Scoop…there it is!

11:35am - Rosemead Supermarket

After the butcher beat the living daylight out of our desired cat fish, my mom and I made our way to a cash register where we waited patiently behind this guy. As he dug through his wallet for money, I couldn’t help but to notice his long pinky nail and immediately cringed in disgust. So many thoughts crossed my mind including “Long pinky nail?! Cuz HE is actually a SHE!”

What is up with Asian guys leaving their pinky nails long?! It disgusts me like skid marks on underwear. Not only do they look odd and feminine, but they are apparently good shovels to pick gold from the nose and ear. Who knows where else that thing goes!

Fellas…if you are single and happen to have a long pinky nail, I suggest you *clip clip* or else you’ll never see a landing strip. ;) Lastly, I doubt growing out your pinky nail will make up for your insufficiency in other areas. HEYO!

-Willy Bob


Mac O'Bryan said...

Why the long pinky nail?

Mostly it’s a chick magnet in older Asian times, the Qing dynasty equivalent of a souped-up Honda Civic with nitrous hookup and 22-inch rims

Comrade Jonski said...

some people who play the guitar grow their pinky nail so they don't have to use a pick. so maybe you're just seeing a bunch of musicians.

Willy Bob said...

I'll think twice about shaking a musician's hand next time...