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I swear, it's like this guy can come up with a hundred new segments but not a single follow up segment for any of them

This new segment is:
"Gears, Gadgets, & a Frosty"

So thanks to Khoa you have all been introduced to the Gun'o'clock, which is a very neat device, and I know we'd all buy one if the price were right. Well I've come across yet another alarm clock that I think you might enjoy.

Frosty's Clock: 1
Khorn's Clock: 0

Just Kidding Khoa! lol

Gears & Gadgets #2: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Welcome to another edition of Gears & Gadgets.

Okay, what is the deal with keyboards these day and why do companies keep making new models when most current wired keyboard never fail. Just years ago, we were using this plug:

Literally called a PS2 connector.

Then people started switching to USB. Eventually, people were forced by companies to buy one of these (PS2 to USB adapters).

Next thing you know it, we go wireless (via bluetooth or radio frequency). Most of these use batteries. So then we switch from using lame batteries to rechargeable "green" batteries. This method saved us money, but the process of taking the battery out, recharging them, and having to do the entire push here and there to connect your keyboard is such a hassle. Trust me I owned quite a few of these.

So what is next, since we are going green and making everything less clutter and slim. The only option is to use a clean rechargeable power source. Nuclear Power! wait... Wind Power!...Oh Solar Power! Why didn't anyone make these solar power keyboard back in the late 90s, those TI calculators had these years ago. So now we have concluded that it's all about money!

Anyway, enough history, here it is. Video of unboxing below. Price goes for $79.99, but Amazon is kind enough to drop it to $59.99 with free shipping. Got 4.5 stars and over 100 reviews on Amazon.

So pick up this bad boy and use it. Heard 3 months without charging (lights off). Heck of a long time.



New Segment:


Childhood MacNugget: Top 5 favorite movie intros

I was listening to random music when a Tron soundtrack came on. I decided to find the video on youtube cause I forgot how the intro was exactly. And then I looked up other intros that came to me off the top of my head. These are my favorite 5.

5) Terminator 2

Comments/thoughts: Fire everywhere. Swingset on fire, death of innocence and humanity. I feel depressed, but I turn my anger towards the robots and put my hope in John Connor.

4) Tron Legacy

Comments/thoughts: That Disney intro was pretty damn cool, second only to the pirate castle intro in Pirates of the Caribbean. I saw this movie in the theater and this movie had such good effects but it was the dramatic music that continually send chills down my spine. Especially when the TRON title logo pops up.

3) Lion King

Before we took any foreign language in high school, all my classmates knew some Swahili: Naaa svenyaa babadi chibaba! This movie and intro is forever epic.

2) The Rock

This is my favorite action movie of all time. I swear it's non-stop action and it also has a good story line. And the intro just tells you the emotion in General Hummel. The part where the soldier says "they're not coming for us are they sir?" still makes me soo saat. Oh shit he has a Medal of Honor? why did he give it away? What is he gonna do?! I need to find out!

1) Top Gun

This movie isn't that great, I'd give it a 7/10. But it's just the way the F-14 comes out of the darkness symbolizing the strength and shield of America. The whirring of the blizzard makes you believe that no matter what hazardous conditions, this brave warrior will be there to protect you. Serving during the height of the cold war, the carrier borne F-14's capability to shoot down enemy planes 100 miles away with the Phoenix missile was a big "Come get some" to the commies. I was brainwashed by this movie as a kid, but geez being brainwashed never felt so cool. Also, the way the music starts at the Paramount studio screen when the stars fly by the mountains have changed the way I see all Paramount movies. Now I hear the drumbeat start in my head during the Paramount screen. Example: when I watched Captain America and Transformers, during the Paramount slide, I started hearing Top Gun music.


Things they all have in common: Epic music. The title screen/logo appears dramatically and goes with the music. They all start in darkness/dawn and gradual get brighter to day. And all of them give this emotion of an unseen force that draws you in to find out more. And I guess it's a feature of movies with cool dramatic intros that they also have good action and effects. Even Lion King had revolutionary drawings for its time. Do you remember the star filled sky when Mufasa talks to Simba about the past kings. I was a 2nd grader in a theater and I thought I was looking into the heavens. I think another thing they have in common is that I would happily buy any of these movies on Blu-ray (due to awesome visual and sound effects and soundtrack).

Examining My Faith

Read that first. And watch the video on that page.

If you were too lazy to read, the summary is that a crazy Vietnamese man killed his wife and her family, six in total, all were Vietnamese aged 16-29. Some of them were Huynh Truong at their local church.

To be clear, I'm not doubting my faith, I'm questioning it. It's only through questioning that it can become deeper and stronger. My faith gets examined every time things like this happen. This reminds me of the time that Vietnamese people were on pilgrimage to the annual Marian celebration and the bus crashed and many people were killed. Jesus they were on pilgrimage! Why did it have to happen? That case was worse because in cases of murder like this I can attribute it to the evil that can happen due to free will. The murderer caused it due to the evil in his heart. In other words, I blame the devil.

That's the thing about me, I need to blame someone for events. I can always forgive later but I need to blame someone first. But is it right to blame God? After all, no one is sinless, even those on pilgrimage. But they were TRYING. Saints are sinners who keep trying and never give up. Why would God cut their lives short when they were trying? But anyway, it's not so much about the ones who died, they went to heaven. It's about those that are left behind. It's not fair to them at all. Their lives are broken and they are left to pick up the pieces.

I still want to think that I have control over my life. God demands difficult things from us, and I wish I could be fully trusting, I wish I could turn the other cheek when I receive unfairness. I think I can pinpoint the reason though. I've always try to connect to God through reason, and almost never through love. I can see love of God through my community, but I've never tried to establish that true personal love. I've seen my role models accept whatever happens to them, and pray to accept his will rather than to change his mind. They inspire me. It blows me away because I am totally incapable of that.

Embracing your enemies is one thing, it's doable. But to embrace suffering is something totally different. It involves complete trust, and I am not there yet. The only thing I can do is to pray for faith and for God to give loving grace to those who suffer most.

Man Down

Literally, man down. On the last game on Saturday night/ Sunday morning, Khoa hit me at around 10 yards away in the forehead. I had a ski mask on so it should've reduce some damage, but it was still enough to make me slightly dizzy and have to sit down a moment and recover. After seeing myself in the mirror I figured why it hurt so much. Looks like Aaron's gun shoots bee stings out of the barrel.

Someone give me my Purple Heart already.

Dead Man Walking!

Warning, the following contains strong material not suitable for children, parental discretion is advised.

No! this post is not about zombies even though the title is perfect for the theme lol.

Went to my godfather's father's
(grand godfather or god grandfather?) viewing today and other than doing the hold-burning-incense-stick-to-the-head and bowing for the first time and knowing that I'd want that at my service, something else stuck in my head the whole time after. What would the table with my picture look like? I think i got it lol! Some of my favorites, especially food! Corn Beef Hash & Pho on one side and can you guess what would be on the other side? SUSHI AND PUDDING MILK TEA! with two "Punisher" edition 1911s crossed in the front (these will go into my coffin before i am lowered). I could probably plan out my entire service right now, but that's just asking for trouble hahaha...ha...shit...


lol lightbulb

It just occurred to me that you shouldn't
assume that an invading alien race with
giant flying mother ships does not
have any means of air combat



Today's Topic is:

Zombies! Mmhmm Brains....Buaha!

a little video on how not to survive a zombie attack

things done wrong:
1. They didn't know how the guns work. Learn your weapons!
2. They didn't know how to fight. Carry lots of ammo with you!
3. They forgot the importance of melee. If zombies are that slow, get buck wild with melee weapons

and the house to look for during a zombie attack

Every zombie theme'd house needs a roof access for reasons like wanting to shoot zombies from the roof, getting a good view of your situation (zombie count), as well as jumping up and down for help from a helicopter flying away.

where is the pack-a-punch?!

Captain America vs Captain Vietnam

Can you spot all the differences?

GmG: Public Restrooms

Get ready to shake your fists because it's another edition of "You Know What Really Grinds my Gears?"

Yes public restrooms stink, but I've gotten used to that. But now with these high tech laser motion sensor controlled restrooms, theres a new problem. When I'm on the toilet and lean forward to wipe my ass, the toilet sensor thinks that I'm done and so it starts to flush and it splashes feces and urea back at me while I'm still sitting.. And then when I wash my hands, the water that comes out from the motion sensor faucet is super hot. And I don't mean warm, I mean scalding coffee hot. It's like they DON'T want people to wash their hands. What's next? Scalding hot toiler water that splashes at me before I'm done wiping? *shakes fist*



Warning, the following material may not be suitable for all ages, Parental discretion is advised.

Time for another segment of Melts My Frosty! You know what melts my frosty? Those bastard places that agree to things like Livingsocial or Groupon and then get all butt hurt when you redeem your coupon. Seriously, it gets really fk'n annoying when the mood of the restaurant turns from a warm and welcoming environment to a cold lonely desert as soon as you mention you have a coupon. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN IF YOU OPT IN TO ADVERTISE AT THE COST OF GIVING HUGE DISCOUNTS YOU DUMB MFs! DID YOU THINK NO ONE WOULD BUY THESE COUPONS!? DO YOU THINK TREATING ONE CUSTOMER LIKE THIS IS OK AND WILL NOT HURT YOUR REPUTATION AS AN ESTABLISHMENT!? God help establishments that are ignorant like that. Treat me with the respect you would treat any other customer and you could gain a regular, treat me like a person you stupid fk'n punks.

Wow, that post went from calm and collected to RAGE. That'll put into perspective just how melted my frosty got. Those places are destined to crash and burn but Oh well, i'm over it until i experience it again.

A video that explains what i was thinking of saying while being disrespected by dumb establishments:


Family Guy ... how you mess up my outlook on things ...

I thought USA won the Women's World Cup because I left my house to go to church with a few minutes left in the game, and they just went up 2-1. Japan got a tying goal with a few minutes left, and beat the US in penalty kicks. It was an upset, but that's the exact same way the US upset Brazil. Anyway, I'm happy for Japan, they care more about soccer and they needed this morale boost much more than the US does. It's like how I was happy for Kevin Garnett when he beat the Lakers in 2008. But anyway, I found out by going to because I wanted to see celebration videos. And then I was like waaaaht? We lost? And then I looked at the score at the top of the page where I circled it in the below picture. And even with all this shock, I still immediately got reminded by a scene from Family Guy *facepalm* what is wrong with me?!

Suck it CA

Tired of only firing semi auto but don't feel like breaking any laws?
Well look no further your search is over!


for the nice guys out there

I think many of us have learned the hard way. The saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is true. But what they don't add is that it almost kills you. Heartbreak sucks.

Most guys start off as "a nice guy". You know, the type that can't speak even a single word to an attractive girl. And when they make it past that and get into a relationship, they better hope they get a nice girl because if they get a bossy girl they will be whipped. And eventually this abusive relationship will end, and the boy will start hating on girls and treat them all like shit. Is there an alternative?

When you're down in the dumps you can either give up hope and turn into a douche OR you can find that light deep down inside and dedicate yourself to becoming a knight in shining armor. I stress the "armor" because you are experienced and you'll know which girls take advantage of you. I stress "shining" because you need to be on the light side of the force, even douchebags and sith lords have armor. I stress "knight" because knights dedicate themselves to honor and chivalry, but they still train with swords. What kind of knight goes to war with flowers and a guitar? That's not a knight, that's a noob that will be ripped to shreds on the battlefield of love.

You know I am huge on analogies, but here's a simpler way of saying what I wanted to say. I've read "the player's guidebook" and while it mesmerized me before, it totally disgusts me now. (Now my sexism only goes as far as cracking a joke about women being in the kitchen). Players advocate taking advantage of women's vulnerabilities. That's how they get many girls. At the same time I pity "nice guys". They get walked over by not just mean girls but normal girls. And alot of nice guys become douchebags.

What's that you say? Girls are attracted to douchebags? Yes, because douchebags are mentally strong. It's in the female genes to go after a strong man, be it physically or mentally. But knights are also strong. You can be a strong guy and also be a good guy: one who stands for your own ideals. I am attracted to girls with passion and ideals, one that isn't super needy and feel that they need a guy to feel beautiful about themselves. In the same way, I think girls are attracted to guys with backbone. Douchebags definitely have that. But so do knights. It's hard to get out of the nice guy stage, and some guys only get out because of the hate and vengeance. But there is another way. Listen to this inspirational song:

Who Says (for Men) by SelenaGomez:

I wouldn't want to be anybody else.
You made me insecure, told me my cards weren't good enough.
But who are you to judge, when I'm a full house on the flop.
I'm sure you got some things you'd like to change about yourself.
But when it comes to me, I wouldn't want to be anybody else.
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
I'm no super star, I'm just supersize me.
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
You've got every right, to a testosterone life.
Come on!
Who says? who says you're not perfect, who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're the only one that's hurting?
Trust me, that's the price of chivalry!
Who says you're not handsome?
Who says you're not Prince Charming? who says...


So what about guys in an abusive relationship? You need to man up and you need to be RATIONAL. Think through this. The reason nice guys are "too nice" is that they do everything for their "true love" all the time. It makes them happy I'm sure, but that's a good sign that they are not seeing the big picture. I try to be nice to people and do favors when I can, but if they have unreasonable demands and do not consider my feelings, I'll tell them to gently screw themselves, perhaps by saying *British accent* "no, no I believe I do not want to do that ...mmm... indeed..."

Anyway back to the point: if it makes you feel happy to give to a person all the time, but you still feel empty and not fulfilled, then its an unbalanced relationship. You really need to be rational and look at the evidence. Look at the other person's actions. Are there some things that she does that drives you nuts? Why do you put it up with it? Is this what you imagined in an ideal girl? If she does things that you can't live with, you KNOW you shouldn't be together. To be fair and rational, make a pros and cons list. If the glove don't fit you must acquit!

Don't despair though. We aren't doomed to be over trodden nice guys or douchebags. There is hope! There is a middle path. Be nice to everyone. You will find worth in yourself when you give to everyone. You will transform into a knight. Be charitable. See the good in others. Trust in others. And when you find someone you like, you will be confident in yourself. Sure you should be nice, but you have to show that you aren't a pushover. Pretty girls are put on the pedestal by many guys, and you won't stand out. When you value yourself, you will see her as your equal, not some princess. And I think she will be attracted to that. Don't be a douche! Douchebags find worth in themselves by saying shit about other people to make themselves feel better. That same attitude translates into how they treat women. But we can be much better than that!

Growing pains are hard, but experiences are a necessity. You must know pain to overcome it. You must know darkness to defeat it with light. WE CAN BREAK THE CYCLE. We will be men of strength, honor, and virtue. And then we will walk up to that beautiful lady in red and ask *British accent* "may I have this dance?"

And what happens if you can't get that one girl? It's okay. Remember that you don't need anyone to make you feel happy or better. Ironically not only will make it feel better, but it'll help you be more interesting and attractive to the rest of the fish in the sea!

like when you really

I <3 All kinds of Music, and when they're put together so artfully,
*british accent* I arrive.


OH! and something to make you smile!
Really Manly Meat!

And something to make you laugh
as seen on Tosh.0

Gears & Gadgets #1: Gun O'Clock

I'm starting a new series of posts, but will try to continue my previous series on Men lifestyle/fashion (which I neglected for a while, will post something tomorrow).

Anyway came across this awesome gadget and well, I think it would suit a few of you. It's called the Gun O'Clock, an amazing alarm clock that let you shoot some sort of laser Wii gun to turn off the alarm in the morning. You must hit the target three times otherwise the alarm will keep going off. The gadget come with a steep price $89 and it should get your brain active long enough to keep you from going back to sleep. Enjoy!

Here is the video for it:

Here is where to get it:


Splitting California like a Fruit

The person who came up with splitting California into two separate states need a slap in the cu. This is because the new state, South California, would not include Los Angeles County, but will include Kern County (most random ever). So would the use of the slang term "SoCal" still be applicable to Los Angeles County? Open to debate.


lmao, Thief!

As i was reading back through the comments of previous posts I came across one that made me go "HOLY CRAP! lmao!" i didn't even notice that i basically copied what Khoa said in Bryan's latest GmG Segment.


"Regarding the flashlight: I think the flashlight company have a secret contract with battery company to make you buy more battery. Just like the hotdog and buns scam. Not enough hotdogs per pack of hotdog buns. :P"


"it's the old 'not enough buns for these hot dogs' scenario, companies secretly developed trade agreements in the late 1800s to produce flashlights that use 3 batteries so that when you need new batteries you have to buy more. ALL packs of batteries come in even numbers, no matter it be a 100 back or a pack of 2. This trend will not break until every family spills the blood of the first born child."

GG lol, sorry Khoa haha *scratches head* -_-

In case a rock is living above you

There is a new bill going around that is threatening our way of life as well as the foundation on which this country was made possible, guns (yes, guns founded this nation, every founding father had a pen in one hand and a pistol in the other) SB798 is a bill that will basically make it illegal to own anything that resembles a gun or fires a projectile (airsoft, paintball, or... even a slingshot)


Not just from a consumer perspective, but what about the seller's stance, there are going to be a GIGATON of jobs lost because of this bill. I know this doesn't affect everyone but WHERE WILL IT END! Give a man the power to take a dollar, what's to stop him from trying for one more? This bill will shape the future of California, this state is going to suck if this bill passes. Too many of the citizens (in-state and out) agree that this is just too much BS, most of the committee know this bill will do nothing, but the bill is still under debate because of a few stingy bastards that are trying to get this passed to have a bill under their belt.

Long read from Airsoft GI, to help give you some perspective on the bill.


Scenario One:

You answer a knock at the door to your house and you see two uniformed police officers there. They politely ask if they can inspect your backyard as they are combing the neighborhood for some robbery suspects that were seen running the area. As a law abiding citizen, you of course allow them access. During their inspection, one of them spies your Airsoft gun through a window, propped against your bedroom wall. It has an orange tip. The officer beckons to you, politely asks the nature of the item, and then proceeds to write you a citation for $1000 because you just unknowingly violated a city ordinance that bans Airsoft gun possession within city limits. To add insult to injury, they confiscate your gun as they leave and you have no hope of ever getting it back again…

Scenario Two:

You drive into town to buy an Airsoft gun at Airsoft Gun Supermart, whose friendly and knowledgeable sales clerks tell you the ins and outs of operating your exciting new purchase, how to maintain it, brief you on all the safety rules for you and your kids. You throw the box in the backseat and proceed to drive home, about 30 minutes away. Near your home, you are pulled over by a patrolman who notices you have a tail light out. He notices the box in your back seat and you confirm it’s just an Airsoft gun. He asks you to get out while he calls for backup. Back up arrives, they inform you that you live in a jurisdiction that bans the possession of Airsoft guns, and they have to confiscate the item and cite you a $1000 fine.

The two scenarios I presented above are EXACTLY what will happen if SB 798 comes to pass and local cities and counties are allowed to enact their own anti-airsoft ordinances. This creates a nightmare scenario for our customers and for us. It potentially criminalizes those who ALREADY own an Airsoft gun and opens us – the Airsoft industry – up to numerous lawsuits from irate customers and greedy cities and counties. California will become the worst possible state in which to operate an Airsoft company, and be an Airsoft enthusiast.

Some of you may think I am exaggerating, but I am not. San Francisco has in place an ordinance since 2004 that BANS the POSSESSION of Airsoft guns.


It shall be unlawful for any person, except for a peace officer authorized under California Penal Code Section 12600, to buy, sell, offer or expose for sale, barter or exchange, have in his possession or use any sling shot.

It shall also be unlawful for any person to buy, sell, offer or expose for sale, barter or exchange, have in his possession or use any toy by which, whether used singly or in combination of units, missiles may be projected by force or compressed air, carbon dioxide, or any other chemical, gas, or other element, or combined thereof. Nothing in this section is intended to be inconsistent with Government Code Section 53071.5 or any successor statute regulating imitation firearms, BB guns or air rifles.

Note the italicized section: this law is held in check by the very State law that SB 798 will repeal! Once SB 798 passes, Los Angeles will follow San Francisco’s example and every other major city in California will likely follow suit.


SB 798 can be voted on by the Assembly at ANY TIME between now and September 5, except for July 14 to August 14 when the Legislature is in summer recess. This means this bill may come up for a vote next week…or it may come up for a vote in late August.

After the Assembly votes on it, it will go back to the Senate Public Safety Committee, and then on to the Senate for a full vote. After that, it will go to the Governor for a signature.


We’ve all taken a little breather from our brief victory on June 22. Now, it is time to fight again.

You must write every State Assembly-person and Senator about your opposition to SB 798. We want/need Californians to write these letters. Out of state letters do NOT help. In fact, flooding the politicians’ inboxes with out of state letters and calls will hurt us."


In Case You've Been Living Under a Rock...

There was a trial case where a mother (25 year old Casey Anthony) who allegedly murdered her two year old daughter and hid her body for at least a month. And yesterday she walked away with not guilty on all counts against her except for lying to the police. The interesting thing about our jury system is that they don't declare anyone innocent, they can only declare the defendant not guilty. The prosecution either sucked or didn't have enough conclusive material to get the verdict. I've read alot of the proof that was provided, and I am 99% sure Casey Anthony killed her daughter, stemming mostly to how she behaved after her daughter went missing (went partying, entered a "hot body" contest... etc) But the thing is, the defense claimed that her daughter accidentally drowned herself in the pool, and that the mother did irrational things to conceal her pain, due to the dysfunctional family and upbringing that she had. I'd like to call bullshit, and I'm sure the jury did too. But the jury was given direct instructions from the judge, and those instructions are that you can only give someone a "guilty" verdict if the evidence leaves no room for reasonable doubt. The problem here as I said was that the hard evidence was lacking, and the prosecution could only make a shoddy attempt at motive. So there was indeed room for "reasonable doubt".

Anyway, I believe a murderer walked away free. It's one of the downsides of our Bill of Rights. But it's still better for criminals to have these rights than to not. But I am of the opinion that it's better to let a murderer walk free than an innocent get the death penalty. These laws do their best to prevent wrongful convictions. An innocent who is sentenced to death is horrible. But for the other case, no one who is guilty can ever walk away free, they will be judged by the one who knows all. As much as I think Casey Anthony to be guilty, I don't really know for sure. All I know is that if she's innocent, that's great, the right call was made! But if she is guilty, she will have her day in court. The court with the Almighty Judge. *DEAAATTHHHH*

*disclaimer* I do not wish that guilty people be damned, but I believe God provides justice. Even if murderers convert and are saved, I believe God provides justice in purgatory and/or on Earth. Except for San Dimas (the thief on the right of the cross). Lucky dude got a get out of jail card haha.


Three great video clips to celebrate July 4th:

I stood up and cheered in the movie theater when I saw this movie in 1996:

Something got in my eye when I saw this scene the first time:

I laughed and felt a sense of pride when I saw this from Jon last year:

Grinds my Gears - Imperial unit system

Time to shake our fists, because here is another edition of "What Really Grinds my Gears"

You know what grinds my gears?

Electronics that use 3 batteries, like my small LED flashlight. Why not just use 4? It will be stronger, and there really is no saving one battery. I tend to lose that extra leftover battery anyway.

You know what also grinds my gears?

The American/British imperial unit system. Why can't we switch to the metric system? The metric system is based on the power of ten, while the imperial system is based on random things. The only one that makes sense is four quarts in one gallon. The rest is retarded! For example, I was making some pancakes awhile ago, and I had to get on the internet to find out how many cups were in a pint. If they gave me directions based on one unit, I could get the proportions right, like 1 part milk and 2 parts flour. But they said something like 2 cups of milk for a pint of flour. In that case, I had to look it up. But if they said I needed 500 mL of milk, it's so easy to make makeshift measures. All I have to do is fill up a 2 Liter Coke bottle one quarter way. Or if someone asks me my height in inches, I'd have to do some multiplication (5x12 plus 8= 68), whereas it's immediately obvious that 1.7 meters is 170 centimeters.

People complain about not being used to metric measurements, but I know firsthand that all you need is a week to get used to it. After a week driving around in Vietnam or Europe, it was getting easier to estimate how long a kilometer is. And to make it easier on you, 100 meters is pretty much 100 yards. In fact, if someone tells me that a certain distance is 60 feet away, I have no idea how far that is unless I convert it to 20 yards. In a way, this means that I intuitively already prefer meters over feet. How many feet are in a mile? 5,280 I think. Good luck getting a below average third grader to remember that. It's easier to remember 1,000 meters in a kilometer. And we already know how much a liter of water is. It's half of the Coke bottle. The kilogram won't be that hard to adjust either. At least it's based on water. One mL of water takes up one cc, which weighs one gram. That means that one liter of water weighs one kilogram. HAX! Still complaining about not knowing how much a kilogram is? Step on a scale, congrats now you know how much you weigh in KGs. Who knows what one pound was supposed to measure? Was it supposed to be the weight of King Henry VIII's jewel satchel? So arbitrary.

Some others complain that they won't know if they're getting a good deal. Is two dollars for a liter of gas a good deal? Competition still exists and collusion is still illegal, changing to the metric system doesn't mean changing to communism. Just look at Costco, then look at 76. You will know what is a good deal and what is expensive.

The one thing that I actually would like to keep though is the Fahrenheit temperature scale. It is arbitrary. Mr. Fahrenheit established 0 degrees by mixing ice water and some chemicals. And he established 100 degrees because it was the body temperature of a horse. Definitely arbitrary. The Celsius scale is based on the freezing and boiling temperature of water. However, Fahrenheit scale increases are more modest than a Celsius increase for more precise definition. Also, the meaningful temperatures on earth range from 0-100, a great coincidence. Of course in Siberia the temperature is below 0, and in deserts is above 100. But for the most part, all civilized places are between 0 and 100. If you're using Celsius, everything above 50C is useless to humans because nowhere on earth is that hot. And if we were using Celsius in New York, you would say it's negative 10C instead of 15F (common winter temperature). I think we should avoid negatives if we can. The beauty of that 0-100 Fahrenheit scale is that it fits the power of tens like the rest of the metric scale. It's why people like using 100 percent instead of fractions or decimals.

Granted, there is one hard part about the metric system. You have to learn the prefixes. But we already know many of them:

tera - 1,000,000,000,000 (a good byte unit to measure amount of pron DL in a year)
giga - 1,000,000,000
mega - 1,000,000
kilo - 1,000
centi - 100x of these to make the one unit (100 centimers in a meter)
milli - 1,000x
micro - 1,000,000x
nano - 1,000,000,000x
pico - 1,000,000,000,000x

Yes that means that Apple should have called the iPod mini the iPod micro. And if a new one comes out that is smaller than the nano, it will be called the iPod pico.

I may be a nerd and intellectual, but I believe the metric system is not Anti-American. If anything, it will simplify our lives and require us to memorize and calculate less. We can be more lazy, and it doesn't get any more American than that.