My Toe

after the doctor's visit, it is no longer swollen. my worst fear was a broken toe bone that could take weeks to heal. but no broken bone! he drilled a small hole through the nail and the excess (from broken capillaries) blood came out. the only thing that remains is the dried external blood. i will be okay and can play basketball as soon as the hole completely heals, which is a few days. praise the Lort! Hallelujer Hallelujer.

The Wednesday Gay

Sherlock FTW!

And to Bella...

Random Word of the Month

First off, happy extra day! You only get this once every four years so make it count!

Pocket Pool
To stick your hand in your pocket and scratch yourself

Girl: "Hey man what're you up to?"
Man: "Just playing some pocket pool"
Girl: "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

Tuesday Quotes and Sayings [1]

"A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out" -Unknown
A Baller is always a Gentle[wo]man and a Professional.

Meme Monday [3]

No explanation needed for this meme.



Those bastards in the food court that take the best seats near the TV but don't watch TV. CSULA is not a rich school and our TVs aren't viewer friendly, the further you are the more likely you are to not try to watch. More often than not, I find people reading books in prime TV seats. I just want to grab their book and fling it across the cafeteria, especially during a NBA broadcastings! WHY YOU TRY TO **** ME IN MY OWN *******! DUMUDABITCH!.

TMLS: Gender Dimorphism in Hipbones

Another edition of Thank My Lucky Stars, where unnoticed things get appreciated!

I was at the gym when I noticed something. Do you ever wonder why women have a sway in their hips when they walk? It’s very charming, similar to how their deuce smell like roses. So why does the sway happen?

Simple: their hip bones are different. Observe the male to the left and the female to the right.

Notice that the male hipbone is more narrow and longer in the vertical direction. In contrast the female hipbone has a larger cavity so it’s wider but it’s not as long. Why the difference? You can already guess that the larger cavity allows a woman to give birth. But why do males have narrow and long hipbones?

This specific shape gives the most weight bearing support for an animal that stands on two feet. Animals that use four legs do not need such strong hipbones because their weight was evenly distributed. Humans in contrast evolved large hipbones as they started to walk because they needed the vertical support. Likewise, to save resources, our shoulder blades become less dense, which is why we are prone to shoulder dislocations and clavicle breaks.

Anyway back to the point, males evolved this specific hip shape. Unfortunately for women, they do not have the ideal shape to allow bipedal operation. They had to find a compromise. Animals that are on four feet can have wide birth canals because their hips have a giant cavity. Humans cannot have such hips because there would be no support for the upper body, and your organs would comically sag down. So females have a compromise to allow childbirth and ability to walk on two feet. Since the hip is wider than it should be, the socket where the femur connects to the hipbone is angled slightly forward. In contrast, men have this socket straight out to the side. So we can run freely with the joint moving in one plane of motion. Women on the other hand, have to swing their hips in order to walk.

The “sexy catwalk walk” is a benefit, but there are some downsides. Women are more likely to get pelvis and joint pains because of added two plane motion. In addition, their legs don’t line up to the ground as parallel as men (due to the femur-pelvis angled connection), so there is a higher chance for knee injuries. Lastly, the female pelvis size explains why human babies are born so helpless, while some animals like deer can start walking immediately after birth. The cranial size is limited by the pelvis hole, so humans have adapted by giving birth early and delaying “survival maturity”. Any babies that were born with a super big head (and thus larger brain) resulted in the death of both baby and mother. Although technically, with the advent of C-section, I could see humans getting bigger heads (and thus brains). But we would have to wait at least tens of thousands of years. Damn it mother nature, just let us evolve gun hands already!

Anyway I’ve lost track of what I wanted to say: I thank my lucky stars that the difference in female pelvis bone gives them a sexy walk.

I searched "model walk" on youtube, and got something called "Walking With Mac"

Friday Flashback [4]

Andrew learning how to load an airsoft pistol. Hopefully such errors do not happen again during a home invasion.


"You are only a failure if you do not meet your own expectations" This is something i truly believe in. About now, pretty much anyone close to me knows that I am pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. I WILL BECOME A POLICE OFFICER, there is no doubt about it, there is only the matter of when. It's funny but all these random visits from other priests into our church about becoming a priests have really helped me in my decision. Basically, take their entire speech and replace priest with police officer and that's exactly what i heard.    Interestingly enough I feel that it is what I was born to do and not just something I want to do, truly a soldier of God.

I know my calling in life and I will not give up and I will not fail.

The Wednesday Gay

For you men out there who are not environmentally conscious...I hope this picture helps you understand!

Save energy muddabitch!

...or get:

Living in the past, present, or future

In my class we had talked about time and it turns out, we almost never live in the present. We are always living in either the past or the future. We are always worried about what happened or what will happen. Where do you find yourself living most of the time? Are you one to dwell on the past or are you the master of your own destiny?

I find myself living in the future for the most part, whether or not I am looking to shape my destiny is another topic. I always find myself thinking about my life minutes to years from the present.

Challenge: Live in the present. Try to live one hour of your life NOT thinking about the past or the future. I've already failed several times lol

Friday Flashback [3]

Another installment of Friday Flashback. Just like how Meme Monday starts your week on a good note, Friday Flashback gives you some pre-weekend entertainment. It's scheduled to be released at 7 AM every Friday.

This video: Freshman year, playing ball at Sunset Village courts. My friend Beck practices his offense, but this video allowed me to work on my defense. My defense has gotten better since then. In this video my arms/hands are basically doing nothing. Now against strong opponents, I use my forearm as a brace to keep some pressure and make it harder for him to back me down or knock me off balance. Against fast opponents, keep my hands at the level of the ball to steal or at least prevent a crossover. Here, I'm keeping my arms up saying "Don't shoot!"

To understand the Ballers

To understand the Ballers, you must first become a baller.

How do you become one? You must study the many fields of knowledge. The courses you must take include the following:

1 year of Borat
2 years of Norris
2 years of Schwarzenegger
2 years of Stallone
1 year of Justkidding films
3 years of NBA
1 year of FPS games: elective of CS, COD, or BF
4 years of elementary Vietnamese
4 years of Jesus and "forgiveness"
1 year of faking accents (Viet, Kazahk, French, Russian, Mexican, etc.)
1 year of SBD
1 year cumulative of Power Rangers and Fresh Prince
1 year of WWE
1 year of Robocop
an elective in any Van Damme or Seagal studies
optional honors course: Bronson studies

These courses will allow you to understand the Ballers when they use intellectual jargon such as "a woman is like a mustard seed" or "suh suh ayah!". Or you can learn to use the colloquial "get to the choppa!" while slurring to one side of the mouth or "verryy naice". Perhaps you can also learn to understand the perjorative "duuuu you!" or "mudabitch right in the va-chim!". You will also understand elite airsoft tactics such as firing a gun from the hip in the middle of the battlefield. If you study your electives well enough, you will learn that repeated kicks to the side of the torso or quick hand slapping to the neck are the two most dangerous moves in the history of martial arts.

So if you want to join the elite circle of "insiders", you must learn, only then can you become part of the "inside" jokes.

Here's a lesson free of charge:

The Wednesday Gay

I would like to first start off by saying that Mac was not alone for Valentine's Day. I want to make it public that he is currently dating Jill and she treats him extremely well. Cheers to the couple! ;)

And now for the Wednesday Gay...when incestrous love goes wrong....

Just any other day

No occasion, just wanted to give thanks with a high five to my right hand man.

Random question, if two people are in a relationship status on FB, and one changes his status to "single" does that mean the other person will also be changed to single, or does she have to do it herself? I am curious, cause that would SUCK to find out that way.

Meme Monday [1]

Introducing another weekly section: Meme Monday. It's scheduled to come out at 7AM every Monday to give you a good laugh to start the week. There will be a brief explanation of how the meme is used and then a meme that I created at memegenerator. Most of these will be Thieu Nhi jokes.

This one is called the "forever alone" meme.

^ read the description about the "forever alone" flashmob that was set up, its so mean.

Friday Flashback [2]

While visiting my cousins in Virginia, we set up a fake ambush. He let down his defenses too early only to fall to a much worse ambush. Lesson learned: Either Forge has no balls, or he has balls of forged steel.

The Wednesday Gay

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up to get through the week so I am starting a new weekly post called The Wednesday Gay! Funny images or video clips will be featured hoping to spark a smile!

With Valentine's day coming up, I hope you fellas will put on your chivalrous g-string and treat your special lady right...

Medical School is Probably Expensive

ducks are the only good quacks out there

Real Life "Role Models", okay not really

So I was working Sunday morning and looked across the street towards the park and saw all these Captain Jack Sparrow's taking pictures. Looked further down the park and saw a bunch of vikings standing together and taking their pictures. I was like hell ya I hope they battle it out like in the movie Role Models! I ran across the street to snap some pictures and unfortunately all they were doing was getting ready to play flag football "Captain Jack's vs. Vikings" version.

I have yet to watch the role models movie in its entirely, but I'm going to do it soon enough.

Never knew about this movie until now. They had an ad for the Superbowl, but there were ads out in December already. Sadly, it's not a "real" movie, it's all scripted. But I'll probably watch it anyway.

Never been so scared...

So last night I was studying and of course I feel asleep. My family was out of the house at my dads side of the family for tet. I woke up to extremely loud banging at the front door and some crazy lady yelling. Still in my sleepy state, I jumped out of bed reached for my gun safe and tried to open it. I had papers on top of the safe so I was having problems hitting my codes to open it. I tried three times and it wouldn't open which only made me more nervous since no one in my family was opening the door or saying a single word (Yes, I thought my family was home). Finally I open the safe, loaded my glock and ran down the hall to check in my family. Pointed my flashlight into my parents room and no one was there. Checked Joe's room and again no one was there. I was thinking WTF is going on? All this time this lady was still banging on the door and yelling. I was thinking "man this Lady must be drunk or something." I was so scared going down the hall thinking in my head, "man I hope I don't have to use my glock tonight." Another thought in my head was "I've been through all this "scenario run" before and now it's time to put it to use." Cleared the kitchen and no one was in the house. Turned the corner and at that moment I realized it was just Mai and my sister's family outside yelling to get into the house. Then it all came back to me that it was Saturday night and my family is at Ong's house for tet.

Extremely relieved ... phew! False alarm!

What What? In the Butt [4]

New Segment : Friday Flashback

As an attempt to put up regular things (like Sunday's WWITB) I am putting up random videos from my computer (which I have had since junior year of high school). Expect stories from my life every Friday. It's an easy way for me to provide material for at least this entire year.

This one is from my freshman year at UCLA during Halloween, where they bus in kids from south central LA so they can go trick or treating in the dorms (since it's kinda dangerous in their own community). It's one of the most fun parts of living at the UCLA dorms, after we entertain the kids, we go around to check all the other floors to see what they have. And some are INSANE. I remember the winner for one year was an infected laboratory with mad scientists and zombies. They had buzzing electrical sounds yellow/red light ambience. Anyway my floor's theme was castles and anything medieval, so we had people dressing up as knights, princesses, angels, devils, torturers (like my friends David and Duncan). I was "evil Homer".

University: a tradition of instilling education, service, and SBD

Rosetta Stone For The Womanese Language II

Women use subtle hints to get what they want, but that doesn’t always work out when men are slow to catch on. So to help both sides of the gender divide, let us explore more into this ridiculous language spoken by women…

She says: Khoa…we need to go see that movie!

She means: I want to go see that movie and you better too!

She says: Do what you want Tony.

She means: The correct decision should be obvious by now or else you’ll pay for this later.

She says: I’m not emotional and I’m not overreacting, Jon!

She means: Damn it…I’m on my period!

She says: No, Mc Donalds is fine Bryan.

She means: You’re a cheap bastard.

She says: Joe… I’ll only take five minutes.

She means: 5 minutes equivalent in a football game.

She says: Do I look fat in this, Chris?

She means: You better reassure me that I’m not fat!

She says: Whatever.

She means: Screw you!

Here’s a question for you male ballers: After reading this, if a girl used these hints on you…would you brush them off because she is not straight forward in communication, or would you accommodate those hints?

GMG: People who want everything to be easy

Here's a review I reamd from someone who doesn't like Battlefield 3.

Don't worry this post isn't all about video games, it's just a primer for discussion.


I brought BF3 and COD:MW3 about the same time. I tried Call of Duty first and hated it for the most part but stuck with it and found a game I had some good fun with after a while. After maxing out a few weapons and earning a few rare titles I got bored of the game and decided to try BF3.

Over the past month I've owned it I put it in several times to try and get the hang of it but not liking it all so much (not for the same reasons I disliked COD at first). I didn't enjoy the pace of BF3.

To break it down multi-player is the highlight of this game. Offline I tried for a bit and found I liked it for the hour or so I played even though it was like riding on rails. Online the game doesn't have the experience you think it would.

Between COD and BF the biggest difference gameplay wise is the option of using vehicles. You have your choice of using just about any Jet/copter/tank/army machine you can imagine...even a freaking bulldozer.Which adds charm to the game but wait! All of the vehicles are hard as dry dog turds to drive. The vehicle controls are punishing. I crashed so many jets before figuring out how they work it was embarrassing.

If there is one question about the game people asks it's how do you pilot vehicles in this game. EA never thought to add in a bootcamp,flight school, training mode or anything at all that would make the game more enjoyable for people just starting out. So your left to be a pest to your teammates crashing equipment they need to win until it takes you X times to figure it out.

Since I brought the game mainly for that reason it was my biggest turn off from it. The FPS aspect isn't worth talking about. It's not exciting or heart pumping like COD is. You see a guy you kill him or he kills you. Guns are so so compared to COD and the accuracy of the guns is like playing baseball in the dark. You either hit or you miss when you swing but you won't know until you see someone fall or that ball fly. The weapons look more detailed and sound good though but don't expect intense fire fights as most people scope and snipe or in COD terms it's Camper heaven. Not really anyones fault but the games. The maps are so big that really scoping and sniping is the best method to take people down when your playing infantry.

Back to the vehicles though. They tried to make this game simulator and that's the problem. There's just too much crap going on and too much to remember/do. Each vehicle steers differently there are no simple controls. You'll be so busy trying not to crash or get your teamates killed you'll forget what you got in the vehicle for. Tanks are the easiest to drive but also the worse. They get stuck on everything and maneuver like well... a tank. They also don't last long as someone always has an RPG to take them out so get your rounds off quick or take down whatever you need (how realistic is that? an RPG takes down a tank?).

In a Military Action game I'd expect to be able to focus on the battle and not focusing on how to be a Pilot or tank driver which is why I'm not a fan of this game. If they want to make flight/driving simulators they should just make a separate game just for that not mash the two together. The game would be more fun with simple vehicle controls so everyone could have a good time without having logged 90000 hours into the game to master a jet or dunebuggy. I'm Using a PS3 controller to fly I don't think complex controls are necessary, I've never seen a real F/18 or Viper pilot use a PS3 controller to fly Why so Serious with the freaking vehicle controls.

I've given up learning to fly and know have become a suicide Kamikaze pilot. I find my target and crash into them. At least when I crash it will help out the team somewhat.

If BF4 comes out or any BF game I'll pass I'd rather stick with COD. I play games for fun not frustration.

Oh yeah and the game pace is so slow it is boring if you're used to faster action and heavy gun fights that make you think like in COD. I see BF3 as a game for people that fail at being COD to run to. Not many people like COD because of the skill and reflexes it requires to become skilled at but people love BF3 because it doesn't require much any of that. It's like the Anti call of duty. Hardest thing in this game is learning the GOD awful piloting controls. THIS GAME SUCKS SKIP IT!


This fool made me laugh so much. Complaining that vehicles are hard to drive because they all handle differently(you mean I can't turn an SUV hard like a sports car, why not? what happens?!) Complaining that guns are hard to use because they have different recoil patterns and velocity drop? Complaining that real pilots don't have to use a PS3 controller (but instead a stick, throttle, and shitload of God knows how many buttons in the dashboard)?

Here's a summary of what grinds my gears.

1) What he thinks is important or vital to modern warfare is completely off. He complains that a game should stick to "focus on the battlefield" instead of vehicles (oh yeah... sorta like how the American military dominated Iraq, we sprinted our infantry across the desert without tank or plane support). This applies to ignorant and prideful fools in society that think they know what's best for everyone when they don't know jack. Being ignorant and prideful alone is one thing, but when you combine the two you get Super-Douche from the planet of Douche-ton. He can only be stopped by douche-tonite.

2) This guy doesn't care about team goals, only his own stats. He's wants a high kill death ratio, and doesn't care about his level of competition. I on the other hand, enjoy a good whooping of noobs, but also equally value a 1:1 ratio if I win a Rush game against supreme competition. You only get better by going against those better than you (in other words, losing isn't the worst thing). If you are content with being better than noobs, then you aren't getting any better. An example is an adult that thrives on dominating basketball games against kids and wants them to know he's better than them.

3) This guy wants everything to be easy. I enjoy the fact that I've crashed helicopters a couple times before I was able to fly them through tunnels. I'm still amused when I crash a plane into a near invisible radio tower. I laughed my ass off when my jeep got stuck between some debris and Tony and Jon were in the backseat and we got killed by a tank. Outside of BF3, there's other everyday slips. I appreciate the fact that I still miss basketball shots even when I'm on fire. You think I'm really good at stick shift? Sometimes I literally grind my gears because I'll stall my car every now and then.

These everyday small setbacks give you perspective that we are human who make mistakes, and you have to work to become good at something. Talent only takes you so far. So why do I laugh at my failures, while some annoying kid RAGES over his microphone? It's because I know that hard things are worthwhile because they are hard. More importantly I believe in my potential to become better. These small setbacks remind you to be humble, but it gives you hope. It lets you know how far you have come, and how hard you have to go. And knowing is half the battle.

TMLS - Music: The "Asian Dad" defuse kit

You know the "Asian Dad" of internet meme fame? The one that always expects you do be 100% or A+, etc. Although the meme is an exaggeration, it's not too far off. They don't want you wasting time on "useless" extracurriculars such as sports and acting. Why? Because it does not lead to good grades.

Well I thought about this and there is one thing that can help defuse the super competitive spirit of Asian Dad. It's music, particularly soulful instrumental music, like a piano or violin. Why else would these crazy Asian dads allow their kids to take up such a time consuming hobby? Music is pleasing to the ears and soothes the soul. Asian dads can stop asking their son "lam bac si chua?" and just enjoy life for the moment. I thank my lucky stars for that.