Survey Says!

What up ballers?! Wanted to give a shout out before I do nothing! It's been like two days since I've posted so to make up for lost time, I'm gonna throw out several random questions for this week. lol

1. Boxers or Briefs? Commando is no option.
2. What's your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
3. What is your biggest fear?
4. Name your favorite color
5. Corn dogs or Hot dogs?
6. Harry Potter Movies or Books?
7. Is the cup half full or half empty?
8. How do you like your eggs cooked?
9. Favorite Holiday?
10. Favorite Ninja Turtle?

J.Frosty says...

1. Boxer Briefs
2. Virgin Pina Colada mixed with Diet Bac si Tieu.
3. Getting someone killed
4. All shades of Green
5. Corn Dogs, crispy please.
6. Movies cause I can't read
7. the cup is empty and i want a refill
8. Sunny side up
9. My birthday
10. Donatello

... and what about you?!

=P Willy Bob


CP said...

1 Boxers
2 Coffee and or Pepsi
3 Bees!!!
4 Blue
5 Hot dogs
6 I haven’t read a book since 3rd grade so this old dog doesn’t want to learn anymore new tricks so if the movie is free I’d rather watch it so I can go to sleep.
7 Half empty
8 Well done! Lately I’ve been craving medium rare.
9. Christmas
10. The blue one because he gets two long swords

Willy Bob said...

LOL Jon! This all sounds vaguely familiar...*back hands

1) I prefer my men in boxers.
2) Love my sweet teas.
3) Heights
4) Blue/Teal
5) Corn Dogs
6) Don't care for either. lol
7) Half full and ready for more!
8) Egg whites only please.
9) Christmas
10) The blue one because he's wearing blue. =p

Mac OBryan said...

1) Either one, but I dislike playing basketball in boxers
2) Arizona Green Tea
3) The bees knees, and their stingers
4) Xanh (both kinds)
5) Hot Dogs because relish doesnt go with corn dogs
6) Books
7) Half full means refill is on the way
8) Scrambled
9) Christmas
10) Donatello, he has the farthest attack range in Ninja Turtle video games.

Mac OBryan said...

btw Jon, next time we must incorporate more lame questions!

J.Frosty said...

bs relish doesn't go with corn dogs.

Anonymous said...

1. Boxer briefs. Holds the guys but gives them enough space to breath. (;
2. Almond snow bubble boba.
3. Clowns.
4. University blue.
5. Corn dogs! Everything taste great on a stick. Except pho. Too messy...
6. Books.
7. Depends on what's in the cup? 1/2 full if it's something yummy. 1/2 empty if it's baby's blood or poo.
8. Over-easy.
9. Thanksgiving.(Xmas is 2nd only b/c it makes me slightly depressed.)
10. Michaelangelo! Cowabunga dude!

Anh Di said...

if you tried to make lame questions, you failed, these are not that lame

1. boxers
2. sweet tea
3. horror movies
4. true blue
5. Hot dogs because of all the condiments you can put on it
6. Movies
7. half full
8. scrambled
9. christmas
10. the blue