Meme Monday [1]

Introducing another weekly section: Meme Monday. It's scheduled to come out at 7AM every Monday to give you a good laugh to start the week. There will be a brief explanation of how the meme is used and then a meme that I created at memegenerator. Most of these will be Thieu Nhi jokes.

This one is called the "forever alone" meme.

^ read the description about the "forever alone" flashmob that was set up, its so mean.


J.Frosty said...

lol, Bang Reo is harder than the SATs!

That pranks sucks! lol

Willy Bob said...

Haha I'm going to be looking forward to these! With that said...I shall retract my Wednesday Gay. lol

Anonymous said...

oOo! Are any of you guys a redditor too?! :D