lmao, Thief!

As i was reading back through the comments of previous posts I came across one that made me go "HOLY CRAP! lmao!" i didn't even notice that i basically copied what Khoa said in Bryan's latest GmG Segment.


"Regarding the flashlight: I think the flashlight company have a secret contract with battery company to make you buy more battery. Just like the hotdog and buns scam. Not enough hotdogs per pack of hotdog buns. :P"


"it's the old 'not enough buns for these hot dogs' scenario, companies secretly developed trade agreements in the late 1800s to produce flashlights that use 3 batteries so that when you need new batteries you have to buy more. ALL packs of batteries come in even numbers, no matter it be a 100 back or a pack of 2. This trend will not break until every family spills the blood of the first born child."

GG lol, sorry Khoa haha *scratches head* -_-

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Mac OBryan said...

this reminds me of the times when i didn't listen to all of your music posts, only to post it again a few months later (stereo love) haha