It was Tuesday right?

Yesterday after class, I found myself spending my time as if it were the weekend. Gov'na Tonster was in town so he took me out for lunch, Yum. But first we went to some stores to pick up some stuff. Stopped by Big Lots, found nothing. Then we headed to Target, a store full of heart break: "GIADA YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME WITH A SPATULA!? *Backhand* Why'd you make me hit you girl!?", as well as awesome stuff.

Only $8! I know I know, pretty epic =].

"Let's Eat" Headed to the always delicious Hon Sushi for a meal to remember. Tonster is a beast and can amazingly put away as much food as i can, Hooray! I've found my new eating partner! Between the two of us we easily munched through 10 rolls. "If you're down, I'm down" kept us going strong. If we hadn't planned on eating something later with Mac we probably could've ate a couple more. Thanks for the meal Tonster!

Sorry, this is the only picture you get.
Too busy beasting to take anymore.

The night was young, so we dropped by TheLooseTeas to get our drink on but they were closed =[. So we just headed up to Rowland Heights to hang out with Mac, Thanks to Caesar Chavez I had no class Wednesday. Anyways, got to Mac's but he went to mass..."What day is it? It's not Sunday right?" So me n Tonster went to grab some boba, Boba lady lost a point for not speaking English, our green tea tasted like jasmine milk tea. "I'M SORRY I CHEATED ON YOU, I'LL NEVER WRONG YOU AGAIN!" to TheLooseTeas. Got back to Mac's and watched an episode from 'The Office' (new Ringtone =]), a video of a racist who wants to create an All-American "whites only" basketball league, & some Tosh 2.0. Pigged out at The Garden and came up with a convenient new way to tip. party till about 3 then some Zzzz.

"Tips on you"
j/k! we left some green for them =]

What a Tuesday. Thanks for driving Tonster.
Stay Frosty.

Weekend Update


Tifa's WTF Face =]
(Like all the other pictures, Click to Enlarge.)

Friday: Sturtevant Falls | Hon Sushi.McDonalds | "1408" | TheLooseTeas Nhom | NBA Live | The Garden | Sleep at 4:00 ish. Saturday: Ballin' morning, God of War II, Ate dinner with the family for the first time in awhile. Sunday: Lots & Lots of Jesus.

PbL Day: Unknown

I'm tired of picking the meat off my pizza. I'm tired of not being able to eat food in the fridge. I'm tired of not eatting dessert. I'm tired... oh i'm tired.
I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready for Easter Sunday. Gonna stuff my face with meat, no homo. Some Korean BBQ!? Hopefully! Soda... how i miss thee. ICE CREAM! I'm going to Sonics to get a root beer float! I have a box of Somoas that i've been dying to man handle. Food coma!!! 1 week.

Burron Canyon Round 2 in 2 weeks?

Stay Frosty.

More Gamer Greatness

Another Ghost Recon coming soon! Hooray.
I hope this game is as fun as the last one.

Live Action Game Trailers really
aren't fair,
they're just too good.

Stay Frosty

Guilty Pleasure

Yum. What a tasty Quesadilla.
it was Mmhmm good.

Batting cages with Ceci.
My big sister bought me glove =]
Can't wait to play some catch tmrw

Spring break is almost over =[.
Maybe visit Animal Shelter again?
Hike Friday?
What to do Saturday?

Stay Frosty


So i went to the Animal Shelter today to adopt me a Husky after i got the OK from my dad. I was SOOOOOOOOO excited, couldn't sleep last night cause i just couldn't wait. I've wanted a Husky since i saw "Balto" as a little kid, they are the most awesome dogs and i feel they are a great representation of my personality. We'd be the bestest friends in the whole world! (I know i sound like a little kid) Unfortunately my heart was broken three times. The first Husky, dubbed "Rocky" by the girls, was an over aggressive dog. The second Husky was a lost dog, so I'll be notified if the owner is not contacted. The third & original Husky, was put down for biting someone...

So, i left the house ready to come home with a new friend but i came home with only a broken heart =[

*tears of pain & loneliness*
Maybe some good news tmrw?

Stay Frosty.



Friday: Went hiking with my boy Emil. Passed a sign that read "May your search through nature lead you to yourself." I didn't find anything yet, but I definitely feel closer when I'm walking through the green mountains listening to nature's soundtrack. Instead, I found something else.

We spotted a strangely dressed white male with absolutely no gear which lead us to believe he 'lived' in the mountains. We accidentally crossed him 3 to 4 times! The last time we saw him we interrupted him while he was... "dropping the kids off in the woods". Awkward! RUN!

Saturday: Went to Burro Canyon for some target practice. Only 5 Ballers were able to attend, but like always the Ballers found a way to make it an awesome day. Maybe a Round 2 with all the Ballers at a Private Range in the near future?

Ate at Hon Sushi
144 W Foothill Blvd
Monrovia, Ca 91016
"Best California Roll I've ever had" -Willy Bob & CP

Met up with some more Ballers at night. Thanks for the early X-Mas Tonster!. Watched Law Abiding Citizen & put Willy Bob's "It's so strong" video on our youtube. Then we hit up Sonics for the customary Late-Night Baller Snack Run, sorry Denny's maybe next time. Finished the night with plans of Cathy's Birthday plans. All in all, a very good day.

Sunday: Sleep.

Stay Frosty

One More Day of Religious Congress

One More Day.



Stay Frosty.

Europe vs America





We are always fatter and more greedy. Yes a Smart Car will take you where you need to go, but an Expedition can carry 7 empty seats when you drive to the local gym two blocks away from your house. Moral of the story? Leave 9mm to the Europeans. 45 ACP is America

- Mac

Warning, Adult Content.

Sooooooooooooo...I Cannot wait for Saturday. I love going to the range, but there's nothing like going to the range with some friends! As i talked to Willy Bob about saturday, B asked "What would you do if you got robbed at night?". Well Willy B and I came up with a pretty interesting idea. "Sleep prepared. Always sleep with my shirt'n'tie and bp vest, so i guess all i need is to throw on some red silk for some style points. (Tie and Silk Vest for $15 at The Men's Warehouse!!! We'll rock these someday Mac.) The guy would wtf himself and bolt. & NO PANTS, that's what he's expecting.." lol... good stuff.

"Chuc mung nam moi mf!"
Picture by Jon
Concept by Willy Bob

Hope that got you guys as excited as I am.
Stay Frosty


As we walk our path of life,
We meet people everyday.
Most are simply met by chance.
But, some are sent our way.

These become special friends
Whose bond we can't explain;

The ones who understand us
And share our joy and pain.

Their love contains no boundaries.
So, even we are apart.
Their presence enhances us
With a warmth felt in the heart.

This love becomes a passageway,
When even the miles disappear.
And so, these friends, God sends our way,
Remain forever near.

no PbL

Stay Frosty

Mother Earth just made your bed rock!

So it's 4am and a 4.4 magnitude earthquake just hit the LA area. Hopefully everyone is ok! I'm wondering if anyone woke up from it and ran for their guns...

Sadly, I feel like this is just the beginning until the big one arrives. =/

-Willy Bob


Add-on by Mac:

The quake woke me up and I was lying in bed for an hour. I was semi-conscious before the quake hit because Tifa was barking/whining. Dogs always know before it hits. Anyway, tried to go back to sleep but couldn't, so I decided to wake up super early today.

Immediately my guess was the quake was between 4.0 and 5.0 and I was right! Woo Californians can rate quakes like temperature! Well except if a 8.5 hits, then I can't say... hmm this is somewhere between 8.0 and 9.0. I'd just be like MOMMMYYY!!

Anyway, I went to USGS site and here's a map of the center of the quake:

Click on the thumbnail for full size picture. From the picture, I guesstimated that the epicenter was Northern Orange County.
So I went to google map, and copied and pasted the GPS directions:

34°N, 118°W

And guess what, epicenter is Hacienda Heights, about 3 miles from my house. Woo.,+118%C2%B0W&sll=33.997316,-118.043633&sspn=0.08781,0.181789&ie=UTF8&ll=33.997173,-117.987328&spn=0.175621,0.363579&z=12


Ok i changed up the layout some more. You know you got problems when a girl tells you it's too girly and you need to "man up & be more bold". Took my Math Final and turned in my Robotics Write Up. Hope i did well. Big money big money!

PWNED by Lent: Day 16

Special K for breakfast and lunch. Made some yummy fish for dinner.

Stay Frosty.

post 101

Usher. Raymond vs. Raymond. 2010

Hope you guys like the new layout. Got a bit tired of the previous layout, made me feel a little emo. & I did this in the spur of the moment cause I didn't feel like studying. What i did today: Tntt. (I WANT TO GO TO BIG BEAR RIGHT NOW! I CAN'T WAIT!) Basketball. & Study.

TheLooseTeas. Monrovia. Ca
Honeydew Milk Tea|Honk Kong Milk Tea| Honey Green Tea.

Andy's House for some Costco Pizza.

PWNED by Lent: Day 15

(these are only the cups i finished at home)

I've been solving my soda addiction with boba and starbucks..not really cost effective =x... And now i'm flying solo with giving up meat for Lent... Dear God, Grant me the Strength to stay on the path.

Stay Frosty

Best of both

I Don't know what i enjoy more. Clear skies during the day or clear skies during the night =]

'Burn This' was a great play. Awesome performance. Even though i had to go for a class assignment, i was truly happy i went.

PWNED by Lent: Day 14

I want a nice... cold... frosty... bubbly...burn my throat if i drink too fast, soda. Oh man i can't wait. The days are counting down until we feast BiA Style. Gonna whore Joe's store and make me a heart stopping shake. Gonna BBQ with the boys and show the Koreans how it's really done. I Can't Wait.

Stay Frosty

An Early late post.

Had a great time singing at nhom guys. Thanks!

PWNED by Lent: Day 13

Cereal. Banana. Passion fruit green tea boba. Shrimp Fried Rice. Eggwich. Banana. Tilapia Pasta. Shrimp Egg rolls. Banana. Water. The Keys to success. 16 days.

Stay Frosty.


I can't find Wall-E ...Come back to me Wall-E! I'll never hurt you again i swear it!!!

Another awesome day at school =]. Teacher gave me an extension on my play critique, which was due today, because I wont see the play till Saturday. Kobe!

Made a pretty awesome snackwich. Small dinner roll + Boiled Egg + Cheese = ooooeygooey good times. I wrapped the egg in two slices of cheese. Threw this in the toaster hoping it'd come out alright. But, it didn't come out alright, it came out AMAZING! When i looked the toaster there was cheese falling off the sandwich. I mashed it down so that cheese came out the sides. I'm making another one tmrw =]

MOMENT OF THE DAY: During my morning run I saw a cat crossing the street run/jump over an oncoming car like in a movie. The car was going maybe 5mph, but still! It just made it seem like slow motion! Most EPIC moment ever!

PWNED by Lent: Day 12

Banana before run. Cereal after. Egg Snackwich for Lunch. Shrimp fried rice from Banh Mi Che Cali (Valley and 7th in LA with VSA) for dinner. I thought i'd go crazy giving up meat but, the things i'd do for soda right now. I'm sure it's illegal in some states =x. 17 days until we Feast.

Stay Frosty.

'help' really helps

Timbaland is the only person who can make me say:
AAAAAAAAAa Yeah Miley Cyrus!"

Shock Value II is all quality.

So today i was spared judgment by the gods. I'm currently taking a robotics class.. Basically what we do is program a Roomba looking robot to go through mazes, pretty fun. But i'm in front of a computer the entire span of class so... my productivity quickly drops to 0.0001%. I do a lot! but none of it has to do with the class. I always end up reading about current events, sports, and random subjects like what a "Tandem Rotor System" is. Sometimes i leave half an hour early, i know, i'm an awesome student. Anyways, today was our final... all that ran through my mind was... "nice job, now you will fail". We were given 15 minutes to prep so i scrambled to try to do something. Opened up the program we used and went straight to the support topics under 'help'. Long story short I got extremely lucky. Praise the Lort! Hallelu-yer!!

now i need to write up a journal, which i was suppose to be keeping throughout the quarter =X.

PWNED by Lent: Day 11

Cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Had some shrimp for lunch too. I WANT SOME SODA. I can't wait for the BBQ! Meat, Soda, & Sweets! 18 days.

Stay Frosty

Walnut Fiasco!

"Honey Walnut Shrimp is fresh tempura shrimp wok-tossed in a gourmet honey sauce and topped with glazed walnuts. It’s a mouthwatering combination of sweet and crispy, and a delicious new reason to visit Panda Express today."

Honey Walnut Shrimp: Serving Size - 3.7 oz: Calories - 370
(that's about 8 pieces of shrimp. I think it's reasonable for every now and then)

Being that I am a huge fan of Walnut (also referred to as Honey) Shrimp I just had to try out this new item at Panda Express. It also helped that I had a coupon =] Thanks Lisa. It was pretty good, not the best I've ever had but, definitely a worthy opponent. What made it really good was that it had that nice crispy panda style honey shell.


-8 pieces for about $3.30 is just a bit expensive for me (that's 15 nuggets from Wendy's!).

What keeps it from winning the gold is that they really held back on the walnuts =[.
Unlike my nig Sam Woo who knows what's up. Bottom line: This is only a temporary fix for all you Walnut Shrimp addicts, it'll hold your taste buds over for now, but you wont be truly satisfied until you go to a restaurant. You get more bang for your buck going to a restaurant like Sam Woo. (HUGE ASS Plate of shrimp with lots of Walnuts and a free pot of rice for about 13 bucks? that's a meal for 2-3 and if you go by yourself... box it to go and have yourself a treat later while you cry about why you went to a restaurant by yourself =P.) So this new dish gets a 3.75/5.

Stay Frosty.

Random Pix

Finally uploaded some old photos (christmas) from the DSLR onto the computer and found a few i wanted to show here.

1) Huynh Truong with Santa Clause. I wasn't there at the time of the picture, so I inserted myself with another picture from that same week.

2) Ultra Douchebag pose from New Year's Eve.

3) Tifa sneaking up on a little sparrow. Camouflage win!

4) Andrew in an 18-person server, and at 32-0 he has more kills than anyone else COMBINED. RIDIC! Look at Andy holding on to his coat tails to victory at a measly 4-5.

One after the other.

PWNED by Lent: Day 10

So because i don't eat dinner with my parents, i have not told them that i gave up meat but, I think my mom has finally figured it out so she doesn't tell me about all the meat we have. Cereal & Banana in the morning. Made a fish sandwich for lunch and had Ca kho for dinner, yumm.
The random craving for meat is gone but a thirst for some bubbly soda has taken its place =[. Hope everyone is staying strong in their lent promises. 19 more days.

Stay Frosty.

How to live richly, cheaply : A young man's guide to living the life

We know that you need money to have fun. It's the truth and no one can deny it.

However, by taking a certain mentality with some steps like some I'm going to point out to you, you can spend alot less but still get alot. In effect, you can live richly, cheaply.

1) Products

For products, buy used if you can. For many products, used is no worse than new (clothes, watches, cell phones, ipods, etc.) Some items are actually better slightly used than brand new because they are properly worn in without being worn out ... like baseball gloves, basketball shoes, things with triggers, and dogs from the pound (they have been given proper 'socialization' to many people and animals)... and you get to reap the savings.

If you are not totally disgusted by wearing pre-owned clothes, try out some 2nd hand clothing stores. The clothes look new and you're going to wash it anyway. How is it any different from borrowing a friend's t-shirt?

Buy used stuff off ebay. It's the cheapest way to get electronic items like a phone or ipod. Who cares if it's scratched? I can understand not wanting a scratched watch, but does a scratched ipod make it less able to play music? No, but it will save you like 50% on price.

2) Media

You need to be delayed on current things for a period of six months. Yes this sounds hard to do, but it's not really if you keep yourself occupied with older stuff. Good movies and good video games don't suck after six months. Instead of you and your three friends spending 40 bucks at the movie theaters, you can go a Red Box and spend one dollar on a DVD. Yes I know some movies you have to see right when it comes out, but most movies I feel aren't worth the full price of admission. There are tons of DVDs out there, you and your friends can watch them on a weekend.

Rarely is a video game worth the full 60 dollars. If you wait a month or two after release, you can buy it off ebay for 30-40 dollars. And if you decide you are bored with the game, you can sell it back on ebay for the exact same price you bought it for. This way, you don't have to save up for new games, you just trade around. Just make sure to sell the games you don't play because they are losing value every month.

For example, Bioshock 2 and Final Fantasy 13 are coming up this month. I want to play them because they're good games, but I have never played Bioshock or Final Fantasy 12. I will play those games first. So instead of me paying 60 dollars for a new game, I can pay 20 dollars for a game that's just as good. And guess what? I can sell it right back for the same price (read: free rental). And when I finish these older games, I will eventually play Final Fantasy 13 in a few months when the price has dropped significantly.

I'm a book worm, if there's two things I never feel guilty of having alot, it's books and tools. I can spend hours in Barnes and Nobles. But do I usually ever buy anything from there? Nope. I have a small notepad and when I see something interesting, I write down the name of the book. Then I go home and go to and pay $5 for a $15 book :-)

3) Food

I believe eating out has it's role in having fun with friends, but cooking with friends is also a fun hands-on (and cheaper) option. Learn to cook. Seriously, it's very enjoyable. You can start with a cookbook for a lot of ideas, or you can just google instructions if you know exactly what you want to make.

You don't even need a cookbook, one of the easiest ways is to go to your favorite restaurant and order something you like. Eat it really slow and deliberately. Take a notepad and write down everything you see and taste on the plate. Then go to a grocery store and buy the ingredients. You can probably duplicate your favorite dish easily. I can make turkey breast sandwiches that taste almost identical to a $10 sandwich from a deli. Or make some baby back ribs similar to Chili's. All for a fraction of the restaurant cost. Sometimes it's not efficient though: I'm still working on duplicating McDonald's McDouble, but my costs go above one dollar and it doesn't taste as good. Mcdouble's FTW!

4) Hobbies

Most hobbies cost money and we can't help it. For me, they include snowboarding, collecting random stuff, and things with triggers. At the least, try to stick to hobbies that include things you can re-sell when you are done with them. Meaning: avoid stupid things like Pokemon cards which have no value a year after the fad has passed. I wished I knew that back in 7th grade ... sigh ... anyone want a Charizard? Ideally, the better hobbies are with things that ATTAIN value after time has passed (like collecting sports memorabilia and things with triggers). It isn't Wall Street investment, but it will definitely keep up with inflation.

Fortunately, the best hobbies cost nothing! I have some hobbies that are free: playing basketball and photography. There's gotta be something that you like that's free. If you can't name one, it's because you haven't found it yet.

5) Live Entertainment

Here's where you can't cut it cheap. If you wanna go to a concert or a Lakers game, there's no way around it. Just make sure to take along alot of friends because having them makes any event twice as good. This also refers to dates. Do NOT go cheap on dates, it will not be good for you. You don't need to go all out, but I suspect a girl knows when you're being cheap on purpose. It ain't healthy to do that.

6) When you have no other choice...

If you know you're going to spend on something, you might as well compensate by preparing in advance to save some money. Costco has AMC and Edwards tickets for like 7-8 dollars. You know you'll use it eventually so it saves you a bit. Or you can look on ebay for gift cards. Me and my friends go to Chili's every once in a while, so I can probably buy a gift card for like 80-90% of the value.

7) More random ways to save money

Ease on the gas pedal when you drive. Don't follow so close. It's better for your stress levels and car's miles per gallon. If you're an aggressive driver, I bet you can improve your MPG by at least 5 miles per gallon with these simple tips:
Let your foot off the gas when you see a light turn red, even if you're half a mile away. Does it matter how fast you get to the intersection? Not if you have to wait the same amount. Just let the car coast. It'll save your brakes too.

Go to Joe's Baskin Robbins for free ice cream.

Go to Thieu Nhi for free food.

Be nice to the Ballers in Arms, we'll feed you and buy random stuff for you.

- Mac



-Today was another regular monday.
-Got Gas and an Oil Change.
-"Stupid people have courage in a bundle" - That's me, I'm a Brute.
-Told my dad i don't like to carry cash, so he gave me $20 forcing me to carry it or lose?

I know it's not weekend yet but this song really gets me pumped up. Especially late at night.
PWNED by Lent: Day 9

It just hit me, a random craving for meat like a cheap shot to the chin. I hope i don't have any digestive problems when i eat meat on march 29th. I mean it wont stop me but, it'll suck lol.

I could go for some meat. No homo...ND. 20 more days.

Stay Frosty.

Msg from BiA


end of week recap


Got my shox and headset. they're both awesome!


CSULA VSA Hike at Chantry Flats. Started at 10 and got home by 2, real fun and easy hike. Definitely gonna do this hike more often. Then kicked it with my cousins Gordon and Alex. Alex asked me to roll sushi for them, i didn't have the heart to tell them i gave it up for Lent so I rolled sushi for them and i ate rice. I was sooooooo ready to eat sushi, but I couldn't think of anything to put on the list lol. After dinner we watched 'The Crazies' at the Santa Anita Mall. It's a pretty entertaining movie, although i didn't expect it to be a zombie movie.


Played ball in the morning before the rain, we got lucky enough to have the gap of rain be when we went to play. It was a cloudy day but because it wasn't raining it was a beautiful day lol. Then we played a bunch of video games (ND you got work to do lmao). Far from ready, ND and Andrew challenged Mac and I to a game of NBA Live but they failed miserably, they lack the ability to use the entire team as well as adapt to the other team. So Mac and I dominated with the final score of 2-1, yea we only played 3 games but each games was +24 minutes. You can't get through the KG/Wallace lockdown! Had an awesome dinner and found out that buying Tilapia at the supermarket and having it deep fried(Total - $2.60) is cheaper than Mcdonalds (Filet'o'fish - $3.09)... LUNCH AT THE SUPERMARKET NEXT WEEK!


Thieu Nhi in the morning. On the way to thieu nhi this morning i couldn't help but stare at the mountains covered in snow. It was a sight to see! Today's weather was absolutely perfect, my favorite. Some said it was too cold. They just don't understand that you're allowed to hug people to stay warm =]. BEAR HUG! Mass in the afternoon. Good weekend. Class tmrw...................

PWNED by Lent: Day 8

Had to eat spaghetti with out spaghetti sauce at Thieu Nhi today. Ended up using some italian salad dressing instead...not bad...well definitely better than just noodles. I really wanted some spaghetti sauce, it looked ridiculously good with the chopped up peppers and ground beef, droooooooooooooool. Worst part was that i was the one plating all the spaghetti. One by one I put the spaghetti on each plate, i was ready to go Buddhist =X. Banana in the morning & dinner. Had some chips and salsa for dinner too. 21 more days.

Stay Frosty


PWNED by Lent: Day 7

I AM OUT OF WAFFLES...i cried as i ate the last Waffles for breakfast, had to cheer myself up with a banana. Some sweet tea & maybe 10 fries from mcdonalds for lunch. Amazing catfish, tilapia, greenbeans, & rice for dinner. Props to Chef Mac and
Sous Chef ND. Next time we have some baked catfish =]. Destroying a Banana as i write this, i have to admit i haven't eaten this many bananas ever! I use to eat one or two a week, but now it's one or two a day. Getting really easy to not eat meat, i really hope it stays this way. 22

Stay Frosty

Add-On by Mac:

This is what happens when Mac and Frosty give up meat for Lent, we make a feast of fish. For one night, we were C.I.A. Chefs in Arms. Thank you to Andy for doing the sous-chef work like washing the green beans, and ripping off the ends.

Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast

PWNED by Lent: Day 6

Waffles in the morning. Waffles for lunch. Cereal for dinner. Breakfast for 3 meals!? If you think you're beast enough. Had a banana for dinner too =] Monkey is happy. 23

Stay Frosty

I'm Hit!

PWNED by Lent: Day 5

Waffles, Honey Bunches of Oats, Cheese, Chips, & Salsa. These are the keys to becoming a man!Funny story, moms didn't boil an egg but left it in the pot, i thought it was boiled so when i rolled it on the counter to break the shell (cause that's how I do it)...Boom, Egg Grenade, MEDIC! I actually yelled this out. I was hit bad, Joy -_-. But, this got me wanting a boiled egg, so that's what i had, yum.

Didn't buy any bananas so I didn't eat a banana today. The monkey inside is raging. Uh Oh. Veinte quatro mas dias.

Stay Frosty

Bored of MW2

I wouldn't say bored bored. I can still pick up the controller and play 30 minutes at a time. But I'm not into it as much anymore. As soon as my brother gives me the green light, I'm putting the game up on ebay.

Before I sell it, I'm going to do a review. I give Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 a score of 3.5 out of 5. Yes I know the rating is a bit low, but it's based on my demand for a good story line and realism.


graphics are amazing. you can now see through the grass while sniping. New assortment of guns, but I liked the guns from MW1 more. They added recoil to the desert eagle, no more laming for andrew! New killstreak rewards (AC130, nuke, etc) are interesting.


They added the .44 magnum which has no recoil. It in effect has become the new desert eagle. (you need to see andrew use it to see how lame the no-recoil is)

The downside to the killsteak rewards is that it's capitalism at it's worst. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I don't like inflated kill ratios. Actually if you think about it, this style of play is bizarro-socialism. The government gives freebies to the rich at the expense of the poor. Magnificent. Seriously though, the good don't need anymore help and unfair advantages. I'm not saying this because I suck, it's just that it took me a long time to become above average and the learning process SUCKED. I'm sure Andy will agree with me. He just recently went from newb to average, the learning process must have sucked for him.

The single player for this game sucked. SUCKED. It was too short (5 hours?) and nothing was memorable, compared to Modern Warfare 1. In MW1, I think I played some missions at least 3 times. In MW2, before you can become attached to one character, he will die. By the end of the game, you don't even care who lives anymore.

The game is not realistic. I'm going to list all the ways I can think of: The running and knifing class is way too fast. by the time i can hear them behind me on my surround sound speakers, it's too late. or if they're using Ninja perk, I can't hear them at all. Stupid idiots like Andrew who play like that piss me off. In my opinion, the knifing is the worst most unrealistic thing they put into Call of Duty. (he survives a blast from a shotgun and kills me in one stab? really?)

The lack of recoil is also ridiculous. Chris and I have shot an automatic M4, the recoil isn't punishing but it's more than you think. I can't shoot more than 3-5 without going off target. Yet in CoD it recoils like a BB gun. You can put all 30 bullets full auto into a target from 50 yards away!


Rather than bitch about the game (it's overall very good), I'm going to bitch about the genre. Call of Duty is like NBA Jam. Unrealistic dunks from 3 point line, and once a guy scores three in a row, he's on fire and you can't stop him. he will shoot 3 pointers from half court and make all of them (AC130 anyone?). I am more into NBA Live: a game that's more realistic and requires all 5 players to do well. So I need a new FPS.

I just need something to hold me off until March 30th, when I will forsake all shooting games for a month because Gran Turismo 5 comes out!

yes homo.

March Reading

Ding-a-ling Fantasies
"She just wasn't good enough."
by my good friend Khoa Ngo Dinh Pham
feat. BiA's Frosty

"Simply bromantic." - San Francisco Chronicle
"Intriguing. Didn't know things could go there." - Daily Tribune
"Sausagely captivating." - US Weekly

-Willy Bob


PWNED by Lent: Day 4

Same breakfast: two waffles and a banana, yum. Got back from class and made myself some fried rice and then, the unthinkable happened. There was only one banana left! Fml. I had a serious decision making moment of whether i'd enjoy it with lunch or dinner. I decided dinner but then... well the monkey overruled & I ate the last banana, at about 3, fk... Well i've moved to apples =X. They are... meh and only a temporary fix.

No banana for dinner =[, the monkey is so sad lol. In other news, SATAN continues to be my Anti-Lent by randomly discovering meat to bring in the house... "Here's a pack of sliced pastrami"............. GOOD TRY DEMONIO!!! 25 more days.

Stay Frosty.


PWNED by Lent: Day 3

I think i had eight snack size bags of chips today, nom nom nom =X. I definitely have to work on that. Had 2 waffles and a banana for breakfast. Crackers and dip for lunch and half a Spinach Stromboli from Sbarro's and another banana for dinner. Not eating meat is turning me into a banana craving monkey.

& There's a container filled with ham inside the fridge... Satan is trying to crack me. 26 more days.

Stay Frosty

Earthquake Survival

If you think about it, earthquakes wouldn't kill anyone if there were no buildings. only the unfortunate who were in a cave would die. it still amazes me that less than 1,000 people were killed in Chile's 8.8 earthquake. They have much better engineers and building codes there. Too bad Chile won't receive much international aid. Alot of people already gave money to Haiti, and their death toll was above 100,000. People aren't as sympathetic when they see death toll of only like 750 in Chile. Once again, I feel almost non-sympathetic and it saddens me. But not all is lost, I still think about preparations for earthquakes.

Let me share with you a part of next Sunday's Gospel (thanks to Jon, who told us last HT meeting in preparation for next week's TCL):

Some people told Jesus about the Galileans
whose blood Pilate had mingled with the blood of their sacrifices.
Jesus said to them in reply,
“Do you think that because these Galileans suffered in this way
they were greater sinners than all other Galileans?
By no means!
But I tell you, if you do not repent,
you will all perish as they did!
Or those eighteen people who were killed
when the tower at Siloam fell on them—
do you think they were more guilty
than everyone else who lived in Jerusalem?
By no means!
But I tell you, if you do not repent,
you will all perish as they did!”

According to what Jesus said, the people who die in unfortunate events are just like you and me. No better, no worse. We need to use these examples as repentance. God always tells us the world will come to an end and we need to be ready for judgment. I've come to the decision that these events aren't necessarily unfair, God never told us when the end of the world would be, only just to be ready. For these unfortunate people, the end of the world had come for them. It can come for us anytime also. If you die tomorrow by something random like a sniper, it will be an occurrence that God set in motion to call you home. Unfair? nope... well not really.... okay maybe... but still. be prepared for anything.

However not all hope is lost. Mary tells us that if we devote ourselves to God and the rosary, we will be blessed with a peaceful death. Did you know Japanese Jesuits were praying the rosary when their building was untouched by the Hiroshima nuke that blew up less than half a mile away. So what can we do in case the big earthquake hits LA? Double up on prayer and because WE WILL SURVIVE, double up on water.

From reading The Zombie Survival Guide (yes i know zombies don't exist, but to prepare for zombies is to prepare for both natural disasters and civil disorder), a person should have a gallon of water a day, with half a gallon being a minimum. You can survive a month without food, just make sure you have water. So for a 4 person household, you want at least 15 gallons of water to hold out for a week. If the big earthquake hits LA County and the OC, we are ****ed. Thinking about going to the local Walmart for supplies? Not if you want to run into thousands of looters. So stock up on some water... better to have it and not need it than vice versa. Also you won't be able to drive your car anywhere. Have you realized how bad traffic is in SoCal during rush hour on Fridays? Well this would be 10x worse. I think all the roads will be packed, and people are probably driving on opposite sides of the freeway. National Guard will probably have to airlift supplies in. Water and gas pipelines will break everywhere. If you are lucky enough to still have some running water, plug your bathtubs and fill with water immediately. You can sterilize it by boiling it (which is why you need a few propane/camping stoves). Good luck to us all.



She is my star but like a star she is an untouchable beauty

random urge to adopt a kid and give him a Sioux Indian name as well as become a doctor, yeah i know, it's random.

Stay Frosty.

Get Owned Son! + PbL

Turns out it was my forgetful mother's fault that the GPS went missing, because we found it. She tries to blame the cable guy still, "They must have moved it," under her breath. YEAH, SURE...

PWNED by Lent: Day 2
Giving up meat wasn't really hard until dinner when my mom chooses to make short ribs and display them so nicely on the counter top. YOU WILL NOT TEMP ME SATAN! So I ate some more seafood chao and a banana.

I also stood in my kitchen staring down a bottle of soda resisting the urge to drink it.

On the bright side, for once since this journey began, I'm ready to enjoy some fruits of my labor. BF: Bad Company 2, the reason I can't eat meat or sushi or go to 7-Eleven, comes out tomorrow. Hopefully this will keep me 'full'. 27 more days.

Stay Frosty

Prayers for Chile

"My dreams here have died," "What the earthquake didn't take away, the sea took away. And what the sea didn't take, the looters did."

I read this during class and was really bummed. Some people just make me lose hope for a better future. Anyways I Pray for thee. Stay Strong Chile.

Stay Frosty.