Delicious Family Guy Moments

Before Stewie started with the boogers, i was actually pretty sad =[


my guilty pleasure

Mac's top 3 Karaoke songs (this list may change in the future, but right now these are at the top). i came up with this post idea because last night, two out of these three songs were on the radio.

im not the type to sing along to modern songs on AMP or KIIS, i usually just nod my head to the beat. But if I'm listening to classics on KOST, you can bet I'm probably singing along to it in the car. they're generally slow songs, so you can pick up the lyrics quickly and follow along easily. and its songs about passion, you can put it your heart into it. why dont they make love songs like this anymore? Bruno Mars, you are the man for putting your soul into songs without fear of ridicule!

3) Journey - Faithfully

2) Chris de Burgh - Lady in Red

1) no brainer ... The Sexaphone ft. George Michael - Careless Whispers

man i shoulda grown up in the 80s, considering i dont only like these slow ballads but also the techno pop from that decade. and now for a tribute to the 80s:

Post 301

McDonalds: noun (Mc-Dawn-nalds)
A super power with the amazing
ability to control how we feel.

McDonalds can you make you Mad:

McDonalds can make you break up with loved ones:

McDonalds can even make you Crazy:

I'm lovin' it =]

Why do men get along easier than women?

warning: long post ahead. read this when you're taking a massive dump. a normal dump will not suffice.

For some reason or another, if I get along with two girls that I think are very nice, it usually doesn't translate into those girls getting along with each other.

It's a sight to behold when it happens: they either ignore each other, or act really nice in a fake way. It's such a shame that such things exist but they do. I've given this some thought as to why this happens, and from my education in evolutionary biology, and reading such anthropology books about development of human civilization and behavior like Guns Germs and Steel, and Mean Genes, here is my hypothesis.

Let's say we're viewing a hunter-gatherer tribe. The men start the day with the daily hunt. They have to stay focused and work together, because a mistake from one guy can totally blow a kill. So if two guys have a problem, they might throw a few punches to get it out of their system. Then they let the hard feelings go in order to work together and bring home a buffalo. Then they celebrate by sharing the peace pipe after dinner.

How would the woman's day go about? They would be taking care of the home. While not taking care of the children, they would be doing other household chores, like knitting clothes. Basically they would interact mostly inside the home and not so much with other women in the community. Well they would be around the women, but there wouldn't be any teamwork oriented goals, mostly just working within their family for the family.

The way evolution works is that those who have the best physical or behavior traits in a particular environment/timeframe will have the highest "fitness" based on how many children they have, and how many of those children will grow to have children.

I am postulating that over the millions of years of human development, the men with traits of teamwork were able to bring home the big game and share with each other when one member was starving. The loners would constantly have to go after rabbits and squirrels, and he would die if he couldn't succeed. Therefore teamwork gene passes on.

The women probably worked in a different way. Those who stayed close to their kids and dedicated all their resources to them had a higher fitness level. They were more likely to have grandchildren than the women who didn't really care for their kids upbringing. Thus they passed on the gene that encouraged isolation within the woman's personal circle.

This makes sense if you think about the two things a child needs to grow up: physical resources and love. In traditional views, the father provides most of the resources and the mother provides most of the love.

So while women were passing on the loving family gene, a nasty side effect may have been the distrust of "the other": people outside the inner circle. And since the hunter-gatherer women spent most of their day in contact with each other, its not hard to see them start comparing stuff: "my children are smarter than her children" ... "my husband is stronger than yours, and he is a better hunter" ... "oh yeah? well im prettier so i bet i can steal your husband from you" ... blah blah blah.

Now here is the really interesting part that I don't have a hypothesis for yet. How come men can insult each other and still be good friends? in fact, the more we bust each others' balls, the closer we are. But that would make women tear each other apart. i cant imagine a woman saying to another: "girl your shit stank! it must be what you ate because you suck at cooking!" lol if Frosty told me that I'd bow down and start thinking of a better comeback. But anyway, I digress, back to the topic at hand.

We are a product of our genes. Things that tempt us are because our ancestors had these tendencies, and it kept them alive. Unfortunately our genetic evolution took millions of years to evolve and what we have now is genetic lag. In leaner times, we developed a strong taste for fat because it has the greatest calorie to weight ratio. Great for packing on storage for famines! Now that we dont have famines anymore (due to agriculture) our love of fatty foods is fudging us up the wazoo. Another example is that women of ancient times didn't go to work, they stayed at home with the family. Now that women ARE going to work, that genetic lag isn't conducive to teamwork and getting along. Men understand the pack system. We may not be friends with our boss, but we cooperate and get the job done because it has to be done. Women may have the family centric gene of "i'm getting mine because my family is the best". Hence theres alot of women-women tension at the work place. Its true especially if you've seen the tension between female boss and female employee ... freakin death stares everywhere...

Okay that's pretty much it... My argument has tons of holes in it and I know that it can be refuted easily. But this is my gut feeling about why things are the way they are. I'm not being sexist, I'm only saying that we are descendant from those in which these inherited tendencies kept them alive. I'm not saying women dont belong in the workplace, dear God no. I'm just saying that due to our ancestors, they have to try harder to break away from their genetic tendencies in order to work alongside each other, whereas it comes easier to men (thats not the only thing that comes easier). It's like saying I have to try harder not to watch pr0n than Willy Bob does. that fact my friend, is an obvious truth. I am a human, I have willpower, and I have a choice. But my genetic desires make that choice very hard (that's what she said).

If you guys have any theories as to why women dont get along as easily as men, I'd like to learn more! Please tell so in the comments.

By the way guys who are single may see this as a reason to stay single and avoid the drama. But don't worry guys! Women usually only treat other women like crap, so you're in the clear! Totally In!

By the way, this is post 300! This is madness! THIS IS BEEEE AIEEE AAAAYYYYYY !

Random Videos that aren't so random

Really awesome dance, you want street cred? pull this off next Christmas =P


So these guys make their own RC places and whatnot and came up with this awesome flying school bus. Tight =]


"Don't get caught feeling up your mom"
Complementary of someone....I'm pretty sure it was Tony lol.

Have a Good Day Ballers

Can you smelllll...corn is cookin?!

I would like to cordially introduce you to BiA's new bad ass addition:


*ba ding ding ding ding ding ding...



another "whale wars" situation

Whose side do you take in this video? The goal is justified, but maybe the means is too much.

Top 5 Iconic Sidearms

5. Han Solo's Blaster from "Star Wars"

4. Modified Beretta from "Robocop"

3. Walther PP7 from "Goldeneye (007)"

2. Revolver from "Vash the Stampede"

And the Winner Goes To:

1. Colt 1911 from "The Punisher"

My favorite =] yes i am a nerd =P

Dating An Asian Guy (feat. Willy Bob)

BiA's very own Willy Bob is being featured in Rhianna's new hit single...

Dating An Asian Guy

Just gonna stand there
And watch it invert
But that's alright
Because I know
It won't even hurt
Just gonna stand there
And hear me sigh
But it's alright
Because I'm dating an Asian guy
Dating an Asian guy...

I can't tell you what it really is
I can't even tell you what it feels like
And in heat it feels like nothing is really inside
I can't breathe
I tell him to fight
While he can fight
As long as his dong gets right
I demand get that thing in flight
High off of love
But his wang is easy to hate
It's like doo doo stains
And I question the more that I suffer
Why I'm straight
And right before I'm about to go down
He resuscitates 'cu ti'
Looks like an amputee
He's saying baby please
Come back
I go running right back
Here we go again
It's so insane
Cause he thinks it's going good
It's not great
He's no superman
Asking for his t-bag
She's Lois Lane
But when it's tad
It's awful
I feel so ashamed
I snap
Who's this dude
I can never say I came
Get some Extenze
He'll never stoop so low again
And he'll be surprised with his lil slugger's own strength

*repeat chorus*

A Hello Kitty Adventure: The untold stories

*Years after the Umbrella Corporation lost control of Racoon City to the T-virus*
As i was taking a break after making my way
through the back country on my bike
I spotted a pack of undead making their way to me
So I quickly unlocked my Ca Legal AR15
and started unloading.
One, two, three, twenty, twenty one.
They just keep coming! *Click Click Click*
I'm out but I'm not done so I unholster my Sig
and continue to teach the dead that it's not ok to come back to life!
Twenty two quickly turns into forty three, There is no end!!
I'm running low, I'll probably run out soon.
Forty three, forty four, forty *click click*...
Is this it? Am I doomed to live the life of a flesh eating zombie?
*Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooom nig nig nig nig nig nig VRRRRRRRRR!*

A las....I am doomed

Just another Hello Kitty Adventure

Holiday Season Recap, a youtube splurging post

First of all, I'd like to do a quick review of the movies I saw in December.

Next 3 Days: 9/10

The Next 3 Days was about a man who's life is turned upside down when his wife is accused of murder and locked up in prison. He tries everything he can to get a re-trial or find ways to lesson the sentence. But with time running down until she is transported from a local jail to a maximum security prison, he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands. This sounds like an okay movie, until you realize the man is this movie is Russel Crowe. The director also gets credit here too, because he develops a story line in which Crowe has to make tough choices. When you have such great character development, it makes a movie/book/tv show very enjoyable. In the end, I almost start rooting against the protagonist, but understand that a man must do what a man must do. It's like watching Jack Bauer evade cops, sure its bad for the cops, but Jack has to do it.

Tron : 8.5/10

Tron was about a kid who lost his dad when he was 13ish, only to find out in his 20s that his dad was warped into a game world. Unfortunately the dad made a clone of himself to help run the digital world, but the clone's vision of a perfect world was much different. So the real dad lives in exile, until the son comes which changes everything. The center of this world is the Arena, where combatants battle for glory with light/laser-motorcycles, and the spinning disc that Predator uses. The downside to this movie is that they tried to put in a complicated background story, but they never really flush it out. They shoulda either not included it, or gone deeper. But the graphics and music are amazing. That in itself made this movie enjoyable to me. You'll like this movie alot of you like techno and electronica. Here's an example of two songs from Tron:

This music started when they were entering a club, and Andy told me that the movie was gonna turn into a porno right then and there. I totally believed him.

And then this song is the ending credits music. I love this song. I remember standing up and clapping. Then I think I gave Andy a high five. YES good times with Andy!


Christmas play and dances were fun. I'm amazed how easy it seemed to us after 3-4 practices, when I just wanted to cry after the first practice. Good job guys!

The only downside is that we're gonna miss Vianney again. What a great guy! I mean, he deserves an Oscar for his performance here:

at 5 seconds, he is thinking very hard, with his hand under his chin.
at 15 seconds, he tries out the bitter herb meal, and doesn't like it.
at 20 seconds, he double checks to see if he has sandals on, and a walking stick in his hand.
at 25 seconds, he's checking if his junk is still in the trunk.
LMAO at 35 seconds Bao does something incredibly historically inaccurate.
at 50 seconds, Vianney goes for another bite of bitter herb.
and finally at the 1 minute mark, the magic begins.
most actors would have too much pride to hide behind a little kid, but not V-Man! He braves all scenes!
at 1:20, I have no words to describe such greatness. He truly left me in tears (of laughter)
at 1:47 he decides to be hungry again, while no one else eats. but it tastes good this time! maybe the basic solution in his tears neutralized the acidic herbs?
3:39 I like the slap. Overacting justified here!
at 4:37 the soldiers should have all fell when Bao closed his arms. But they didnt, so I went down way too early compared to my soldiers. I literally had to pull on Alex's leg to get him down.
at 4:50, Vianney celebrates

All in all, what a great December! I forget that another downside is that we're trading Vianney for this gun nut from Nebraska.

Super Cyber Post!

The following material may not be suitable for young children... So Get Out!

Instead of Superior or Douche. This week, it's
Superior Vs. Douche!

Philosophy Class after syllabus
(Teacher is a nice sweet lady, Student is a cocky bastardly spaniard)

Student: Are we going to cover anything else?
Teacher: Excuse me?
Student: Are we going to talk about anything serious, anything that matters?
Teacher: Well we're covering the syllabus right now because the department says we have to, but we'll say some knock knock jokes for you after? How's that? Good?
Student: *silent*......
Teacher: Good =]

PWN'D, Now stfu ya bastard douche so i can sleep in peace ;P
This Class is going to be Very Interesting

OH! and my professor is TERRIFIED of mice. Found out as she jumped and ran after a student spotted one running around. "ARE YOU SERIOUS!? I Can't do this right now. For real!? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Random Song
The Block is awesome! I want Boy Band Comeback all over my Face!
(Catchy, but it is a random pick lol, no hidden msg)

Random updates:

-Student with rather easy name said he goes by "Hawk" ... I THOUGHT THAT WAS DOPE!
-Heard someone complain that the grading scale hurt the A students and helped the C students...Made my balls itch.
-I love 50 minute classes! lol, it's so quick compared to 1 hour and 40 minutes
-New Years Resolution: Working on it
-Saw the first episode of jersey shore season 2...yeah.....Sammie yous a Trick!

Random Unnecessary R RATED MATERIAL


The Brain's Blind Spot. (Learned in Calculus)

Did you know that each of your eyes has one blind spot each do to a connecting nerve to the retina which prevents the retina from absorbing light and turning it into an image. The reason you don't notice this is because your eyes cover up that blind spot for each other, i.e. your left sees your right eye's blind spot. But what happens when you cover one eye? Troi Oi!!!

Test: Cover your right eye and look at the X with your left. Move the screen further or closer to you until you reach the desired effect BUT, keep the screen directly in front of you. After concentrating on the X the O will disappear.

O........................................................................................................................................................................ X

Who said Calculus isn't helpful... ;)

Thanks to Alex for showing me this show.
"okay good game, you still suck but you can join my clan,
our clan tag is Gay, I'm sure you know how to spell it."
(that line was the only reason why i picked this video instead of the other ones)

I had some other stuff but i forgot =[. Until Next Time!!!!!


found this on youtube. i cant believe i didnt think of it first :/