Fashion & Lifestyle for Ballers: Tips, Tricks, & Discussion [1]

Welcome to the first of many to come Fashion & Lifestyle forum. This forum is to help us guys become more confident and independent so that we may do things ourselves. For example, how to tie those darn silk ties or why should I do my own laundry. So every Sunday and Wednesday there will be a new topic to discuss and hopefully we all will learn something useful and apply it to life.

Topic #1: Socks and Why you should care!

We all know that there are different colors and pattern socks, but do we know how to use them correctly in different situation? I don't mean using socks as a way to get out of a warehouse, but to impress your future boss at work or in an interview.

There are a lot of different socks nowadays and you could pretty much get them anywhere (Amazon, department store, gas station, etc). The sock colors that are essential to a man's wardrobe include: Black, Brown (tan), Navy, and White.

We all know how to use a white pair of socks and maybe some of you even know how to use a black pair correctly. But what about all the other color and pattern? Well....


Your pant should match the color of your socks and if your socks is a dress socks then pair with dress shoes (I'll talk more about that next time). The shade of color on your socks should not be the same shade as your pants with exception to black.

White - Casual, wear them when your not doing business or attending any special events, usually worn for sports and at home (jeans will do). There are exception like for example at my work place, some choose to wear white socks (I'm one of them), but work is casual enough that people don't really care.

Black - Formal, your pant should be black or dark enough to be consider black (if it's a gray/charcoal color, then go with gray/charcoal pants).

Brown (tan) - Business casual, again pants should match, a pair of tan or brown khakis should do.

Navy - Formal/Business casual, not a lot of options for pants color other than navy.

Pattern (stripes, argyle, etc) - Match your pants with primary color of the socks, if it's mostly black then black pants.

If you can't match the color of socks with your pants, then use a different color and ask yourself why you bought that ugly green, unless your a boston celtics fan. There are a lot of exceptions to this rule and I won't cover it all, just use some common sense. Questions?



J.Frosty said...

good advice, but i always wear black to keep it simple. a drawer full of black socks is a drawer full of happy socks.

can i ask you why Amazon is your first option for random places to get socks? lol, just wondering

Mac OBryan said...

what color is optimal for "happy socks" ? what if those happy socks are too big?


all sarcasm aside, i am going to like these posts, keep it up!

Khorn said...

@ J. Frosty: Don't know why I listed Amazon first, gas station was a better choice.

@ Mac: Any color pair of socks can be considered happy socks. One reason might be, no visible yellow stain on black socks will make the person happy (in this case J. Frosty). Also, better off putting black with black, mixing gray with black will result in mix matching pairs thus making it an unhappy pair of socks.

Big socks = Loose socks = bunches up and look tacky. Buy new ones with a little spandex for a good fit.

Willy Bob said...

Wow Khoa...didn't know you knew so much about fashion! lol I look forward to reading your posts and understanding more about guy attire. Loved the warehouse get away video.