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Hat-bee Birtday Chi Be Mắc!!!!!!! Ngày hôm nay bạn trở thành một người đàn ông!

To YOuoooouououooOOUOuoo

sorry lol idk

Warning: Due to the nature of this content viewer discretion is strongly advised.

You and your friend try to stop an alley way brawl between a retard and a midget. They get mad at your interference, team up, and attack you guys.

Would you rather fight the retard or the midget?

Hands down, I'd fight the midget. Fighting a midget would be like fighting a dog, they have to fight you from the waste down and hopefully bring you down to work on the upper body. Retards on the other hand are borderline superheroes, they can harness the power of 10 men! Some of you might be thinking "Don't call them retards, they prefer Mentally Handicapped". But there is nothing handicapped about them! I say we call them Mentally Caged. It's true! there's just an angry Schwarzenegger locked up in every one of them waiting to be unleashed.
I compare the Mentally Caged to the Hulk, when they're calm they're very friendly and approachable (well not that i'd just walk up to a mentally caged person and all, i mean i don't want to catch it) but when they get angry... Grab the gun or Get out of the way!. Give them the ability to communicate or use reasoning and we're screwed! So in conclusion, I'd fight the midget. I rather cover the balls then risk fighting the hulk. HULK SMASH!

Yeah, i know i'm burning for this but LMFAO


Associated Press
Mac O'Bryan, BIA

ROWLAND HEIGHTS, California -- Following last season's inaugural DBag clothing line model competition, the committee of douches(Austrian for board members) have found a worthy successor to "Pop Yo Collas Fo Dollas"

Grandmaster douche Hans Tonster had these comments "My Gott! This picture vas very very goot. Heil Lesbiens!"

The winner of the Ladies DBag Fall 2010 Collection competition is a picture from 401k titled "Hunnies with Bunnies". He was elated when he received the top prize of two tickets to Disneyland. "Do you know how expensive Disneyland tickets are now?" cried 401k with joy.

When interviewed for his source of inspiration, 401k replied: "Well I'm around guns alot, and one day my brother was running a home invasion simulation in his underwear when I realized that guns haven't really been used in fashion at all. And you know how strongly I am against overturning Proposition 8. This is what they will do if we give them any more human rights, like the right to own guns. Give them an inch and they'll want 8."

The runner up was a first time entry by rookie photographer Anh Di, with his piece "Chicks with D****"

Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press

Some more random questions

You been dancing with this person all night but when the lights come on..."JESUS!":
How do you tell that person you are no longer interested?

You get into a serious mambo line accident:
Would you rather be told you have a 1/5 or a 20% chance of living.

Jews take revenge on world with extreme prejudice against all races:
would you rather be the first to die or last one alive?

You get caught by rebel milita and are mistaken as deserter:
in exchange for your life would you rather lose your entire left arm or all the fingers on your right hand?
(Vice versa for left handed people)

The man who just saved your life is wanted for rape:
Do you let him go or report him?

You accidentally break your neighbor's window while you are playing connect 4, thankfully no one sees you:
Do you tell your neighbor or do you keep quiet?

Out of Mac, J.Frosty, or Tonster:
Name the order in which you would rescue out of a burning Spanish Galleon

You've won the lottery and are going to sponsor a fighter in Sheng Tsung's tournament. Mortal Kombat:
Do you sponsor Sub-Zero or Scorpion?

I say:
1. I have crabs
2. 1/5 sounds better to me for some reason
3. First to die with guns blazing, you wont take me easily Juden!
4. Take the fingers Captain Man!
5. Probably tell him he has 20 minutes before I report him
6. Tell my neighbor
7. J.Frosty, Mac, Tonster


Home alone with a lot of time means

Trouble for BiA =P

Well it is currently 8:13pm on this glorious Friday night. Other than Loki, I'm home all alone, but don't worry because I'm not lonely. I've got old Mossy and Mr. Jack Daniels to keep me company. HAHAHA sorry i just read that back and it sounds like a combination for trouble. But don't worry, it wont get to that because if things get boring I'll call up Senor Cuervo to entertain me, then it might get a little out of hand >=]

So!, what to talk about... it's been quite a few days since J.Frosty posted, so many things to talk about and so little time, well actually vice versa lol, not much to talk about at all!. Hmmm update on Loki: He's getting bigger and he loves the air vent when the air is on, i really hope Duarte allows pitbull mixes, i'd hate to have to put him down =[, No way could i find another dog and train him in time for the fight.? Just Kidding! I could easily find and train another dog!

Random: Went to target and bought about 80 dollars worth of dog stuff and got a coupon for some cat food... FK YOU TARGET! I thought this was great and i played with the cashier a little. I put on my super serious wtf face and was like "Awesome!, now i can buy a bunch of stuff for my... oh wait, this is a coupon for cats. yeah... uhm....But i mean, you didn't know... right? i mean you probably just forgot about all the dog stuff.... right there, all $80 worth of... dog stuff" lmfao so that was all BS, but seriously i couldn't help but smile and stare at her in disbelief when she handed it to me.

Update on my Life: Meh + 1

Jeez, i was hoping to pass some time by doing this but... it's only 8:20....
Alright, well update on school: I'm a 3rd year with only enough credits to be a 2nd year, but after this quarter i'll have enough to officially be a 3rd year. Kind of embarrassing but not really lol. I've fk'd around too much my first two years, BUT I don't regret it cause i had an absolute blast! party here and kick back there, never got in trouble, only failed 1 class i think? maybe two =X. MADE A LOT OF FRIENDS and i mean A LOT! Alright i didn't make any friends but hey! I still had a blast! ;] Anyways now it's time to do work, or at least more =P. Hopefully i can bring it to a 3.0 by the end of the year. Unfortunately i could not schedule my classes the way i'd like to so i don't know if i would be able to coach at my middle school. I'll probably have to ask to be an assistant =[. Next year!

Can't really talk about other stuff, wouldn't be appropriate for such a manly blog.
but... +!!!!!!!!!! ,,,,Jumping banjo loving Jebadiah +!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see. it's currently 8:30 and there isn't much left to bs about. IDLE...8:45, i feel like i'm part of an episode of 24, minus having my daughter constantly kidnapped or being shot at.. at all. IDLE....8:50, I'm finding it easier and easier every time to do perfect push ups. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL! I don't lift weights or take protein, all i do is push ups and most of them with the perfect push up system. Don't expect results immediately, but be ready for a surprise after maybe two weeks of dedication. The ladies will go buck wild for you!!!!! Outcomes may vary, no outcome guaranteed.

The Expendables Review
: Starring everyone but Norris, Segal, and Van Damme...fools. Easily a 10/10. WHAT A RIDICULOUSLY ENTERTAINING MOVIE. Enough testosterone for a year! Comes complete with "i don't think they set enough charges" and "wtf! Don't hit my woman. Byah Byah...Fatality, Flawless Victory, and fk your ball" scenes. WOOOOOO! This was legend... wait for it... dary. This movie gets the BiA Seal of approval and the someone fk'n pinch me pin.

Fin - 9:20

But don't be a dick and get sour because you want to do something ridiculous like play Rochambeau with 1911.


Latte Break #2 Vol. 1

"Hello, are you there? Is it me you're looking for?!" The lyrics that linger on my mind slowly flow down to the tip of my tongue as I passionately serenade my lovely cousin, Willy Bob. She turns, nervously laughs, and proceeds to step on the fragments of my heart. "How did I fail so miserably?!," I yelled as saliva spewed from my mouth. Was it it the quiet percussion from the clench grip of my buttocks or was showering in a bottle of cologne I purchased from Big Lots not enough?!

Ladies and Gentlemen of B.i.A. University. I hope it's deemed appropriate that I use the pseudonym, Prof. Tonster, for the sake of this 3 lecture seminar. I've authored many Little Saigon best sellers: "My Krazie Exes and the Scars", "I Know You Love Me But I Can't Stop Staring At That Mustache" & "Look Baby, $1 Gets You Bread, Some Cheese, And Meat; Why Do You Keep Crying?" I hope that by sharing my experiences, you too will
improve your chances of dating that girl you've been staring at a distance and talking to your friends as if you had a real chance but you never talked to her in the first place. So to begin part one of this three part lecture: "Man Up & Give Some Effort"

Don't stick out your hand and expect something great in return. If you want to be a great basketball player, you can't expect to pick up a ball and proclaim yourself the best. Once you're on the court, you'd be a laughingstock. So instead, practice, practice, practice. It's not
ALL about the game. It's also about how well you condition to develop your game. What kind of conditioning am I talking about? It's upkeep. Here's a checklist:

Bodywash: Colognes don't make you smell good. It just masks what smells bad. So shower regularly & use a nice bodywash. There are definitely some funky smelling body-washes out there so beware. If in doubt, bring a friend girl to the store for a 2nd opinion. If it works, stick with it. Girls do love the smell of sweat on a man (note: testosterone). Unless you're out gunning other guys in physical activity or naturally sweating from wrestling that girl of your dreams (Randy Orton's RKO!), hit the showers!

Cologne: FYI, girls are sensitive to smells especially cologne. So don't shower in it! What I do? Light spray on a chest & back of the neck. Small dabs on the wrists. It WILL matter what kind you buy. So if in doubt, ask other girls. Every girl I know have a cologne scent they LOVE smelling on a guy. I wear primarily "Aqua di Gio." But stay away from it. It's mine! Go Polo Blue or something! Gah!

Unwanted Growth: What do I mean by this? A couple things! A guy's fingernails and toenails shouldn't be longer than any girl's. So trim them! Even that particular nail you intentional keep long on your pinky for certain tasks. Willy Bob hates that, I guarantee! Also, be on the lookout for long nose hair and the terrible unibrow. Be considerate! She might shave her mustache and/or armpit hair just for us guys. Return the favor! Just because the girl is attentive to you when you're talking does not mean she's interested. She's just looking for the elves in the mystical forest that is blooming from your nose! Tee Hee!

Clothes: Of course be yourself and embrace your individuality. Can you think of a time when you saw a heavyset girl stretching a baby shirt to it's limit and watching the jellyrolls desperately attempting to hold it's shape while she tramples by?! Remember subconsciously thinking to youself about how much better life would be if she wore a shirt that actually fits? Girls, likewise, think of us guys in a similar manner. Regardless of what you wear, ensure it fits and compliments your build. My rule is: The more formal the attire, the more form fitting it should be. A baggy suit doesn't make you gangsta; it makes you look like a child in a hand-me-down! Taste in clothes is an acquired skill so let's just focus on the fundamentals first. But two words to remember: Color coordination!

Honorable mentions:
- Eat with your mouth
closed; Breath from you nose and chew with a closed mouth. Your sophistication will increase at least by 100%! 10,000 years of human development and you still chew like the steak that's on your plate. Tsk Tsk!
- Three things that should be in your pocket at all times when out:
Chapstick, breath mints/gum, & some confidence!
- Listen to what your closest friend girls have to say! They are girls after all. Perspective from a girl is
invaluable. Thus, make use of the information accordingly.

That's all for today's lecture! Keep these things in mind and you're on your way my friend! Preview of what's next in
Part 2: "Do I Fight The Backpack Or Do I Wait Until She's Alone?" In my next blog, I will discuss about how to mentally prep yourself before approaching her!

Today's homework: Agree or disagree? Is there anything you would like to add on? I'm interested in your opinions! Feel free to comment people!

Signed "Look At Your Boyfriend, Now Look At Me!" - Tonster

My first Willy Bob style entry

Seven questions on Knotts

1) Who was the loudest person?
2) Who was the quietest person?
3) What was your favorite ride?
4) What was your most memorable memory of the day?
5) Who wasn't there that you wish was there the most?
6) Was there anyone you got to know better this weekend?
7) What could have made the day better?

My answers:

1) I can't remember anyone standing out too much, but the thing that stands out the most in my head is Lisa's laugh. It haunts me in my nightmares.
2) Cathy
3) Silver Bullet
4) The ride in the car with the guys. Also my cat and mouse game with Jon on the way to Huntingon Beach. Bastard wouldn't let me pull up to his side. All we wanted to do was throw cheeseburgers into his window.
5) Tony!
6) I got to know Chris better (Andy's cousin). I found out what kind of music he listens to cause his iPod was playing the entire car trip. He also slept at my house on Friday night so he found out how much of a gay time we have during sleep overs (gay means fun).
7) A bowl of pho after Knotts. Also Andy winning a jersey.

Easy Mac: RSS feeds

The following receives BiA's Easy Mac stamp of approval

Did you ever wonder how you can keep up with all of your friends blogs (and comments) without going to their website? Also, sometimes people comment on old entries that you would never know about. But now the comments and posts come to you, not the other way around! I am introducing you to RSS feeds, which is basically like facebook's newsfeed, except you need to "friend" the blog first. I recommend using because most everyone has a google account.

So go the site, and log in with your gmail/blogspot account. When it loads, look at the top left of the webpage where it says Add a subscription and click on that button. Now you can copy and paste these feed links:

When you've added all of those links, you will get updates to all posts and comments on both blogs every time you check This will save you lots of time, and you won't have to go looking for new comments.


And the other Easy Mac tip of the day

Go to and on the left you can subscribe for a daily email to get the day's readings. So simple I don't believe! I am going to make one million dolla. And when I do you gonna be what the hell? I don't believe.

I'm In LA Trick!

…almost at least. Waiting for my connecting flight in Denver and thought what's a better way to spend my time than to post up questions for the week?! Here we go…

1) What was an awful dream that you remember?
2) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
3) Would a fly without wings be called a walk?
4) What does your last text message say?
5) What was your first impression of the person who commented before you?
6) Do you usually shower in the morning or at night?
7) What did you want to be when you were a kid?
8) Name a song which you know all the lyrics to.
9) Spender or saver?
10) What do you have handy on your bedside?

Willy bob says…

1) My mom got kidnapped by Mexicans in a truck on Washington Blvd. =/
2) Nope…I usually slip them off.
3) Sure, why not?
4) "Barnicles. Lemme know what you're up to killa."
5) Since I’m starting, I’ll comment about the person who posted last - which was Mac. As a kid, he was a douchebag for making fun of me. After talking to him for the first time, I found him to be charming and easy to talk to. LOL
6) At night right before bed.
7) A teacher.
8) Tik Tok – Ke$ha lol
9) Spender =X
10) My glasses.

...and what about you?!

One Heck of Saturday: A Review in Pictures and Videos

Before I get to this weekend's events, here's a video for all of us ballers and our fathers.

Our enemy at a distance of roughly 60 yards: a small figurine of Ho Chi Minh

The sniper: Rick Ba The "Flying Dutchman"

And the mission's results:

And now I say without much pride but with certainty that Rick is the best civilian marksman in all of the Netherlands.



I woke up and heard some loud sounds in my backyard and was afraid of something shady going down but I was relieved to see some professional construction workers laying concrete:

Jon had slept at my house on Friday night after the Mass at Aaron's house because we play basketball almost every Saturday morning at a park in Diamond Bar with some friends that are mostly Vietnamese. After basketball, Jon Rick Andrew and I went to go eat at Hometown Buffet, after debating it wasn't worth it to go to OutSource Buffet for 2 dollars cheaper. Besides, I'm not a fan of their fried chicken smothered in curry gravy. Restaurants like those are a sign of the changing times. Unfortunately for us, the minorities are moving into Rowland Heights and there's nothing us good folks can do about it... legally. Anyway, we were on the way to Wal-Mart to return our RedBox DVDs and to buy a large bundle of white sheets when we saw some gangsters.


We got scared so we went home for a nice nap. Jon went home (to pick up his new baby :-) Later Joe and Chris came over and we went to Speedzone.

Here's a pic before the action:

And here is a video of the action:
(You need to fast forward to 3:30 when it gets... interesting)

After Speedzone we went to go fly Chris' model plane. Here's a picture of Chris flying his place (notice the product placement):

When it got stuck in a tree, we were lucky to have Rick go climb and bring it down:

This is a video of a pro flying the plane:

This is a video of a noob flying the plane:

LOL CHRIS KISSING HIS PLANE !! Yes the video was legit, Rick lost the plane either in a huge parking lot, or the roof of stores, or Colima Rd. Whereever it was we could not find it. Although a security guard did find us snooping around. Surprisingly he just looked at us while passing on his bicycle and didn't say a word:

And finally, later that evening we decided to do some remodeling of my house by removing some old wood panels from the windows outside my room:

Yep, one hell of a Saturday.


I found me a bear pup most saucy bear pup ever!

Loki "Mato Chante" Ngo
Born July 9, 2010

Woke up several times last night to Loki spazzing out and trying to get comfortable.
What a handful but he's so awesome, i mean just look at those blue eyes . He still misses momma but I think he's finally getting use to his new home.

Time to start the training!

My Restaurant on Restaurant City

I think it looks very nice and cozy. The menu is also kosher.



Rosetta Stone For The Womanese Language

You ask her if she’s mad and she claims that she’s not. Later on, she lashes out at you for not knowing she’s been upset. Sounds familiar? Before you are tempted to raise your hand and give her five fingers to the face, let me help you out!

It’s safe to say that guys are usually straight forward, while girls say one thing and mean the other - causing a language barrier. We expect you boys to read our minds and I’ll admit that it’s pretty ridiculous of us, but life is unfair and even I find myself doing it.

Here’s a brief lesson in translation, featuring our good friends, to ease the drama with your baby’s mama…


She says: Chris, I’m fine.

She means: I’m not fine because I’m pissed at you for something you didn’t know you did. I want to slash your tires so you better talk it out with me before I do.

2) She says: We need to talk Andy.

She means: I need to complain about something and it’s most likely a problem with you (in this case, his lack of African features below the waist).

3) She says: Take the bus. Will you do this for me Bao?

She means: You better do it to make me happy (whether I’m there or not) or else refer to #1.

4) She says: Stop crowning the light saber Jon! Are you listening to me?

She means: I need attention from you, you ding bat!

5) She says: I don't want to ruin our friendship Willy Bob.

She means: You're not attractive ( ain't go no alibi) so let's stay friends.

6) She says: I've just been so busy lately Bryan. I can't go to the Elton John concert with you.

She means: I'm not interested in hanging out with you and your gayness.

7) She says: The creepy manager at Baskin Robbins was hitting on me.

She means: Does it make you jealous? Another guy with a 401k is into me so you better appreciate and treat me well.

8) She says: Tony, do you really want to see Justin Bieber's documentary tonight?

She means: I don't want to see that and you better suggest something else or else refer to #1.

I hope this helps a bit and best of luck with the ladies!

Survey Says!

What up ballers?! Wanted to give a shout out before I do nothing! It's been like two days since I've posted so to make up for lost time, I'm gonna throw out several random questions for this week. lol

1. Boxers or Briefs? Commando is no option.
2. What's your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
3. What is your biggest fear?
4. Name your favorite color
5. Corn dogs or Hot dogs?
6. Harry Potter Movies or Books?
7. Is the cup half full or half empty?
8. How do you like your eggs cooked?
9. Favorite Holiday?
10. Favorite Ninja Turtle?

J.Frosty says...

1. Boxer Briefs
2. Virgin Pina Colada mixed with Diet Bac si Tieu.
3. Getting someone killed
4. All shades of Green
5. Corn Dogs, crispy please.
6. Movies cause I can't read
7. the cup is empty and i want a refill
8. Sunny side up
9. My birthday
10. Donatello

... and what about you?!

=P Willy Bob

Something to laugh about

Wouldn't it be funny if Shaq, TMac, and Iverson joined together to make a old men's baller nba team? For those teams that saved up cap for Queen James, here their shot at getting 3 old baller players.

Sadly I think they would still have a better season record than my Clippers.

I think this is my second post and it took me over 10 minutes to figure out how to make a post.

Heavyweight Battle: Carls Jr. vs In-N-Out

This started because my uncle from the Netherlands (who is my dad's cousin and is younger than me) wanted to eat cheeseburgers after Sunday's volleyball. He heard from me that my top two are Carls Jr and In-N-Out. Joe and Chris said In-N-Out are good and Carls was nasty. I have never been so insulted in my life. Carls may not be the best but it definately is better than nasty. Jon ranks Carls up there in his top three fast food places, probably only after Wendys. I rank Carls as my #1. So we realized that to bicker about our opinions was going nowhere, and that the only manly thing to do was to have a taste test right there. Luckily, near my house in Rowland Heights the Carls and InNOut are only 2 minutes from each other. It was up to me to choose the representative from Carls, and I went with my favorite burger on steroids, the Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger. And from InNOut of course we went with the Double Double. We bought two of each and cut it into half so each person ate two halves. Joe, Chris, and I knew we were bias from the start so I wanted to use my European uncle (who only knows what McDonalds tastes like) to be our neutral judge. The results are below but if you want to see stretch out the drama, see the 2 minute video below in which he eats and decides.

Results: Overall he liked the taste of the Western Bacon more. He said first he could taste the bread, then the bbq sauce, then the meat and onion rings, then the bacon. But he preferred the InNOut burger's sauce (thousand island based).

Joe and Chris conceded that on the first bite, the Western Bacon packs much more flavor. I conceded that the Western Bacon was dry (because it doesnt have as much sauce) and that I needed to drink soda in between big bites, whereas the Double Double could be eaten without a drink. Chris also complained that the Western Bacon was too much burger and meat. Thats a wierd complaint.

Better Value: The Double Double ($3) is better value than the Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger ($5.50). However you can get the Western Bacon (not 6 dollar version) for $3. It tastes the same, only difference is the bun and meat are normal size. If that was the case, I say the Western Bacon takes the cake.

Also: While we are on the topic of sauce versus patty, I have recently found a favorite one dollar item (it takes alot to knock off the McDouble and McChicken) but Burger King's one dollar double cheeseburger is very good. You can taste the charbroiled flame on the burger, whereas the McDouble, while having an awesome sauce, isn't that great if you eat the meat alone.