Top 5 Stores in which to Kill Time

I suppose I do window shop, just not for clothes. Here are the top places that make me happy just to be there.

5) Toys R Us
4) BarnesnNoble / Borders / Indie stores
3) Ikea
2) Turner's / Indie stores
1) Fry's

so there you go: toys, books, furniture, dangerous toys, and electronics

what's in your top five?


J.Frosty said...

you forgot walmart and ebay. Online stores count too =P

Willy Bob said...

5)Michaels (looking for new arts and crafts to do)
4)Boarders (roaming the magazine section)
3)Old Town Music (browsing music sheets and instruments)
2)Ikea (imagining what my home would look like)
1)Bakeries (the scent and delicious pastries always gets me)