new things that i like

1 - mc chicken with cheddar onion (its amazing and worth the extra 50 cents)

2 - maple and fruit oatmeal, also from mccdonalds (finally a healthy fastfood option)

3 - Law and Order - Los Angeles (i was flipping through channels and started watching it. It's a show with both detective work AND psychology AND legal stuff? They challenge you to think during the commercials because they show you everything they know as it happens. When the ending came I was like ooo man there were so many signs why didn't I see that ?? Man i didnt know shows like this existed! Also it's based in LA so I recognized random places in the episode.


by the way, the profile biographies for the new members are up

Patent Pending

While watching the Lakers play Game 5 against The Hornets last night, I had a lightbulb go off in my head.

Band-aids for dark-skinned peoples!

Kobe had a shot on his arm and the band-aid stuck out like a sore thumb. Had he been given a band-aid that was his color, I probably would not have noticed it as quickly. Yes, there are clear band-aids but the cotton/gauze in the middle of the band-aid is still visible against skin; they even show on me! I'm not trying to be racist, I'm saying those band-aids are racist! Catering to light-skinned people... shake my head! Now if you want to show off your battle wounds, then nvm and go right ahead hahah

You heard it here first! I'd like to claim intellectual property haha.
Would 401K and CP like to handle the logistics? We can go on Shark Tank and submit our idea! hahaha jk

Sidenote: being a sociology major, I WOULD make this into a social science issue LOL. Either way you see it, this can be seen as racist lol. The issue of "why wasn't my color made too?" or "why are band-aids discrimated against" come up. I can already imagine the commercials with a tagline:
"Brown band-aids for brown people"
Oh dear... I mean... ZING! lol

Fashion & Lifestyle for Ballers: Tips, Tricks, & Discussion [2]

I've changed my regular posting to once a week instead of twice. I was suppose to post yesterday, but didn't have time. So excuse my late blog for I'm nguoi Viet.

Topic #2 (Part 1 of 2): What color suits you? Black, Gray, or Navy?

Summer is almost here and weddings are starting to bloom all over the place. It's the day before the wedding and well your stuck with the boring white shirt tie combo. Not to mention, there are plenty of single girls at the wedding looking for guys to dance with. How do you make yourself look classy and ready to dance with, without looking like you just came from basketball practice? The answer: With a suit Sherlock.

Let's start with the basic Black Suit. Black is by far the most common color and every man should have one. Black is pretty much timeless, meaning 100 years from now it will still be the staple at most formal event (wedding & funeral) and even non formal event. Black goes with pretty much any color or pattern shirt and tie combo.

What about Navy? Well, it's very common and work best in an office environment. Recommend not getting this color if your not Mr. CEO.

Gray is also a good choice especially if it's a darker gray (charcoal), because it's very versatile and like black it can be worn with pretty much any occasion.

Only a few can pull these suit colors so don't try: Tan, White, Pink, Green, Purple, Crazy stripes etc. Just stick with the basic three color and you won't end up looking like Tommy Lee Jones.

I guess the only person that can wear any color suits is Tommy Lee Jones.


Lent is Over

That means I'll revert to my normal status (2 or 3 posts a week). I theoretically can post every day forever, but then you'll get less funny and more things that are easy to ramble on: philosophy/politics/religion. And that stuff bores even me.

This means the rest of you have to pick up the slack and post at least once a week!

Don't get out of hand

Here's the video i was talking about

I love men, No homo!

GmG - Don't Compare

You know what grinds my gears? When parents compare you to your friends. It's okay for parents to want to you be better at something, but please use a blueprint in your head, don't pull it out of thin air just because you see another person you like.

My mom tells me have more manners like Khoa. I like Khoa, don't get me wrong. I DO wish I could be as well mannered as him and could speak better Vietnamese and approach adults better. He's a good guy. I just don't like that my mom tells me I should be more like that when she clearly has never told me what to do before until a model citizen comes along.

I said "yes mom I'll try to be better". But really I thought how I could counter the parent's comparisons. I could douche it up and tell my mom "hey why can't you be funny like Jon's mom?" or "hey why can't you cook better like Vincent's mom?".

Guys, let's not do this to our kids in the future.

Today it is Good Friday, Friday

All glory and honor to Jesus Christ, who sacrifices himself to redeem humanity today. We celebrate this weekend with a heart of humility and rejoice that when our Lord rises from the dead, it is death that finally dies. In this light, let us celebrate Good Friday, Friday.

Start the youtube video at 1:28

Kneelin' in the front pew
Sittin' in the back pew
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?

It's Good Friday, Friday
My knees get down on Good Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the resurrection weekend
Good Friday, Friday
Knees get down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend

Prayin' and prayin' and (Yeah!)
Prayin' and prayin' and (Yeah!)
Faith, faith, faith, faith
Lookin' forward to the weekend

Yesterday was Holy Thursday, Thursday
Today it is Good Friday, Friday
We-we-we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a mass today

Tomorrow is Vigil Saturday
And Easter Sunday comes afterwards
I don't want this weekend to end !!!

Forever Young

With my previous post about my body starting to go downhill, I realize physical youth is to be treasured, but it's not the only thing that matters. You know the people who smile more and laugh more? You can point them out easily because they're young at heart. They still enjoy the little things in life. They've taught me that being mature doesn't mean you have to be serious. I want to be a Phil Dunphy when I grow up (except with better jokes).

I really do hope that I still love my hobbies as a 75 year old man. I want to always get that "hell yeah" when I switch gears at red line, the adrenaline rush when I run the fast break down the court, the thrill of the recoil sending shockwaves through my body and the little smirk I get when I see a .45 inch hole in the bullseye.

There's a difference between getting tired of something because you've grown old at heart, and giving up something voluntarily. I've always wanted a two seater car, but it's not practical with me being in Thieu Nhi and living with my family. I like having fun, but not at the expense of others. So I've decided that my compromise is to drive a fuel efficient car and have a motorcycle. Motorcycles are awesome. They give a better adrenaline rush than a convertible, and have better fuel efficiency than a Civic. It kills two birds with one stone! Yes motorcycles are dangerous. How very selfish of me to put my life in danger for a thrill you may ask? Everyone dies, yet not everyone lives. Besides, I'm going to give up the motorcycle when I have children. Like I said, I like having fun but not at the expense of those who depend on me.

This is why I'm gonna love my 20s. With nothing holding me down, I'm going to do whatever I want however I want. I do want to be a family man someday, but first I want to travel the world to save lives as a doctor and convert the hopeless and downtrodden everywhere I go. And when I get that ball'n'chain and give up the things I love, it'll be because I love something more, not because I've grown old at heart :-)

The people who make mid-life crisis purchases do so because they were too quick to grow up, and they want to regain their wasted youth. Ballers, let's not make that mistake of wasting the best times of our lives. Carpe Diem. Seize The Day. Hãy Bắt Ngày.

Mmmm.... motorcycle....

darn you spring

i hate yall and yall pollen. yall yeller chunks be making my air dirty and filthy. get out of our country!

Back Inversion Table

I'm aging and I can tell. Knots never caused stiffness in my back until I was like 22 years old. I have soreness in my legs the day after I play basketball. And now my lower back is being quirky. Its not pain, but I just don't feel comfortable. After going to the gym and doing some lifts (which include squats) I felt a lot of compression on my back. Like I said, it wasn't pain but just an annoying feeling. I lied down on my memory foam bed for a while and I could feel the release of tension, but I was like... it's gonna take forever for my vertebrae to decompress.

And then I remembered about products like this. It uses gravity to decompress your back. After checking reviews on amazon, nearly every brand and model got at least 4.5 stars out of 5, which means that the product works regardless of who makes it. I was gonna buy through Amazon ($100) but I checked Big 5's ad and they have one for $90, so I got it from them yesterday.

I tried it out for a few minutes and other than not being used to having blood flow to the head, it was really comfortable. My dad also tried it out and thought it was cool. This thing also doubles as a workout machine (and possibly sex equipment? lol). I also did some crunches and it felt so easy because there was no pain on the tailbone, since I was inverted like 70 degrees and there was no pressure on my lower back. Out of a possible 17 thumbs up, I give this product 14.5 thumbs up. Very naiice.

Army Shovels



Cold Steel Special Forces:

Other random shovel:



As i'm cleaning my room today i came across several items that left me in a dilemma. Religious things such as prayer books, bibles, crosses, all stuff that i've gotten as presents for a religious occasion or from a religious person. WTF DO I DO WITH THEM!? I can't throw them away, just feels like a sin lol.

AYUDA ME!!!!!!

Michael Jordan was lucky

... that he played in his era. The media wasn't hating on him like how they hated on Kobe (2005-2010) or Lebron (2010-present). Before I explain how or why that is, let me give you an analogy outside of sports from history.

The progress of technology allows a fast spread of information, which allows the common man to know what is happening and to know what those in power were doing. Knowledge gives power to the people. Look at the cultural revolution of the US in the 1960s with the emergence of the hippies. Why was this generation of Americans protesting war after centuries of belief in Manifest Destiny? What made the switch? How did this generation form? It was because of the growth of mass media. The Vietnam War was the first war where videos, not just pictures were streamed from the battlefield. A new type of soldier of the people emerged, armed not with a rifle but a camera. Here was your image of Manifest Destiny: a village of boys and girls whose skin was charred by American napalm. Some images once seen cannot be unseen and will shatter any misconceptions you may have had. War is not glorious, but is horrible. The people would no longer support the fabrications of the government. The USA could no longer go conquering foreign lands as it had always done in its history. Knowledge via TV gave power to the people to stop dictatorship in the White House. In the same way, knowledge via the internet gave people the power to stop dick-tatorship in sports.

Michael Jordan was the first of his kind, an electrifying scoring machine. The media and kids everywhere loved him for it. But they blissfully ignored his doucebag nature. I remember watching the 1998 Finals like game 2 or 3 when Scottie Pippen took and made the game winning shot, and Jordan yelled at him for not passing. And the world's reaction to his Airness douchebaggery? Give him a cartoon movie that will make kid's love him, and give him a commercial full of propaganda of kids saying "I Want To Be Like Mike". It would make sense that corporations loved him and gave him advertising contracts, because like Mike, CEOs are dicks. They thrive on cut throat competition, and putdown of others. They cleverly masked Jordan's doucheness with commercials that appealed to the masses (normal sports fans like myself). This is pretty much like state controlled media. But now that we have the internet, where some amateur bloggers get almost as much traffic as, we can get the unfiltered truth about players' personalities.

The internet wasn't really common until 2000, and Jordan's prime years were from the mid 80s to mid 90s. People liked his determination and drive to win, but that was the only part of his personality they knew. If Jordan had a Twitter while he played, people would be appalled at his lack of understanding of others. Lebron's "The Decision" would be child's play compared to stuff Jordan would say and do. It is sad that today's players have to deal with the microscope on them.

Kobe was disliked on Shaq's Lakers not only because of his ball hogging but moreso because of his tendency of being a loner. If Kobe played in 1985, no one would criticize him because no one would know. Kobe recently got owned in the media for calling a referee "fag". How many teammates and refs did Jordan call "fag"? More than I can count with my fingers and toes. As much as I dislike Lebron, I gotta feel bad for him also. He was loved by the media and received praise he didn't earn. And after "The Decision", he's hated by the media and is receiving hate he doesn't deserve. Lebron thought he could refer to himself in the third person like Jordan did and not get grilled. Nope, wrong era buddy. Can't do it anymore.

Jordan got a douchebag-hall pass from 1984-1998. But he made a critical mistake in 2009 at his speech in his Hall of Fame Induction. He thought he could say whatever he wanted, because Nike and Gatorade and six championships had turned him into a god. He didn't think through the consequences that his speech would be put up on youtube to be seen by millions of viewers. He didn't know that ESPN writers and anchors were gonna criticize what he said. But it happened, and Jordan was as unapologetic as ever. Nothing flowed from his mouth but insults. To contrast, David Robinson was also inducted that same night. In his speech he thanked his family for inspiring him to be a better man. In Jordan's speech, he insulted his sons by saying "I wouldn't want to be you guys", referring to the big shoes they have to fill (they are playing college ball right now). I saw the speech live, and years of brainwashing were undone. In 1998, I wanted to be like Mike. But now, I want to be anything but.

His speech if you care to see a legend crashing and burning:

Fashion & Lifestyle for Ballers: Tips, Tricks, & Discussion [1]

Welcome to the first of many to come Fashion & Lifestyle forum. This forum is to help us guys become more confident and independent so that we may do things ourselves. For example, how to tie those darn silk ties or why should I do my own laundry. So every Sunday and Wednesday there will be a new topic to discuss and hopefully we all will learn something useful and apply it to life.

Topic #1: Socks and Why you should care!

We all know that there are different colors and pattern socks, but do we know how to use them correctly in different situation? I don't mean using socks as a way to get out of a warehouse, but to impress your future boss at work or in an interview.

There are a lot of different socks nowadays and you could pretty much get them anywhere (Amazon, department store, gas station, etc). The sock colors that are essential to a man's wardrobe include: Black, Brown (tan), Navy, and White.

We all know how to use a white pair of socks and maybe some of you even know how to use a black pair correctly. But what about all the other color and pattern? Well....


Your pant should match the color of your socks and if your socks is a dress socks then pair with dress shoes (I'll talk more about that next time). The shade of color on your socks should not be the same shade as your pants with exception to black.

White - Casual, wear them when your not doing business or attending any special events, usually worn for sports and at home (jeans will do). There are exception like for example at my work place, some choose to wear white socks (I'm one of them), but work is casual enough that people don't really care.

Black - Formal, your pant should be black or dark enough to be consider black (if it's a gray/charcoal color, then go with gray/charcoal pants).

Brown (tan) - Business casual, again pants should match, a pair of tan or brown khakis should do.

Navy - Formal/Business casual, not a lot of options for pants color other than navy.

Pattern (stripes, argyle, etc) - Match your pants with primary color of the socks, if it's mostly black then black pants.

If you can't match the color of socks with your pants, then use a different color and ask yourself why you bought that ugly green, unless your a boston celtics fan. There are a lot of exceptions to this rule and I won't cover it all, just use some common sense. Questions?


A Lesson About Palm Sunday

Did you know that Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey (a beast of burden), rather than a war horse? This reminds us that Jesus came to lead by service to others, rather than becoming a leader through conquest.

If Palm Sunday happened in modern times, Jesus would not use this vehicle:


but rather he would use a vehicle made for service:

Historians tell us that Jesus was Jewish. But in light of these realizations, I think Jesus was a deeper sort of man. A thrifty man. Indeed, he perhaps may have been a JuMex man.

Happy Birthday to Cathy and Rachel !

Here's a special birthday song for you guys!

Happy birthday to you
We're going to the zoo
But look out for baboons
They'll throw poo-poo at you
... and maybe more !!!! ....

Heavyweight MatchUp

On Friday May 20th

It's the MAC versus the LAW

Venue: The West Covina Fortress of Justice

Special Witness: Frosty

Will I walk away free, or will I receive the death penalty? We'll find out.

Ladies and Gentlemen .... LLLLeeettt'S Get Ready to RUMMBBLLEEEE


Seriously, I got this case in the bag. My case is airtight, and my special witness is the nail in the coffin. That officer would be smart not to waste his time and forfeit. Or else I will make him look quite the fool. The fool I tell you. I mean the only way I can lose this case is by doing something stupid like bringing a boombox into the courtroom playing this song:

Jumex: Magazine Subscriptions

The following receives BiA's JuMex stamp of approval:

I was at Barnes and Nobles buying Collapse, which is the sequel to Guns, Germs, and Steel when I was looking at some magazines. I was looking through GQ and found a subscription postcard. The two year deal ($20 for 24 issues) was alot better than the one year deal ($15 for 12 issues) so I'm getting the two year deal. I love GQ, I don't know why I didn't subscribe to this before. I like taking fashion cues from them, and the articles deal with many things interesting to me, like women, economy, technology, health, etc. I did get a better deal than this once, when I signed up for Car and Driver for 3 years for $20. It was a steal, but I ultimately realized I didn't care about cars that much. Most of those magazines just went unread.

Aaanyway, I had this awesome realization. Those subscription postcards do not say "use this card by this date" or any sign of a deal expiration. Why don't we just hang on to tons of postcards of our favorite magazines.... and use them five, ten, twenty years from now? When inflation increases the going rate of subscriptions to $50 a year in the year 2030, pull out this baby from 2011 *BAM* $20 for two years! Forget investing in gold and silver, these subscription suckers will fight inflation for you. Remember, the more magazines you buy the better! The more you spend, the more you save!

Until next time, pinch those pennies!

Down to the Wire

Click to see expanded view

The NBA's last game of the regular season is today which means its also the last day of our fantasy basketball. I am in second place with a half point behind Aaron/Aaron's dad. The championship will be decided on the last day of games. In the ten years of fantasy basketball, I've never seen it come down to the last day. This will be epic.

PSN isn't ready

PSN is not ready for the MacFrosty. This is like a long awaited team up that you knew was going to be good like, Mr. Frog Splash Eddie Guerrero and 619's Rey Mysterio! (that is until they had their fallout ;P). Work work work, all we ever do is work.

Damn... i miss Eddie Guerrero (just watch the 2nd half)

PSN is also not ready for the Power Douche Trio to raid PSN Home,
"Hey you like dk? Cause she's got one!"

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin

Rachel Showed me this:

Is the president of the Czech Republic a pen stealer?

LOL. Sneaky bastard!

Bitch be Crazy

A 17-year-old girl from Fort Myers, Florida allegedly pistol-whipped her mother into buying her a 2004 Nissan 350Z last week. The teen, an Ivy League-bound honor student at the prestigious Canterbury School, reportedly lost control when her mother refused to co-sign on the car.

According to the Naples Daily, Rachel Ann Hachero went home after her mother's refusal grabbed a 9mm Sig Sauer pistol, hit her mother with it, and demanded she accompany her to the dealership. Not wanting to get shot, the mother complied and signed off on the purchase. The next day, while her daughter was at school, the mother recovered the gun and drug paraphernalia from the girl's purse and called the police.

Hachero's mom says she doesn't want to press charges because of her daughter's Ivy League scholarships, but a judge says Hachero must remain in juvenile detention for the time being. The girl has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, unlawful possession of a firearm by a person younger than 18 and battery.


Why do I have a feeling Andrew is going to force me buy him boba and starcraft 3?

Yesterday I went to a massage spa...

and there was a weird moment when the pretty secretary asked me if I preferred male or female for the massage. I think I hesitated for a second before saying male. My friend who recommended me to this place said to get a guy because they can work out the knots better. What she didn't tell me is that it freakin hurts alot while they do it. Man this guy put his whole weight on his elbows and drove them into my back. But I felt this ridiculous grinding of knots in the deep muscles that I didn't know existed. It felt like breaking up concrete clots.

But anyway, I feel great today. I can stretch in any direction without a sharp pain where my knots used to be, and I feel more flexible. It was only $20 an hour for a full body massage, what a steal! Highly recommended. I made a same day appointment, but walk ins are allowed.

Venus Cosmetic & Health Spa

15496 Magnolia St
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 934-6666

How did I miss this Internet meme?

Apparently in May-June of 2010, there was a meme called "Guile's theme goes with everything". Which means that if you play the theme song of Guile from Street Fighter, it can match with nearly every video. Last night I was reminiscing of old video game songs, and so I typed in stuff like Sonic, Streets of Rage, and literally typed in "Guile's Theme" because he has my favorite stage background and music from Street Fighter 2. At first I thought these videos was a joke but then I realized how amazing the song goes with the everything! Here are my top picks

Since SF is a fighting game, its obvious that Guile's theme goes with other fighting scenes. In this scene, Rambo has a Sonic Boom machine gun.

Similar to fighting is dancing, which also has a fast beat. So the song also fits. Example:

It also works in tense thinking situations due to its upbeat nature. Example:

But what about something random, like TV show intros? I saw videos with Friends and Full House which were really funny, but this one takes the cake.

Guile plus Chuck Norris is so American ! AMMURICCA !

GmG - Vietnamese Weddings

It's another edition of "What Really Grinds My Gears" starring Vietnamese Weddings!

Now before you accuse me of hating myself, I would like to say that overall I love Vietnamese culture and people. I only dislike small fragments, like the gossipy women. In the same regard, OVERALL I really like Vietnamese weddings. I love the traditions: I like the elaborate engagement ceremony with the huge roasted pig, the woman looks beautiful in an ao dai, the guy's blue ao dai adds to his persona (making him look either more badass or more intelligent), I like enjoying "non-soft" beverages while shouting "Dô!" (Yo), the people generously give money to the new couple, and most of all the seven course meal will destroy American food anyday errday.

But for the love of God can we please do something about the Vietnamese bands? Their performances themselves aren't annoying but it's their whole presentation throughout the night. Why is the music so damn loud?! At American weddings it's loud, but I can still hear the guy next to me without shouting. Also, American bands take a break and only play live music, so theres at least moments of silence. When Vietnamese bands take a break, they put on a CD so the music never gives my bloodied ears a rest. Another thing, they need to adjust their microphone input levels. When someone sings, you can't tell if they're good or not, because the mic is too low and their voice is overpowered. I would assume this is why Vietnamese people like to sing at weddings, because even if they are below average, they know the music will cover their amount of suck.

One more thing, Viet/English dual-language MCs are either hit or miss. Some are really good, like Bac Duoc or Lisa's dad. But some of them... ay yay yay... *facepalm* all I need to say is that if my guy sucks on my wedding reception I'm firing him on the spot and taking over.

"Chúc Mừng CHÚC MỪNG!" is what I'd say to my wife as MC.

Childhood MacNugget: ridiculously hard video games

Childhood MacNuggets, because they (along with most things) were better when we were kids (when they were made of mystery dark meat).

Video games now can be beaten by anyone, even someone who's never picked up a controller. All you have to do is simply set the game settings to noob. But back then, there was only one level: badass mofo. You could only beat the game if you mastered your character's moves and abilities. Your skill level wasn't measured in points at the end of the level. It was measured by how far in the game you could reach too. On average you had nine lives (3 lives for 3 "continues"). And you died if you got hit ONCE. In Call of Duty, you can live if you get shot ten times and there's unlimited continues. Even in modern Mario games on the DS, you die if you get hit once, but there's unlimited lives and/or continues. So you win even if you suck. LAME

Just to give you an example of how hard it was to beat some games, I got Sonic 2 for Sega Genesis for my first communion gift (around 1995-96). That game was so fun but I could never beat it. For years I got to the last boss, at which I had around three to six lives left. I had to write down Dr. Robotnik's moves so that I could remember the pattern for the next time I played (because I expected to fail). I tried to beat this game more than ten times but I couldn't. But as a second grader, I didn't cry when I lost. I accepted that I wasn't good enough, but that was okay because only badass mofos win games.... fast forward.... UCLA first year living in the dorms. David introduces me to simulators which can play old games like NES, Genesis, Super Nintendo, etc on a computer. It's cheating because you can save your game progress. So when I got to the last stage, I saved it and everytime I got a couple hits on Dr. Robotnik, I saved. And when I died I just reloaded to the previous stop before I died. I knew I was cheating but when I finally won the game I felt tears of joy streaming down my face. A decade of trying, and I finally WON. This is how games should be, rewarding because it is hard. The final stage below, where this guy makes a mockery of the final boss.

Of course, some games are SO HARD that it's impossible for a normal human to beat the game. I could have beat Sonic if I had a little more skill, but I'm pretty sure I could never beat Contra without unlimited life cheats.

And finally, some games are so IMPOSSIBLE that when I was a kid I could only get through like four or five levels out of ten. And even when I used my saves through emulator, I gave up because it was still so hard. It would have taken me hours to finish that game because I would have to save my progress every thirty seconds. Example: Ninja Gaiden. This video below is long but if you watch it you can see how many random things are thrown at you.

The bottom line: kids nowadays feel entitled to winning, or else they end up whining. Back in my day there was no easy mode, you only won if you were a badass mofo.

Random best memory of video games as a kid: Going to my friend's birthday party in second grade, and being able to own all of his older brother's 8th grader friends in Mortal Kombat 2.

news from my CNN feed

American media is occupied with news from Japan and the Middle East, but I read through everything and the news that surprises me most is news from Mexico. I cannot believe that such corruption exists in a neighboring country. The media makes Mexico look like a shithole. Maybe it is, but the point is that Mexico needs our help, not our disdain. There is a problem if the best and brightest of Mexico leave, because nothing can ever improve. Example:

Remember that 20 year old girl that became chief of police in a Mexican town? Appears that a few weeks ago she quit her job and applied for asylum in the US. The death threats probably hit home too hard. According to the video below, more than half of the officers in the town are women, and the weapons bank at the police station has only two guns. I respect the cops in that town for having faith that their situation can change. Their model is promoting a sense of community through service. It's brave because it encourages them to walk outside their home without fear. It's also the way Jesus would want it, to turn the other cheek. As much as I respect them, I have to disagree. You know my strategy, I wouldn't run that town without an attack helicopter.


Quick commentary on illegal aliens and border security:
I think anyone who is already here can stay, but with no chance at citizenship. And if any of them ever commits a felony, they are deported. Anyone who wants to give illegal immigrants a route to citizenship while preventing new illegals from coming is not being realistic. This knowledge will only encourage more Mexicans to try to cross the border. I would guess that 95% of Mexicans who cross the border are good people, so I have nothing against them. But I don't think their lives will be better here than in Mexico because they have the language barrier and minuscule jobs. But the 5% of gangsters and drug traffickers that do get through will fuck up our country. Which is why border security needs to be amped up. Although I would like more security, it probably won't really work unless there's heavy consequences for trespassing, but then that goes against my sense of justice and compassion. Man this is complicated...

Forget Top Shot

This is burro canyon material!

Childhood MacNugget: WWF

Yes, professional wrestling is fake. The storylines can be stupid, and so are the fake punches.

However many of the wrestlers are good actors. Pro wrestling needs good acting, which is why boring personalities will never be legendary (example John Cena). Also, since Stone Cold and the ROCK left, they've wanted to change their image and be a positive role model for kids, which makes for boring lame stories. Wrestling is always more fun when theres a super bad guy that breaks kids hearts. I remember watching kids cry on TV when Hulk Hogan turned heel (became a bad guy, opposite of face). Professional wrestling now just sucks.

Sunday night was Wrestlemania, which I'm going to watch with my friend David next week. Its worth watching for two reasons. 1) John Cena may turn heel. I dislike John Cena because he went from having a rapper gimmick to a Marine gimmick. Both gimmicks are lame. And he makes kids do stupid things like "you cant see me". If you know the results please don't spoil it for me in the comments. Reason 2) The moves may be choreographed, but the pain is real. You will always see crazy stuff happen at Wrestlemania. I love it when the crowd goes 'Holy Shit Holy Shit'

See if the pain in these clips is fake or real

Disclaimer: I do not condone violence. In fact, I believe everything on TV should be wholesome. Instead of Jersey Shore, MTV should have Jesus Shore, where every day a group of ten men (because its not smart to put unmarried men and women together in the same house) play wholesome basketball without swearing, then go to afternoon mass at church together. Then they go to an evening social mixer to meet ladies where they can discuss the finer points of being a good Christian, where the jokes are wholesome and family friendly (well... an anti-Jew joke couldn't hurt here or there on some episodes).

BUUUTTT, since these type of shows don't exist, I will have to resort to WWE and Jersey Shore. Now I know that if we have to fight to defend myself, I should hit the guy and stomp my feet at the same time (with 90% of my force going into stomping my feet, and 10% to punching the guy). And according to Jersey Shore, this is how I should settle disputes with my wife.

By the way, Snookie was a wrestler at Wrestlemania.

GmG- driving

Introducing a new section to BiA:

“You know what Grinds my Gears?” Or as I will refer to it from now on “GG”

This first edition is based on annoying things that happen when you’re driving, and these are actions that are legal but yet still douche in nature.

You want to turn right, but you’re second in the lane, it’s a red light, and the guy in front of you wants to go straight. GG

The ironic paradox that also grinds my gears: you’re still in the second lane on the right, but there’s green light and you want to go straight. But the guy in front of you wants to turn right and there’s some pedestrians preventing him from going. GG

At an intersection at night, you want to turn left and your side has a green light. However you can’t go because there’s a red arrow, preventing you from turning even though there’s no one on the other side for half a mile. GG

The ironic paradox: you’re on a busy street in an old area whose streets are not updated to modern traffic needs (ex: Chinatown, South Pasadena). Its rush hour and people want to get out of the traffic. Then there’s a jackass that wants to turn left when there’s no dedicated left turn lane, preventing the whole lane from moving. GG

People that go 65 mph in carpool lane. GG

Another left turn situation: you’re on a large street that has a dedicated left turn arrow. The left turn is isolated by an island that budges out, but this particular island only fits around five cars. However the green arrow light lasts long enough to let like eight cars go through. When you’re stuck before the island budge, by the time the straight green light comes for you to move into the left turn lane, the left arrow turns red. GG