Safe Argue

1. Understand the person you are arguing with as much as possible. Everyone is different in their thought process and the way they go about things. Everyone has those certain buttons that if pushed will snap their twig and launch the nuke. Figure out what those buttons are and keep from pushing them ;).

1.5 Try to listen to what the other person has to say and understand it as they do. Your point could be 100% right and you know it, However, the reason you're in an argument is because the other person has their point. Whether that person has a point or is completely wrong, it's what they're thinking and you can bet they're going to stand behind it.

2. You. Anytime you use the word "You" you are directly pointing your finger at the person you are talking to, in an argument this can be viewed as an attack and will immediately put the person in defense mode which will increase the difficulty of reaching an agreement to over 9000! AVOID AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

3.  Watch your tone. You could say one thing but come across as meaning something completely different because of the way you said it. The easiest way to keep an argument calm is by using a low indoor type voice, if you can an apologetic tone works like Jesus. Anyways, Once you cross that low voice threshold  there is absolutely (most likely) no turning back. The disagreement quickly turns into a yelling contest and will not end until one player is out of lives.

4. Watch your body language. Same as tone, keep your body movements to a calm and controlled level. Quick  and sudden movements will trigger the other person's defenses which will effect their entire attitude. Pretend the person you are arguing with has you at gun point and will open fire if caught off guard, which you must pretend the person always is.

5. Environment: An ambush is all about where you do it. If you have the ability to choose the location of where things are about to go down then try to find a place that is calm. Go to a nice quiet place, the kind of place you'd take someone on a romantic date (just less romantic). A private and secluded place can be both good or bad. Depending on the person, it might not be the best idea because the other person might feel like they're in an interrogation room.

"But sometimes, you just can't help it!" I know i know, it's hard to maintain composure when you just want to be right. But you have to understand that if you feel this strongly, the other party can easily feel the same way if not more strongly. I'm no psychologist, doctor, or magician, these are just some things I keep in mind and you can keep in mind to get through an argument as quickly and safely as possible. If you try and try, argument after argument, and you still can't reach and an agreement then *ding ding* Let's get ready to rumble!

Brothers to the End!

I'm sure i've posted about this before but... 
Epic video game trailers, they just hit the spot. 
Here an example of what i mean.

Oh, that third one...soooo good. 
The ability to make a viewer feel the compassion and bond between the characters in the game within seconds or minutes is awesome!  There are a lot of games out there with trailers from previous titles to current titles that have connected story lines. Of course, you'll feel a stronger connection if you have actually played the game.  I gotta find an xbox so i can finish the fight!

And dont' forget about those epic Live-Action trailers. For example >=]...

That was amazing! Through some hard work and dedication a rough outline of the Halo story was explained, and not to mention with awesome acting and video effects! GAH! If this ever becomes a movie i'm going to be so happy!
But for now, i'm satisfied with, that's right folks, another Halo!
YIPPEEE KAY YAY MFs! HALO 4 is on the way!

Things I like from new facebook, and miss from old facebook

Now that facebook has changed UI again, here are some things that jogged my memory.

Like from new:

newsfeed. I used to dislike it because it allowed stalker activity, but it really does allow you to keep up with your circle of friends without having to visit everyone's walls.

group interaction. old facebook groups were fan pages, they weren't easy to organize stuff for an actual active group.

Miss from old (2005-2007):

listing friends by their social networks (aka: colleges). It was cool for people to see that I have 15 friends from UCI, 5 from Berkeley, etc. This made having friends going to a variety of schools very cool, so that the list was longer on the left side of your profile.

listing people by classes. I remembered I thought HOLY SHIT when facebook was tapped in to UCLA's class registry. You could list the classes you were taking. For one reason, you could show your friends what you were taking. But more importantly, you could message the group of people who were taking that class in case you missed a lecture and wanted to ask something. It was single handedly the best part of facebook. I remember they got rid of it around 2007 or 2008 when they introduced the most radical design change (the ones where they started introducing apps and opening it to high school kids through invites).

Neutral: I am neutral to allowing teenagers on FB. It's definitely made it easier for our church community to interact. But kids shouldn't be exposed at this level. Kids are naive and don't know where to draw the line in terms of putting themselves out there. Especially kids that are making a mockery of themselves without knowing it. But whatever, there's still good things that can come out of it, so I have no strong opinion either way.

Only thing I will complain about is that facebook could have still kept it's original role as a college oriented website (to make social AND academic life easier). But they drowned the academic features. Such a pity, the new generation of college kids will never get the same FB academic advantages we got (along with advantage of posting party pictures without your mom seeing it).

Sunday Thoughts

By: CP & J.Frosty

The problem is that people want include the sexual orientation of important historical figures into public school textbooks. Some are for it and some are against it, there are many arguments for both parties. How do you feel?

Dinosaurs are the new face to mankind!


That's What He Said!

Ladies of BiA, I would like you to start using this. I want to see how many times you can catch the men off guard. Jon and I catch each other all the time haha.

Random Word of the Week

A slang term for when a woman is sexually attracted to a man or another woman.

The word may also be used as a name for the said man or woman who is the object of attraction.
Woman 1: "David Beckham is so hot."

Woman 2: "Yeah, I have a total Ladyboner for him."

Woman 1: "George Clooney is my ultimate Ladyboner."

Ladies & Gentlemen,

To simply put it, I'm coming back this Sunday! I've missed you all & can't wait to reconnect! (:

For your entertainment:

The Bodyguard (Fun starts @ 2:55)

Messed up but I couldn't help but lmao.

no words necessary

Welcome Back Thieu Nhi!

Another Sunday, another drawing.

By: JFrosty & CP & ND


Like a Skyscraper

I heard this song tonight on the radio while I was preparing some things for Thieu Nhi tomorrow.

This song is so beautiful, because I already had 9/11 in mind.

"You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I'm made of glass
Like I'm made of paper
Go on and tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper"

I stopped doing what I was doing and just sat in my chair and listened. It was the raspy voice that was full of heart and emotion that caught my attention. I didn't know who it was because I didn't know any pop stars who sang like that, except maybe Hayley Williams from Paramore, but it wasn't her voice. This type of voice fits Christian rock. But anyway a quick search on youtube found that it was Demi Lovato of Disney fame (probably in Miley's shadow). Anyway I've heard of before but never heard any of her songs before. Kudos to making a great song Demi. I'm sure you'll be making nice royalties as radio stations across the country play this song tomorrow (err today).

This song connected to me on so many levels. At the personal level it reminds me that there is a will of fire deep within us that no one can extinguish. It reminds me that hatred put towards us will not win. The ultimate victory is to rise above the hate and to love yourself and spread it. I believe this song is a great metaphor for the way our nation can rise above terrorism after ten years since 9/11. There is no victory in hate, there is only victory in love.

By the way, the victims of the war on terrorism are now triple the initial amount of 3,000 on the day of the attack. About 6,000 servicemen have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since then up until now. Let us pray for the souls of the departed, for peace and successful democracy in the two new nations, and for our soldiers to come home safely.