Recognition as a Race!

As i was doing some billing for my dad i came across a website that caught my attention. SCE, Southern California Edison, THEY HAVE AN OPTION TO TRANSLATE THE ENTIRE WEBSITE INTO VIETNAMESE! This just happens to be the first time i've ever seen an option for Vietnamese on a big website like this. Sure we might be last on the list of options, but to me and the Japanese, that's first! =P

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JuMex: When to NOT buy Organic food

"Doing what we can to save you a few cents"

Why Should You Care About Pesticides?
The growing consensus among scientists is that small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can cause lasting damage to human health, especially during fetal development and early childhood. Scientists now know enough about the long-term consequences of ingesting these powerful chemicals to advise that we minimize our consumption of pesticides.

What’s the Difference?
EWG research has found that people who eat five fruits and vegetables a day from the Dirty Dozen™ list consume an average of 10 pesticides a day. Those who eat from the 15 least contaminated conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables ingest fewer than 2 pesticides daily. The Guide helps consumers make informed choices to lower their dietary pesticide load.

Will Washing and Peeling Help?
The data used to create these lists is based on produce tested as it is typically eaten (meaning washed, rinsed or peeled, depending on the type of produce). Rinsing reduces but does not eliminate pesticides. Peeling helps, but valuable nutrients often go down the drain with the skin. The best approach: eat a varied diet, rinse all produce and buy organic when possible.


Basically, there's no point in spending the extra money to get organic for the "clean" fruits because they are very low in pesticides. But try to buy organic for the "dirty dozen". Here's the list:

Clean 15 (lowest in pesticides):

1 - Onions
2 - Avocado
3 - Sweet Corn
4 - Pineapple
5 - Mangos
6 - Sweet Peas
7- Asparagus
8 - Kiwi
9 - Cabbage
10 - Eggplant
11 - Cantaloupe
12 - Watermelon
13 - Grapefruit
14 - Sweet Potato
15 - Honeydew Melon

DIRTY DOZEN (buy organic)

1) Celery
2) Peaches
3) Strawberries
4) Apples
5) Blueberries
6) Nectarines
7) Bell Peppers
8) Spinach
9) Cherries
10) Kale/Collard Greens
11) Potatoes
12) Grapes

Do you see a trend here? If the fruit is small and soft, they are bad. But if it's big and hard, that's good (that's what she said).

Childhood MacNugget: Dr. Seuss

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

I've always believed that the hardest thing in life is to master yourself. One way is by keeping yourself out of the darkness where it's really easy to go astray, and forcing yourself to stay in the light. It's hard because to stay in the light is to expose your true self to everyone. But therein is the beauty, you have nothing to hide. You can be yourself. How could that possibly be bad? Thank you Dr. Seuss for sharing your wisdom.

Grinds my Gears and Childhood MacNugget Mash Up

You know what grinds my gears? Annoying classmates and teachers from elementary school.

1) When the teacher takes roll call, you raise your hand and say "here". Then after ten or so kids some douche raises his hand when his name is called and proudly says "present". Gosh so annoying. Stupid overachieving kids. I might have done it a few times in my life (as a copycat) but I'm talking about the kids that did it every damn time. D-bags.

2) When you ask your teacher if you can go to the restroom, and she says "I don't know, CAN you?" Stupid bitch. I CAN, and I WILL take a dump in your classroom if you don't let me go. I remember the first time this happened the kid nearly cried until the teacher said "ask if you MAY go to the restroom".

I think students can get away with showing off, and teachers can get away with being a dictator in elementary school because no one knows better. But by high school, overachieving students get laughed at, and douchey teachers get ripped apart. However, by the time we get to college we again have overachieving students and douchey professors. I believe it is because students have put their grades above everything else, even common sense. Why else would we be nice to the cocky nerd, except to get some homework help. Or why else would we be brown nose mean professors except to get a recommendation letter? Come on college students! Get back your high school scorn and put-down attitude! Put the dbags back in their place!

Blade me not!

I'm about to do the impossible and compare two things from different families. Skates & Shoes. Skates use to be what all the cool cats could be seen sporting. "Hold up young blood! that's a nice pair of wheels you got" and he wasn't talking about the young blood's car. Not just that, the power of the skate to change your social standing far exceeded what a pair of shoes [or blades] could do now. In other words, with modern day shoes it all comes down to how much money you have to spend on the pair of shoes that every wants. Back then? sure if you had a bedazzled pair of skates you were cool, but if you had the moves you were fresh to death! All that matter was how you rocked it.

This could've been us Ballers!!!

Are we the reincarnation of some old school cats or are we just remnants of a greater era?

idknow lol, i just wanted to show you the video
watching this makes me feel like i know chinese, sing a long!

Don't forget to check out these artists' other videos, they're very good =]
and that of course has reminded me of a classic

Hockey Riot Vancouver Why????

So I was checking my email on Yahoo when I cam across one of Yahoo News article. Almost half of the articles on Yahoo is worth reading and the other half are worthless and every time I click on the link I'll be like "Are you kidding me? or Really?". Especially some of the comments on these articles, it's just entertaining.

Anyway, when I saw this picture in the article. Man this scrawny Asian guy managed to do that much damage? I would expect better from him since he was Asian. Then it hit me, that this was probably after the riot (since it looks like morning) and he just wanted a picture for his facebook. I think he got what he wanted, but then again will the police track him down? This gave me the laugh for this morning.

Picture Courtesy: AndersKravis


XMen First Class : almost a 10

I really really liked this movie for many many reasons. I give it an overall rating of 9/10. This movie really strikes nearly every fiber of my being: things that I like to study and have interest in, and personalities that attract me. Since there are many reasons, I'll just list them out in bullet form.

1) Action. Of course you knew this movie would have lots of it. Mutant superpowers, guns, ships, spy planes, and nukes. But if it was action alone I'd probably only give this movie 7 out of 10. The other reasons below are why I loved this movie.

2) History. I like watching historical documentaries. The history books will tell you what happened, but documentaries really put you in the character's shoes and tell you the why. This movie's time span occurred during World War II and during the Cold War, easily the second and third most entertaining periods of US History (only behind the golden years of the presidency of William McKinley which brought about the 2% increase of US Naval strength, along with a GDP increase of 1% to encourage a population boom of 0.3%). Kidding on the last part... seriously though, I am a history buff, so this movie got extra props from me when they included real footage of President Kennedy.

3) Black Ops. This period in history is full of human experiments by the Nazis, and studies of paranormal psychic powers by the US military (seriously, watch The Men Who Stare at Goats ). It's also a period of conspiracy and double spies, with governments not being able to trust their own agents. Also, its the age of the nuclear arms battle. This is the perfect setting for a movie about mutants with superpowers who work for the USA/USSR to bring down the other side.

4) Intelligence, Charm, Chivalry. I want to be like Charles Xavier (Professor X). He is a genius of genetical biology. And he uses his intelligence and gentlemanly ways to charm women. Bruce Wayne has swag, and Charles Xavier has charm (and Thor has both). Its cool because it's like seeing a version of me that I can be. I can't pull off swag because I'm too goofy, but charm is something I can definitely do. Also Charles always takes the high road. He literally turns the other cheek in many cases. He believes in the goodness of humans. He's pretty much the MLK of the mutant world, and MLK is one of my idols.

5) Yin and Yang. I've always been amazed at the idea of two men who would otherwise be friends, become enemies because of irreconcilable difference. We see this happen in parallel in this movie: between America and Russia, and Professor X and Magneto.



6) Psychology and the human condition. I love movies that show me how a villain became a villain. The tragedy of Magneto's childhood was too much to bear. It imprinted his heart with hate, and he dedicated his life to revenge. Unfortunately when Magneto gets his revenge, his heart isn't filled with love. He still has hate and to continue to have a purpose in life, he finds an outlet to redirect his hate: the humans. There's also the story of Mystique, who started on Charles side. But all she wants to be is accepted and loved for who she is. This is why she leaves for Magneto's side. We all need acceptance as humans. It's the same reason why youth join gangs, its the only group that will accept them. I find developmental psychology to be very interesting. That's what makes this film awesome. The study of the character is what makes good films great.


This movie is as close as it comes to getting a 10/10. I can't quite give it though. I don't know what I need to give a movie a 10, but I have to leave the movie theater with a heightened sense of duty and purpose in my life. This movie does that for me. Of course that means romance and comedies will never become a 10 for me because of my rigorous standards. But I like all types of movies. It's just that these certain types of movies appeal to me because it strums every string in my body.

But at the same time a 10 movie has to be good enough that I would not mind watching it once a year for the rest of my life. I don't see myself wanting to see this movie again. Not that it's boring, but I just wouldn't feel like watching it again.

Here are the short list of movies I can think off the top of my head that I would list as 10/10:

Terminator 2
Dark Knight

After the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.... those are my holy trinity :-)

Superior Vs Douche

Another segment of

No, it's not about me ;P

Here's the clip. Professional poker players duke it out and both go all in.
The rest you will have to watch to find out.

Lol, i thought it was pretty entertaining,
"Come on Russian, Get out! It's time to go"
So which is it? Superior or Douche?

Feel the Paower! Can you feel my paower baby? -J.frosty

Who Roots for Goliath?

Kids. Kids root for Goliath. Why would a kid want to be like David? David is weak and unpopular. Kids want to be winners all the time.

I had a realization when I noticed that the only people rooting for the Heat in the NBA Finals are kids. Sorta like how I rooted for the Bulls, when my uncle and older cousins were rooting for the Jazz. We watched together on the same TV in the same house. Yet whenever I yelled and jumped for joy when the Bulls won, they didn't seem annoyed with me. I would have been annoyed with myself. If I could go back in time, I would've been with them and rooted for the Jazz.

For the same reason I am not annoyed with kids who root for the favorites. I was like that too.

This makes me wonder: Why do we start rooting for the underdog when we grow older? Is it because we want the hard working underdogs to get their piece of glory and fulfillment? Or is it because we get cynical and just want to see the fall of the mighty? I think both reasons apply. It just depends on that specific person.

Doin' Work at Santa Monica Pier

3 shots for Five Dollars. One shot in gets a small plush animal, two shots gets a ball, three shots gets both. Until I paid the money and was getting ready to shoot, I didn't realize that the backboard was missing. This had two disadvantages. One: its nearly impossible to bank it in, two: it's harder to judge how far away the rim is. I didn't know exactly how far but it felt slightly closer than a college 3 pointer shot. This is where I'm happy I practice my corner shots because they're the hardest for me due to less depth perception.

Yard Sales AKA Angel Dust

Ever drove by a "Yard Sale" or "Garage Sale" sign and just had an urge to go visit and see if you'd get lucky in finding something?

Well I have, but up until yesterday I've been able to resist that urge. When my friend mentioned a super yard sale composed up of +40 vendors I just had to go! I must say it was pretty fun, and unlike the possibility of "hit or miss" which could happen when you go to just one sale this place was perfect because if you didn't like what one person sold you'd just take a couple steps and look at what someone else had to sell. There were a lot of cool stuff and A LOT of toys lol.

Inside the box of junk there's a couple jewels. It seemed like a crime getting what i got for the price i got it for. I got a plastic rain poncho that seems brand new for 50cents which would've ran me $5 at wal-mart. I got 2 really nice ties, brand new with tags, for 3 each, both with a retail value of $30, and I also got a brand new Blackberry HS-655+ Bluetooth Headset for $10 which would've cot me about $50 on ebay. And my jewel, A GIANT ASS BAG OF either expensive or collectable set PENS AND PENCILS for $2, i have no idea how much this would cost me at the store but definitely +$10. So I ended up spending $18.50 on what would've cost me $115 in stores. And i didn't even haggle, besides being a bitch, the prices seemed all too good to try to get lower. DAMN, I'm doing this again!

There were a lot of stuff I wanted to buy with the "hey this could go there" or "that's something I can use" but stopped myself (with a little help) from purchasing, A LOT of stuff...

Did i mention that there were A LOT of toys? lol, I couldn't help but look through all the boxes of toys, nothing amazing, but at those prices you can't really complain. If it weren't for someone to hit me with the reality check stick I'd probably be knee deep in toys and buyer's remorse lol. Definitely fun to look through and get taken back into the past.

Yard & Garage Sales is like Crack!

Heated Frosty

Another Day and already something else has melted my frosty...

You know what melts my frosty?

THOSE DAMN BIRDS CHIRPING DAY & NIGHT! S.T.F!!U. BIRD, GAH!!!! I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE GAS! These birds.....maannnnn.... Like that annoying car alarm in the middle of the night, screeching in my ear, a dagger in my temple, They just keep going and going, if this here were Texas me and old mossy-san would easily resolve this problem, but this here being the Great State of California where everything from trees to rocks are protected by rights makes it so I can't do nothing (double negative on purpose). You've won this one but one day little birdy from hell, one day i will have my revenge!!!...

Yet another profound discovery

More information taken from the Mars/Venus book.

Men and women have certain cycles that most follow. Women are described as "waves" whereas men are described as "rubber bands". Not everyone is like this, but most people are.

The wave means that women are sometimes happy, and sometimes sad (we all knew that already). But did you know that in order to be truly happy, they have to feel the sad feelings? In the long term, to repress angry or sad feelings is to repress all feelings, even happy ones. Guys, never ever discount a women's feelings. That is who is she is, and to say she's being unreasonable is to discredit her being (more on this in a bit).

When women are at the top of the wave, they happily give love and nurture. But when they are on the downward movement of the wave, that's when they need caring the most. As a man, the best thing you can do is sit down and listen. And when she's relieved stress through sharing or ranting, she will eventually be on the upswing of her wave. But if you tell her "be reasonable" or "bitch you crazy!" she will be angry at you. Also, you're not allowing her to hit the bottom of her wave, which is the only way you can go up. It is a necessary catharsis. You see this in abusive relationships where the woman just becomes lifeless and stops caring.

Guys, on the other hand, are like rubber bands. When a man has been single for awhile, he feels the need to dedicate himself to someone. It makes him happy to do so. This is what makes a man go out of his way to impress a lady (grooming, dating, etc.) But a man also has a cycle. When he has been intimate for some time, he misses his independence. I'm not saying he wants to date other women. It just means he misses hanging out with his guys or going to the gym or just playing video games alone. This is his time to relax and find his identity again. It can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. But the guy will come back to his lady and pretend that nothing ever happened and everything's cool. Once the rubber band is stretched, it will come back. Ladies, you must let your man have his freedom. If you try to repress him, you will either have an argument or he will repress his masculinity (just as an abusive guy makes a girl repress her feelings). We see it in relationships where the guy is whipped.

Do you see the problem with the differences? Why do you think some relationships hit a hard point after the honeymoon period is over? The guy starts to give less attention than he had before, and the girl isn't as lovey dovey as before, because she's on her downward wave and needs the guy's support more than before.

But it's okay! There are compromises! Knowledge is power, and it can help prevent many arguments. If a man knows how much women appreciate listening, he can feel that he is succeeding in the relationship instead of trying to figure out why his wife/gf is unreasonable (meaning he thinks he's failing somehow). If a woman knows why guys need their personal space, they won't feel abandoned. The guy needs to recharge his batteries and will come back. In this one case I think it's easier to be a girl than a guy. If a girl is having a bad day and the guy goes golfing, he's effed. If a guy is having a bad day, and the girl goes shopping, both sides will probably be happy by evening.


Men: if the girl looks distraught, you should ask her what's wrong and listen to her. If she says nothing is wrong but looks pissed, something bad happened. And you should let her know how much you care about her and that you will there to listen to her.

Women: if the guy looks pissed at something, ask him what's wrong. If he says nothing, give him his space. Don't baby him, it might annoy him more. He will get over it on his down.

*disclaimer* this is for most people, probably not applicable to manly girls or girly men

Heated Frosty

You know what else melts my frosty?

People who take their time crossing the street with no concern for the automobiler. I'm not talking about the little old lady who has trouble walking or the crippled guy in a wheel chair, I'm talking about that athletic looking person who looks like they can run a mile in 6 minutes. I'm talking about that group of people joking and taking their time doing their side to side and 2 step. I know it's not personal but sometimes i swear these people are trying to piss me off, and it's not even when i'm in a rush, I'm usually NEVER in a hurry to get anywhere. I'm not asking them to run, i'm just saying they can do a little better than what they're doing now. Please be considerate, just quickly make your way across the street so the rest of us can get on with our day.

The things I'd do for a ray gun and a license to vaporize

New Layout

Notice anything new? That's right, we're finished with construction! What better way to bring in the new layout then with a "New" segment, like the Cleveland Show to Family guy, my segment is a branch off of Mac's GmG. So without further adieu:

Heated Frosty Presents: You know what melts my frosty?

Bad drivers...more specifically, bad drivers in big cars...more specifically, bad drivers in pick up trucks... Now I'm not talking about people who drive trucks and actually use them for their purpose of hauling things around, such as a construction worker, and I'm not really talking about people who drive slow, yeah they make me mad sometimes, but they don't melt my frosty.

& I'm not really talking about the person who drives a truck for fun either, although I really don't support it. No, what i'm talking about is that newbie truck driver that blocks lanes by always making wide turns and my absolute favorite [sarcasm] takes up more than one parking spot. Oh you sob mutha trucka!!!

Not only is there no reason for them to be driving a truck, they truly suck at handling such a big piece of machinery. You cant look badass if you're looking like a douche. I understand that this happens with all kinds of cars and not just trucks, and of course my frosty is melted by all types of bad driving alike, but i'm picking a fight with the truckers because they happen to affect me most often =P

lmao, this showed up after i made the post
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Save yourself some face and some gas


In other news, New Duke Nukem! Very Excite!