A not well known advantage of being a sports fan

Here we go, blog diarrhea #1. A post everyday from now until the end of Lent (when I get back on facebook). Why? #1 Some have said this blog is slowing down. #2 I have alot of random ideas and facts in my head #3 I'm bored, without facebook all I do is read cnn.com, espn.com, fantasysports, and check my email.


I can easily pinpoint exact dates of certain parties or events exactly because I remember what sports game was on TV at the time. All I need to do is go to www.basketball-reference.com and find the date of that specific game. Of course my memory works better during playoff games because they have more significance.

Here are some examples

8th grade graduation pool party. Lakers versus 76ers 2001 NBA Finals Game 1. June 6, 2001

I was so pissed when someone inside my friends house told me the Lakers lost Game 1. I was having fun in the pool with my friends and didn't watch even though I know it was on. I was a kid and I was convinced that the Lakers lost because it was the first playoff game that season that I didn't watch. The Lakers up to that point had swept the first three rounds. Anyway I made sure to watch the next four games, they swept the next four game so their total playoff record was an NBA best 15-1.

A party my apartment hosted in my 3rd year. Lakers away game versus Warriors. December 14, 2007. The game was on the TV on the background but in the 4th quarter everyone was watching and rooting. And since there were alot of Norcal people there they were cheering for the Warriors. It was a close game and the Warriors won 108-106 because Baron Davis made some ridiculous Kobesque shots.

Graduation party at work. Lakers vs Magic Game 4 NBA Finals. June 11, 2009.

Fisher hit clutch 3s. Lakers go up 3-1 in the series.

Thieu Nhi's first day of camp in Big Bear. Lakers vs Thunder Round 1 Game 6 April 30, 2010.

Pau Gasol with a putback to eliminate the Thunder.
The women (aka you know who I am talking about) wanted the men (HT guys and dads) to turn off the game so that we could start activities on the schedule. Women let me tell you this. You do NOT tell a man to turn off the TV during a DECISION/ELIMINATION game in the 4th quarter. You do that and you're not getting any attention for a whole week. Fair warning.

Jon's family's party at the Chino house for Cha Chi. Lakers vs Suns Western Conference Finals Game 6 May 29, 2010

Good game, good people, good food, good times.

And of course, Kobe being Kobe in the 4th to eliminate the Suns:


Of course, there are also incidents where I remember where I was during important games, but that's beside the point because I was there for the game primarily. Example: I remember Game 2 of 2010 Finals at Jon's house where Ray Allen was killing us. And I remember Game 7 of 2010 Finals were Andy was gonna pee himself at my house during the 4th quarter. But it's pointless to use the dates of the game to remember when we were hanging out, because we were there to watch the game.

But at important events, the game was secondary which is cool because it lets me use the game to cross reference to find out which date it was. I have a very good memory when it comes to these games. Not only the game itself, but like the last couple plays of each game.

Because of this, I hope I get married on an important Lakers playoff game, I'm pretty sure I won't forget the anniversary date. Just as long as it's not during a Game 7 haha :-)


J.Frosty said...

lmfao. big bear camp, that was really funny seeing ALL the men tell the women to leave them alone

Willy Bob said...

good stuff...remembering your anniversary will save you a high five to the face lol

v-man said...

big bear camp. good times.