For a greater cause
I have swallowed my pride and joined the team.

Back up has finally come Mac!

PsN: JNFrosty

Oh God! What have I done!?


Was my first initial reaction when I saw the rest of the ladies of N Krew posting on BiA. I have now cooled a bit and am ready to welcome you two girls to BiA. However, to be a true baller, one must watch the following series of awesome BiA approved movies:

1) Missing in Action I, II, III

2) RoboCop I, II, III

Inaugural Post

Chapped Lips.


I have invited the girls of nKrew to join the blog

I think everyone is on board with this, and there's no point keeping it a BiA only (guys of nKrew) blog since more than half of the guys don't regularly post anything.

I believe Cecilia and Cathilia will bring interesting material to our attention, because each one of us is interesting. Yes, taxes and credit cards are interesting too. I might as well add robots too, while I'm stroking people's egos. Blog about anything you want, thats the purpose.

CC and Cathy if you're reading this you should have gotten an email to your gmail accounts. After you've confirmed you can use the google account to post on /


Props to two people this week: Jon and Andy

Jon for sucking up his pride and selling his Xbox360. I know Jon thinks the controller and network are superior (I agree). However you can buy 360 style controllers for the PS3. And PSN is free. FREE is the 2nd best four letter F word ever. Finally BiA can die together in a virtual world. For jumping on the PS3 grenade, I award Jon the MacMedal of Honor.

Andy had a conversation with a Nghia Si boy about stepping it up and being a man during TCL. That means showing you have tough skin and are willing to sacrifice some pain and humiliation for the good of the group. And Andy did it without raising his voice or hurting the boy's feelings. Just like how Jesus converted the Samarian woman through acceptance and love in this Sunday's gospel. For these services to our community and country, I award Andy the MacMedal of Good Job.

A not well known advantage of being a sports fan

Here we go, blog diarrhea #1. A post everyday from now until the end of Lent (when I get back on facebook). Why? #1 Some have said this blog is slowing down. #2 I have alot of random ideas and facts in my head #3 I'm bored, without facebook all I do is read,, fantasysports, and check my email.


I can easily pinpoint exact dates of certain parties or events exactly because I remember what sports game was on TV at the time. All I need to do is go to and find the date of that specific game. Of course my memory works better during playoff games because they have more significance.

Here are some examples

8th grade graduation pool party. Lakers versus 76ers 2001 NBA Finals Game 1. June 6, 2001

I was so pissed when someone inside my friends house told me the Lakers lost Game 1. I was having fun in the pool with my friends and didn't watch even though I know it was on. I was a kid and I was convinced that the Lakers lost because it was the first playoff game that season that I didn't watch. The Lakers up to that point had swept the first three rounds. Anyway I made sure to watch the next four games, they swept the next four game so their total playoff record was an NBA best 15-1.

A party my apartment hosted in my 3rd year. Lakers away game versus Warriors. December 14, 2007. The game was on the TV on the background but in the 4th quarter everyone was watching and rooting. And since there were alot of Norcal people there they were cheering for the Warriors. It was a close game and the Warriors won 108-106 because Baron Davis made some ridiculous Kobesque shots.

Graduation party at work. Lakers vs Magic Game 4 NBA Finals. June 11, 2009.

Fisher hit clutch 3s. Lakers go up 3-1 in the series.

Thieu Nhi's first day of camp in Big Bear. Lakers vs Thunder Round 1 Game 6 April 30, 2010.

Pau Gasol with a putback to eliminate the Thunder.
The women (aka you know who I am talking about) wanted the men (HT guys and dads) to turn off the game so that we could start activities on the schedule. Women let me tell you this. You do NOT tell a man to turn off the TV during a DECISION/ELIMINATION game in the 4th quarter. You do that and you're not getting any attention for a whole week. Fair warning.

Jon's family's party at the Chino house for Cha Chi. Lakers vs Suns Western Conference Finals Game 6 May 29, 2010

Good game, good people, good food, good times.

And of course, Kobe being Kobe in the 4th to eliminate the Suns:


Of course, there are also incidents where I remember where I was during important games, but that's beside the point because I was there for the game primarily. Example: I remember Game 2 of 2010 Finals at Jon's house where Ray Allen was killing us. And I remember Game 7 of 2010 Finals were Andy was gonna pee himself at my house during the 4th quarter. But it's pointless to use the dates of the game to remember when we were hanging out, because we were there to watch the game.

But at important events, the game was secondary which is cool because it lets me use the game to cross reference to find out which date it was. I have a very good memory when it comes to these games. Not only the game itself, but like the last couple plays of each game.

Because of this, I hope I get married on an important Lakers playoff game, I'm pretty sure I won't forget the anniversary date. Just as long as it's not during a Game 7 haha :-)

Need to change my pants

Video games don't really excite me the way that Modern Warfare 1 did anymore. But this... oh my gosh... When the RPG hit the hotel I was like Fuuuuuuhhhh... so amazed I couldnt even finish my word.

I cannot wait for Battlefield 3. A strategic game team-based game WITH ridiculous graphics. AND VEHICLES. I can already imagine piloting a Blackhawk full of squadmates into hot LZs. Damn this cruel world, I am fated to not be able to play alongside Frosty.

an observation from watching Jersey Shore

When women fight each other, they often grab each other's hair and start pulling and slapping each other. So my fellow women ballers, this is for you. I do not advocate fighting at all, you should just walk away. But if some crazy trick is pulling your hair, you gotta defend yourself. Notice that while both her hands are on your hair, theres nothing covering her face from the bottom. So a strong uppercut will get the job done. While you're at it, bellow out a "BOOM HEADSHOT!" Then you can walk away with dignity. Just looking out for ya, Mac makes sure no one hurts his friends.

Remember to get your torso and abs into it! Here's how to get it done:

Play For Yourself to Prove Yourself

Technique and confidence will leave a mark on the court. I'm not a great basketball player, i can't dunk, i can't go coast to coast with the ball, and i can barely make an open lay-up. What can i do on the court? Defense & Rebounds. (and an occasional put-back, post, pull up, or open bucket) Today when i arrived at the court wearing my knee brace and green "Cute" TNMT woot shirt I couldn't help but feel a prejudgement casted upon me. (This guy walking over to that guy giggling and whispering words in which i could pick out "shirt" and "cute")

No one said a word to me, I had to ask who had next and if i could run with them. That's ok, i let my game do my talking. I went from the guy they joked about to the guy they asked to run with them. We never won but I never gave up. I ended up guarding the Big (aka 6'5" 290lbs). No one is there to hurt anyone, we're all there for fun competition. I played my game and i earned the respect of the court, while i was heading out i received good games and invites to return. So Remember, throw your pride aside and let them talk, work as a team, be confident in your technique, Move the Ball, Box Out, and Hands up and you WILL leave a mark on the court.

& If you don't have confidence or technique, well..... fire the S.O.S. "HELP!" Flare before you become a mark on the court.

Today marked a great victory for all men casted to the side.

i need new pants

You might've heard me talking about a great movie called "RED"
Here's one of the MANY reasons why you should check it out.

One of the greatest car shooting stunts i've ever seen and it's so simple
"RED" on DVD now, so watch it!!!

Oh, and i stumbled upon this trailer. Surprisingly interesting movie with OG Actor Harrison Ford =D!!! and 007. I didn't get the trailer at all so i guess i have to watch it in theaters ;P

"I wish gas prices were as low as my GPA" -P.Tuazon(Facebook)

Hyena Haha!

I had plenty of pimples as a kid.
One day I fell asleep in the library.
When I woke up, a blind man was reading my face.


And the winner of Miss BiA 2011 goes to...


New Segments Coming Soon

I've had random ideas for new segments and I'm putting it down here so I won't forget

You Know What Grinds My Gears? (my ranting about different subjects like things on driving, firearm inaccuracies in movies, annoying things kids do)

Mac's Infatuations (stuff that tickles my fancy and people that leave an imprint on how I view life: teachers, soldiers, theory of evolution, theory of relativity)

Childhood MacNuggets (random nuggets of stuff that make me nostalgic. Also, don't you remember how much better macnuggets tasted back when we were kids? Now McDs Nuggets have all white meat ... pshhh... give me my tasty dark mystery meat!)

I will leave you with one Childhood MacNugget:

This movie was so amazing for the time with ridiculous CGI for 1993. The effects of this movie are advanced that I can show some children this movie and they will think it was made this year. This movie will never feel outdated (along with Terminator 2-1993 and The Rock-1996). I've seen Jurassic Park a couple times, but haven't seen Jurassic Park in at least five to ten years. However I remember the first time seeing it at the movie theaters and the part where this song plays with the bronchiosaurus is seared into my brain.

@ 0:48 the professor and the old man and the lady step out of their car and see a bunch of little dinosaurs moving around
@ 1:27 they see a giant bronchiosaurus in front of them
@ 1:46 the bronchiosaurus roars and gets on its hind legs and eats off the top of a tree
@ 1:51, the climax of the song, the bronchiosaurus lands back on its front legs and shakes the entire ground with a loud boom

You know today's kids and teens have this whole vampire thing going on. For me, it was dinosaurs. I remember seeing dinosaur stuff everywhere in book stores. I'm pretty sure they dont have even ten percent of dinosaur books for kids now as they do back then. I dont know what was going on in the early 90s cause I was a kid, but my guess is that there was probably some huge discoveries of fossils in the Montana area in the 90s, I remember hearing about a teacher saying something like that. Those discoveries probably started the craze. Sorta like how that tiny submarine that explored the Titanic's ruins inspired the movie and I remember an explosion of Titanic books for kids at bookstores.

I leave you with one awesome clip that made me laugh

Another pop song remixed for Call of Duty

These lyrics are set to the tune of Enrique Iglesias' "Tonight I'm Loving You"

so play the youtube video and sing along with my version below!

I know you'll find me
I made it obvious that you'll find me too
So get near to me
Let's remove the space between me and you
Now cock my shotty
Damn I like the way that you'll lose
So come near to me
Cause I already know what you're gonna do

Here's my calculation
Like every situation
Nobody's ever rushed me like the way that you do
You know my motivation
Given my reputation
Please excuse me I don't mean to be noob

But this round I'm camping too
Ohhhh ... you know
That this round I'm camping too...

I'm a damn pussy
If I had to rush then buddy I'd die from you
I know you're ready
If I always camp, then Paul Pierce is the Truth

Here's my calculation
Been in every situation
Nobody's ever rushed me like the way that you do
You know my motivation
Given my reputation
Please excuse me I don't mean to be noob

But this round I'm camping too
Oh you know
That this round I'm camping too...

This round I'm ... gonna do
Everything that I want to you
Every time that you bleed
Everytime that I shank
I wan yo money
I wanna stun nade you
From the window
To the wall
Gonna shoot you with
... my FAL
Winners camp all the time
When I stop you on your streak
Imma make you bawl
I got my shotty
That make me wanna hide in this box
Just to see you prance
And I love the way you just move pass
Turn around and let me see your hands
You stuck with me
I'm stuck with you
There's only one thing to do

Please excuse me I don't mean to be noob

But this round I'm camping too
Oh you know
That this round I'm camping too...

Copyright 2011

BiA-Enrique Productions

And i think to myself

What a Wonderful World

Didn't know i could sing like that until i tried that Sunday lol. Kind of hard to hit notes though =P

Mr. Jazz

In response to Jon

Living Single is better than people make it out to be! It was one of those shows that really pushed the boundaries about finding your place in this world.

And remember this quote to live by "we are living... single ....... oooo in a 90s kind of world, Im glad I've got my girls"

DO NOT READ: "Challenge Accepted"

Warning: Getting on a horse may result in very sore testis

There's something about having that one person who you can really talk to and spend time with. Succeed or fail, the journey is definitely worth it. So to all you single dedicated subscribers this challenge goes out to you, GET ON THAT HORSE! I know each and every one of you and I know that anyone should be so lucky to be with you, Yes! YOU!!!!. I'd like to extend my left arm (cause the right is busy) out to you in hope that you will accept my challenge. How else are we gonna have family picnics and outings!?

Disclaimer: I have little to no experience in this matter =P

as a great person once told me, "suck it sideways"