Holiday Season Recap, a youtube splurging post

First of all, I'd like to do a quick review of the movies I saw in December.

Next 3 Days: 9/10

The Next 3 Days was about a man who's life is turned upside down when his wife is accused of murder and locked up in prison. He tries everything he can to get a re-trial or find ways to lesson the sentence. But with time running down until she is transported from a local jail to a maximum security prison, he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands. This sounds like an okay movie, until you realize the man is this movie is Russel Crowe. The director also gets credit here too, because he develops a story line in which Crowe has to make tough choices. When you have such great character development, it makes a movie/book/tv show very enjoyable. In the end, I almost start rooting against the protagonist, but understand that a man must do what a man must do. It's like watching Jack Bauer evade cops, sure its bad for the cops, but Jack has to do it.

Tron : 8.5/10

Tron was about a kid who lost his dad when he was 13ish, only to find out in his 20s that his dad was warped into a game world. Unfortunately the dad made a clone of himself to help run the digital world, but the clone's vision of a perfect world was much different. So the real dad lives in exile, until the son comes which changes everything. The center of this world is the Arena, where combatants battle for glory with light/laser-motorcycles, and the spinning disc that Predator uses. The downside to this movie is that they tried to put in a complicated background story, but they never really flush it out. They shoulda either not included it, or gone deeper. But the graphics and music are amazing. That in itself made this movie enjoyable to me. You'll like this movie alot of you like techno and electronica. Here's an example of two songs from Tron:

This music started when they were entering a club, and Andy told me that the movie was gonna turn into a porno right then and there. I totally believed him.

And then this song is the ending credits music. I love this song. I remember standing up and clapping. Then I think I gave Andy a high five. YES good times with Andy!


Christmas play and dances were fun. I'm amazed how easy it seemed to us after 3-4 practices, when I just wanted to cry after the first practice. Good job guys!

The only downside is that we're gonna miss Vianney again. What a great guy! I mean, he deserves an Oscar for his performance here:

at 5 seconds, he is thinking very hard, with his hand under his chin.
at 15 seconds, he tries out the bitter herb meal, and doesn't like it.
at 20 seconds, he double checks to see if he has sandals on, and a walking stick in his hand.
at 25 seconds, he's checking if his junk is still in the trunk.
LMAO at 35 seconds Bao does something incredibly historically inaccurate.
at 50 seconds, Vianney goes for another bite of bitter herb.
and finally at the 1 minute mark, the magic begins.
most actors would have too much pride to hide behind a little kid, but not V-Man! He braves all scenes!
at 1:20, I have no words to describe such greatness. He truly left me in tears (of laughter)
at 1:47 he decides to be hungry again, while no one else eats. but it tastes good this time! maybe the basic solution in his tears neutralized the acidic herbs?
3:39 I like the slap. Overacting justified here!
at 4:37 the soldiers should have all fell when Bao closed his arms. But they didnt, so I went down way too early compared to my soldiers. I literally had to pull on Alex's leg to get him down.
at 4:50, Vianney celebrates

All in all, what a great December! I forget that another downside is that we're trading Vianney for this gun nut from Nebraska.


Anh Di said...

V-Man you will be missed dearly!

they're gonna ****
ok they're gonna ****!
no THEY'RE Gonna ****!

Anh Di said...

and you're forgetting a review on Jackass 2.5

J.Frosty said...

lmfao. +10 vianney

v-man said...

Aww. u guys move me to tearsssz. Thanks guys. i miss u guys already.

And the overacting was unintentional and gloriously came out well. Thank goodness. otherwise i would have faced shame the rest of my life.