post 101

Usher. Raymond vs. Raymond. 2010

Hope you guys like the new layout. Got a bit tired of the previous layout, made me feel a little emo. & I did this in the spur of the moment cause I didn't feel like studying. What i did today: Tntt. (I WANT TO GO TO BIG BEAR RIGHT NOW! I CAN'T WAIT!) Basketball. & Study.

TheLooseTeas. Monrovia. Ca
Honeydew Milk Tea|Honk Kong Milk Tea| Honey Green Tea.

Andy's House for some Costco Pizza.

PWNED by Lent: Day 15

(these are only the cups i finished at home)

I've been solving my soda addiction with boba and starbucks..not really cost effective =x... And now i'm flying solo with giving up meat for Lent... Dear God, Grant me the Strength to stay on the path.

Stay Frosty


Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG! did you mention me?! LOL
and i've totally been covering my starbucks addiction with boba....
i'm glad you like the loose teas =]

v-man said...

okay, ill admit it. Bia beat Paper Planes in number of posts (though u guys got a head start)!

Congrats on #100

And keep up the willpower

Mac OBryan said...

this is a girl's layout plus soldiers at the top.

Willy Bob said...

What did I say about them flowers in the corner boy?! lol