My "Life N Music" Paper

Intro: Begin the Musical Madness!

Stop Motion Piano And Drums - Watch more Funny Videos

Body: Much like Most of my work, quoted work from work you've probably seen in the past

Indian Thriller - Watch more Funny Videos

Conclusion: Grand Finale!

EMBED-Old Man Does The Old Man Dance - Watch more free videos

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JuMex: Upgrading Boba Cup to Large Worth It?

The following receives BiA's JuMex stamp of approval:

Have you ever gone to a Boba place and had to deal with the choice of whether to get regular or large size? First you have to decide whether you want a large at all. Second, if you decide you want it, you have to ask yourself if its worth the cost.

Well fear no more, Mr. Mac "Cheap Ass" O'Bryan will help you solve this problem once and for all. I took two empty cups from Quickly to compare the volume. I filled them up with water and determined their volume with a measuring cup. The large cup is 22.5 ounces and the regular cup is 17 ounces. Here is a picture to remind you the relative size differences between regular and large, and to remind you how gangster boba is in general:

Caution: Choking on Boba may be hazardous to your health.

So to solve our problem, I am going to employ some simple algebra. We need to find the starting base price for regular size, that would make the price difference the same ratio between the two sizes if the price difference was 50 cents (the going rate for Quickly and many places).

Look to the left for the math.

We can now clearly see that if the cost of the regular size is $1.55 you will be getting an equal deal if you upgrade to the large at a 50 cent cost. This is good, because boba is usually around $2.50 to $3.00 at most places! The only exception is the $1 milk tea boba. Don't upgrade, just get two.

Until next time, pinch those pennies!

New Layout! Permanent?

Hopefully You Guys Like.

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Hello to my favorite fans!

Thank you BiA for watching my MVP performance in last night's NBA All Star Game. Are you happy I hogged the ball to let the East come back? I thought it would make things more interesting if it was close at the end. I know fans appreciate fancy alley oop dunks in the ASG, but we all know why I choose not to pass, because we all know my individual layups are more interesting than any alley oops. As a tribute to my fans, please see the following videos. Play Lionel Richie's song from starting at 0:38 seconds , while watching my slow motion highlight video at the same time.

"Hello ! Is it my highlights you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes, the reflection of my smile... taking shots is all I've ever wanted, and I'm never open wide. Cause you know just what you'll see, and you know just what I'll do, and you want to tell me so much... 'Kobe I love you' ..."

did yall see me "sike" everyone with me pointing to my teammate like i was gonna pass? I know that ASG ratings depends on taking shots, so you're welcome. And did you see how I told Blake this joke: "Hey man too bad the Clippers suck balls!" Well until next time, keep on chuckin!


- Kobe

EXO Skeleton Suits

So I was researching about a company that I plan on applying to work and came across these robotic suits. Which one would you vote for?

1. Raytheon

2. Lockheed Martin

3. Japan

4. Japanese SCV?


Bieber Fever!

I know you Ballers can't get off Justin Bieber's nuts so here's a treat feat. Mac!

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Top 5 Stores in which to Kill Time

I suppose I do window shop, just not for clothes. Here are the top places that make me happy just to be there.

5) Toys R Us
4) BarnesnNoble / Borders / Indie stores
3) Ikea
2) Turner's / Indie stores
1) Fry's

so there you go: toys, books, furniture, dangerous toys, and electronics

what's in your top five?

A good turn daily

The dark side of my mind
(Things you might not know)

Friday: Went to Target after playing Volleyball at the YMCA. On my way in, I see a girl's wallet on the ground. So I pick it up and walk inside the store with it. In the span of 10 to 20 feet from the door to just inside the store the thoughts of returning it or cleaning it out were tearing through my mind. I really had to fight my urge to take the cash and dump the wallet. I opened up the wallet and the first thing i saw was cash, a couple ones and a twenty. The urge got stronger and I was just being torn apart by this decision. I really didn't know what to do and I felt really guilty standing there with the wallet so i took it back to my car.

Is that normal? People say they always think about it, but do they really have to fight the urge to do it? This isn't the first time I've come across a lost wallet and this decision. I can't believe how hard it is for me to do what is right, especially when it was only a couple bucks... Are my morals only worth that much?

Long story short,

I only took the $20 and gave the wallet to the local sheriff's station. JUST KIDDING, I made the decision to not clean out the wallet. So instead, to kind of make up for even thinking about cleaning out the wallet, I looked for the ID, found the address on my gps, and went to return the wallet. When I got to the residence and knocked on the door the attitude i received quickly went from suspicious to welcoming. I didn't tell them about how close i was to taking what i could and dumping the wallet cause they were so happy that i didn't want to make things weird or awkward. I'm so thankful that i did the right thing.

And just like the first time i did the right thing,
The mother of the daughter who lost the wallet
went into the wallet and gave me the $20

Barats & Bereta

For Next Year's Christmas Play

And for all you Douches out there


These guys are really funny, i highly recommend
checking out some of their other videos

The Real Ish

"you go gay baby work that crib"

Tet is like a T6?

I guess this would be the right time to post this video.


JB Season!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day =P.

Let us know what you think!

Moment in Movies When I Realized the Movie was Badass

In every action movie, there is an ultimate climactic fighting scene. In those same action movies, there is an early action scene that is on a much smaller scale, sometimes one on one. But sometimes they're so badass they make you excited pre-maturely (that's what she said). These scenes are defined by the neccessity of the situation. Early on, the character wants to be quiet and hidden. But the culmination of factors makes them take action. There's usually some great memorable quotes too. Without further delay, I give you my fav five. (modern movies only, otherwise all five would feature Chuck Norris).

5. Blood Diamond
Quote: "I like me shoot that pink ass mon"
Analysis: You ever have someone trash talk you to your face, which makes you want to slap them upside the head? This scene is a few levels above that. This movie also tells me that people with the HK USP are highly trained operatives with a quick draw and high double tap accuracy. But that's just a stereotype right?

4. Robocop
Quote: "Aaaaahhh!"
Analysis: This isn't what robocop's program intended when it told him to take a headshot. Also, the Robocop actor was Barack Obama before he became Senator and dyed his skin black.

3. Terminator 2
Quote: "Get Down"
Analysis: The moment you realized Arnold isn't a bad guy. Epic. I also feel bad for that can of Pepsi.
sorry, cant find a video that allows embedding. click link below for video.

2. Training Day
"What up cuhz?" "Blast them fools! You ain't no pohlice!"
Analysis: You know why Denzel won an Oscar for this movie? Because when Denzel says yeaa mothafucka, he's reading your mind.

1. Collateral
Quote: "Yo homie is that my briefcase?"
Analysis: It was tough to place Training Day at #2, but the supreme technique in Tom Cruise's quick draw and double tap was too much. He even headshotted the second guy as his body was falling to the floor. Guess what pistol he's using. You guessed it, HK USP. I guess everyone with a USP has aimbot.