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There is a new bill going around that is threatening our way of life as well as the foundation on which this country was made possible, guns (yes, guns founded this nation, every founding father had a pen in one hand and a pistol in the other) SB798 is a bill that will basically make it illegal to own anything that resembles a gun or fires a projectile (airsoft, paintball, or... even a slingshot)


Not just from a consumer perspective, but what about the seller's stance, there are going to be a GIGATON of jobs lost because of this bill. I know this doesn't affect everyone but WHERE WILL IT END! Give a man the power to take a dollar, what's to stop him from trying for one more? This bill will shape the future of California, this state is going to suck if this bill passes. Too many of the citizens (in-state and out) agree that this is just too much BS, most of the committee know this bill will do nothing, but the bill is still under debate because of a few stingy bastards that are trying to get this passed to have a bill under their belt.

Long read from Airsoft GI, to help give you some perspective on the bill.


Scenario One:

You answer a knock at the door to your house and you see two uniformed police officers there. They politely ask if they can inspect your backyard as they are combing the neighborhood for some robbery suspects that were seen running the area. As a law abiding citizen, you of course allow them access. During their inspection, one of them spies your Airsoft gun through a window, propped against your bedroom wall. It has an orange tip. The officer beckons to you, politely asks the nature of the item, and then proceeds to write you a citation for $1000 because you just unknowingly violated a city ordinance that bans Airsoft gun possession within city limits. To add insult to injury, they confiscate your gun as they leave and you have no hope of ever getting it back again…

Scenario Two:

You drive into town to buy an Airsoft gun at Airsoft Gun Supermart, whose friendly and knowledgeable sales clerks tell you the ins and outs of operating your exciting new purchase, how to maintain it, brief you on all the safety rules for you and your kids. You throw the box in the backseat and proceed to drive home, about 30 minutes away. Near your home, you are pulled over by a patrolman who notices you have a tail light out. He notices the box in your back seat and you confirm it’s just an Airsoft gun. He asks you to get out while he calls for backup. Back up arrives, they inform you that you live in a jurisdiction that bans the possession of Airsoft guns, and they have to confiscate the item and cite you a $1000 fine.

The two scenarios I presented above are EXACTLY what will happen if SB 798 comes to pass and local cities and counties are allowed to enact their own anti-airsoft ordinances. This creates a nightmare scenario for our customers and for us. It potentially criminalizes those who ALREADY own an Airsoft gun and opens us – the Airsoft industry – up to numerous lawsuits from irate customers and greedy cities and counties. California will become the worst possible state in which to operate an Airsoft company, and be an Airsoft enthusiast.

Some of you may think I am exaggerating, but I am not. San Francisco has in place an ordinance since 2004 that BANS the POSSESSION of Airsoft guns.


It shall be unlawful for any person, except for a peace officer authorized under California Penal Code Section 12600, to buy, sell, offer or expose for sale, barter or exchange, have in his possession or use any sling shot.

It shall also be unlawful for any person to buy, sell, offer or expose for sale, barter or exchange, have in his possession or use any toy by which, whether used singly or in combination of units, missiles may be projected by force or compressed air, carbon dioxide, or any other chemical, gas, or other element, or combined thereof. Nothing in this section is intended to be inconsistent with Government Code Section 53071.5 or any successor statute regulating imitation firearms, BB guns or air rifles.

Note the italicized section: this law is held in check by the very State law that SB 798 will repeal! Once SB 798 passes, Los Angeles will follow San Francisco’s example and every other major city in California will likely follow suit.


SB 798 can be voted on by the Assembly at ANY TIME between now and September 5, except for July 14 to August 14 when the Legislature is in summer recess. This means this bill may come up for a vote next week…or it may come up for a vote in late August.

After the Assembly votes on it, it will go back to the Senate Public Safety Committee, and then on to the Senate for a full vote. After that, it will go to the Governor for a signature.


We’ve all taken a little breather from our brief victory on June 22. Now, it is time to fight again.

You must write every State Assembly-person and Senator about your opposition to SB 798. We want/need Californians to write these letters. Out of state letters do NOT help. In fact, flooding the politicians’ inboxes with out of state letters and calls will hurt us."


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Mac OBryan said...

I see that they dont want to train and/or encourage good young men that would use this hobby to encourage them to devote themselves to our armed forces. i wouldn't want to join the military unless there's a war on our land. but at the same time i'm not going to tell anyone to NOT sign up if they want to. It's an honorable thing.

this law is not only reducing the recruiting pool, but effectively telling our serving soldiers that you are not welcome in our society. shit needs to get done. you can't take away the image, and therefore support, of a soldier's tools only to give them a bullshit "thank you" when they come home.

this is not about "dangerous toys", this is about supporting rough men who are willing to do dirty work while you girly men get manicures.

check-fucking-mate, san francisco legislators