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In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.



Back from camp which was awesome! This was by far the best camp ever, anyone else feel that way?

As proof of how awesome camp was: I, who am pretty loud and talkative, have lost my tenor voice. I can kind of hear it in my regular speech but where it really got me is in my vocal range. Can't throw out any high pitches or "Wooooooos" without forcing it and even then it doesn't have the -J- in it.

It was definitely a stress free camp and I was able to enjoy every minute of it, even with only 8 hours of sleep the whole camp.

Things that made this camp awesome:
-All the Volleyball.
-All the other Doans and Huynh Truongs, especially Kito Vua. Lots of love in the air.
-Knowing a lot more people & not being afraid to getting to know many more!
-Participating as much as possible in activities with other Doans.
-The great MCs and the Spirit Team
-Having camp set up to be less competitive, which lead to a more friendly atmosphere.
-Great weather day and night.
-Some other stuff
-And of course Doan An Phong

To be a bit more active at camp I volunteered to be a referee for Nghia Si Volleyball. I always knew what referees went through but after you experience it your perspective widens. Even though i was older and bigger than those kids I couldn't help but feel peril when they would argue about a call. Not only that, but I also felt like my soul was getting strangled when I'd walk around camp after the games. Thank God for all the other Huynh Truong referees standing strong with me lol. But all in all it was really fun and i loved it!

After this camp I really want to go to Sports Day and maybe even more of those Huynh Truong camps. Maybe I can help out with future Huynh Truong-to-be camps. "Jon? Responsibility?" I know right? Just kidding, I'm going for the ladies! Soul-Mate Searching with my son NDick ;] Lmao.

Thank you LDRK for camp! & Grats to all the peeps who made Huynh Truong!
Welcome to Thieu Nhi An Phong Thuy Anh. See you at the July Party!

Exhausted but just getting started

Out Camping

Time for some Lort Loving Camp.
Lien Doan Ra Khoi TN Camp that is.
Be Back 6/27/10


The Dump: an airport for trash

Funny thing about cleaning up beat up houses, there's always a box of prOn hanging around somewhere. Some of Mr. Hefner's work lying around here and a couple happy happy joy joy dvds there. When these people move out they take everything except old underwear and their prOn. lmao, i don't want your underwear but thanks for the dvds! bahah j/k i do want your underwear! I wish those guys would've left some lotion... Sorry again readers rofl.

>>Anyways, I've been helping my dad the past two days doing some yard work at this new project he's working on. Cutting up trees, trash duty, the usual stuff. My dad knows how much i love to swing an axe >=]. He just hands me an axe and points at the tree lol, lots of fun & great exercise. Other than being covered in cuts and having a pretty sore back I'm A-Ok.

After doing all this yard work we took the greens to the dump. Other than the ridiculously horrid smell, the dump is pretty fk'n awesome. Can't really put it another way. The amount of work, organization, and synchronization reminds me of an airport. Except i'm probably more interested in dozers and diggers than commercial planes. So smell aside, the dump > the airport. <<
For my dry skin.

rated half of an R

"Another school year finished. Now is the time to celebrate and relax." ...I wish...

Due to the graphic nature of this post viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Time to find a job and put some money in the books for next year! The cost of having a great time. So, It's summer! Until i can find me a job I got nothing to do except sweat a little and touch myself, maybe a little combination of the two. rofl, just kidding... I always sweat when i touch myself cause i'm so hot =O!!!!. Lmao sorry readers.

Summer To Do List:
-Go to Florida
-Get a Dog
-Throw away my Keg
-Find an Ab
-Lose sock tan
-Tan my secksi upper
-Get a job
-Do 50 consecutive pushups
-Master a fluid 10 hit combo on the punching bag
-Look for that certain someone
-Buy a PS3
-ReArrange Room
-Workout with Chi Dep.
-Hang out with old friends
-Go somewhere with the Guys?

Movie Reviews:

-Kick Ass: Starring Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Moretz, & Nicolas Cage. A surprisingly good movie. Best characters hands down are Hit Girl and Big Daddy. They looked awesome in the trailer and even better in the movie. Really well choreographed shooting and fighting scenes. This movie gets a stamp of approval with a rating of 8/10.

-Karate Kid: Starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Very good movie. This is a very thoughtful and deep movie. Sometimes it can remind you of the original Karate Kid but i can assure you that Mr Miyagi has not been disrespected. Jackie Chan is the bees knees. This movie gets the stamp of approval with a rating of 8/10.

-A-Team: Starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, & Sharlto Copley. First off, Jessica Biel is gorgeous. Second off, this group of actors definitely had the chemistry needed to represent the A-Team . This was one of the most entertaining movies I have seen. & as always, Liam Neeson delivers a spectacular preformance. Did i mention Jessica Biel is gorgeous? =] This movie gets a stamp of approval with a rating of 10/10. Jessica Biel also gets a stamp of approval with a rating of 10/10.

Breaking common practice for someone you care about is always worth it.
For all those intentions we have in our hearts we pray to you Lord.

Shout Outs!:
Hope you get that job Gay Face!
Have a good time in D.C. Willy Bob. Stay Safe. See you when you come back!

Always a Gentleman with a hint of Nasty.

The Lakeshow!

Brian McKnight Ft. the Frat
"Love L.A."

Los Angeles Lakers are the 2010 NBA Champions!
Funny seeing the Lakers sing along =D


If BIA was a sports network...

This would be our pre-game hype video and narration, similar to how NBC had the Bob Costas narration.

[start Terminator 2 theme song]

"Los Angeles and Boston hate each other. Not only the teams, but their fans. You can't find a more diverse group of fans in these cities. Boston, the home of middle class intellectual, passionate fans. Los Angeles, the home of upper class superficial movie stars and low class car-flipping celebratory-rioters. Hate between these two entities is an understatement, even though hate is such a nasty four letter word among the likes of f***, d***, and c***.

Legacies are at stake. Bryant, Pierce, Gasol, Allen, Jackson, Garnett. Six future hall of famers in one NBA Finals. For Boston, a victory will cement this group into Boston lore. Winning one championship is luck, a true dynasty wins multiples. For the Lakers, losing in this series effectively erases the validity of the 2009 championship.

Kobe is on his way to becoming the best of all time, but he must first defeat the greatest franchise of all time. A game 7 victory will tie Kobe with Magic Johnson, leaving him only one behind *bows head* Michael Jordan *raises head*. If Kobe is to become the greatest Laker in history, he must beat the hated green rivals. One more victory for the Lakers would give Los Angeles 16 championships, to close the gap between them and Boston's 17. This victory will also give the Lakers 16 more championships than the Clippers.

In a series where superstars go on hot-and-cold streaks, the only constant in the victories have been gritty defense. Only passion will win the game. Who will flop more? The greatest defensive flopper Derek Fisher or the greatest offensive flopper Paul Pierce? What if they bump into each other? In order to win the championship, the Lakers must go through Kevin Garnett's balls of steel. He is their unquestioned defensive leader.

How will the Lakers rise to the occasion? Will this be the game DJ Mbenga has a double double with 27 rebounds and 13 blocks? Will Adam Morrison finally relive his glory days from Gonzaga by knocking down game winning shots? Will Kobe Bryant get more than one assist?

Lakers. Celtics. It's Game 7 of the NBA Finals, coming up next.

*start playing NBA on NBC music, err I mean NBA on BIA music*

Cool Trailer.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3


For the Country!

I can vouch for this, i was there.


woot woot!

$15 Each.
From the Reckoning.


Lakers-Celtics mid series Report

I looked at my previous post "keys to the championships" bullet points, and wanted to see how much of it was true now that the series is tied 2-2


1) False AND True - Rajon Rondo hasn't been limited by Kobe or Gasol/Bynum's toughness, but how smart they are playing on defense. Instead of hacking the penetrating guard (as Boston does) we force them into charges and blocks. Game 2 was magnificent defense by the Lakers, setting a Finals-record 14 blocks. Unfortunately Ray Allen was NBA JAM ON FIRE times ten.

2) Fisher has played good defense on Ray Allen as much as I can humanly expect. Ray Allen only had one outbreak game, the rest were subpar. And I was correct that Fisher is forcing turnovers with his great acting!

3) Ron Artest has done a great job defending Paul Pierce, enough to make up for his non-existant offense.

4) Garnett's emotional beast finally woke up in Game 4. You can tell when he starts pounding the floor and clapping at people he's defending. Still, I think the Lakers should give him single coverage in most situations.


1) Kobe has been taking smart shots (for Kobe) most of this series. Some of them are egregiously bad selections, but there hasn't been a game yet where the Lakers lost due to Kobe's hogging in the clutch. Game 3 showed Kobe's willingness to facilitate. He was a screener for Fisher! Seriously? Kobe setting screens for someone else to shoot in the NBA Finals? The NBA: where amazing happens.

2) Gasol has been great on offense. He seems to knock down all his mid range jumpshots, and in the low post he has proven to the NBA world that talent is more important than strength. Dwight Howard couldn't score against this Boston team, Gasol is averaging like 20 points. (Well with the exception of 2001 Shaq, who would dunk on Perkins and Davis hanging on his biceps)

3) Fisher has been making open shots. I wish Artest would start nailing open shots too.

4) Our bench has been doing great! I thought Farmar and Brown would be worse, but they're pretty solid so far. A major reason Lakers lost Game 4 is because Phil Jackson decided to play his starters the entire second half. He really should have trusted the bench more. The Lakers entered the fourth quarter down by only two, the bench could have held the fort. But instead the Celtic's bench of Nate "I teabag yo face" Robinson and Glen "Big Baby" Davis owned the Lakers starters due to the difference in energy levels. Fisher was tired chasing Ray Allen all game, he had no legs to go after Robinson. Lamar needed a break too, after playing the entire half, he was getting pushed around by Davis. Phil Jackson should have put in Shannon Brown while Nate was in. Also he should have put in Mbenga. Does anything think Glen Davis can push Mbenga around? Nooo mon'

5) I thought Lamar Odom was the X-factor but I was wrong. However, Odom is still not producing like how I expected him to produce. Anyway, he isn't nearly as important as Andrew Bynum. Even Bynum is playing with a knee injury, his long arms as been enough to stop Rondo's drives to the paint, and the Celtics' big men from posting up. His knee was really bad in Game 4 and he only played in the first quarter. Hence, Game 4 was the first game that Boston outscored the Lakers in the paint.

Other previous predictions: I knew this series would be close enough that Chris would jump off the band-wagon. People jump off the bandwagon so they won't be hurt if the team loses. A true sports fan goes with the ship!

Outlook: I am more confident now than I was when the series was 0-0. It's a tied series and you have to win 2 out of 3. Luckily, those two out of three games are at home. Although you can argue that home court advantage doesn't mean much to these two veteran teams, statistics show that it does matter. Also in most playoff games, the home bench outplays the road bench.

Can't find my jaw.

I really hope they make a movie cause this is incredible.


Epic Summer Blockbuster Movie

Featuring BiA's Finest:

Question of the week...

When you were a little kid, what character on TV did you have a crush on?

Willy Bob says...

Jason from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was definitely my childhood crush...hands down! He was a man's man being the team leader and he was buff. What's not to love? haha

...and what about you?!

2010 is sounding great!

FK YEAH! Bone Thugs are back and spitting ridiculously hot fire!

"Uni:5 The World's Enemy" OUT NOW!

Some other awesome songs:

Black Eyed Peas - "Alive"
Emily Osment - "Unaddicted"
Kid Cudi - "Highs n Lows"


Another Summer Anthem

It's from 2008 or 09, but I think it's more similar to California Gurls by Katty Perry
than Summernights by Lil Rob.


NananaNa,NananaNa,He.e.e.e.ey, GoodBye.

Newport Seafood Restaurant
Rowland Heights, Ca

The Dinner Party for Tony, Lisa, & Cathy's Birthdays
(As well as Lisa's Farewell Dinner, we're not cheap, we're efficient!)
Happy Birthday Guys! See you when you get back Lisa.


What's that smell?

After a nice renewing shower you grab the towel and start drying off. Then suddenly you realize you are drying your face with the same part that you dried your glutes with yesterday. Well have no fear, the Face Butt towel is here! With color coded sides you'll never have your head up your butt again.


Epic Fail

Chris Rock can't get Kobe's attention. I wonder if that's what Kobe does when his wife bitches at him. If so, Kobe FTW!

First base umpire calls a runner safe when he's not, on the 27th out of a potentially perfect game. There have only been 20 perfect games in MLB history.

Also, a story about protesters outside a Spelling Bee, who want to simplify how to spell words. Damn Socialists. I didn't learn my granmar and spellings to be told whats to do!

WASHINGTON – The nation's capital always draws its share of protesters, picketing for causes ranging from health care reform to immigration policy.
But spelling bee protesters? They're out here, too.
Four peaceful protesters, some dressed in full-length black and yellow bee costumes, represented the American Literacy Council and the London-based Spelling Society and stood outside the Grand Hyatt on Thursday, where the Scripps National Spelling Bee is being held. Their message was short: Simplify the way we spell words.
Roberta Mahoney, 81, a former Fairfax County, Va. elementary school principal, said the current language obstructs 40 percent of the population from learning how to read, write and spell.
"Our alphabet has 425-plus ways of putting words together in illogical ways," Mahoney said.
The protesting cohort distributed pins to willing passers-by with their logo, "Enuf is enuf. Enough is too much."
According to literature distributed by the group, it makes more sense for "fruit" to be spelled as "froot," "slow" should be "slo," and "heifer" — a word spelled correctly during the first oral round of the bee Thursday by Texas competitor Ramesh Ghanta — should be "hefer."

Something for someone -_^

While there's always potential for gas discomfort, you can help cut down on the frequency of gas attacks, and make them less severe, by forcing that certain someone to take Gas-X


The keys to the championship

First of all, let me start by saying I like the Celtics too much for a Lakers fan. Why? I think their green jerseys are cool, and they are my favorite team to use in NBA Live. Seriously, they are so well balanced! You can run fast breaks with Rajon Rondo, have Ray Allen get free jumpshots off off-ball screens, have Paul Pierce do isolations, have Kevin Garnett post down low, or feed Rasheed Wallace for 3s off the double team. They are an awesome team.

That being said, I respect them mightily. So as a loyal Lakers fan, there was only one thing for me to do. I convinced myself to watch highlights from Game 6 of the 2008 Finals. I officially hate them again. HATE is good.

Here are my keys to victory.

On defense

1) They need to play rough (read: dirty) defense on Rondo, similar to how the Celtics defended Dwight Howard. It's time for Gasol to man up and knock down speedy point guards. Or bring in Mbenga, he's got six good fouls to give. Kobe will give Rondo a hard time but Rondo will still get past Kobe at times. It's up the big men to send a message.

2) Put Fisher on Ray Allen. Fisher plays tougher on D than Kobe. He's not good for defending speedy point guards, but he's good at following people through screens. Also Fisher is good at drawing illegal screens (read: flop).

3) Ron Artest must shut down Paul Pierce one on one.

4) I'm not worried about Garnett and Perkins, because they get looks only by the actions of the other players. (It is true in NBA Live and in real life).

On Offense

1) Kobe needs to take smart shots. Those shots versus Phoenix in Game 6? I'll be a bit pissed if he takes those in the first quarter of Game 1. There's a nice balance between scoring and facilitating, and in these playoffs Kobe has walked that line like a pro.

2) Gasol needs to find a way to score with the Celtics roughing him up. I'm a bit concerned because the Cs shut down Dwight Howard, but I have hope because Gasol is ten times as talented as Howard.

3) Fisher and Artest need to make open shots. Period.

4) Can our bench please grow some balls? Please?

5) The X-factor in my opinion is Lamar Odom. He got owned by KG in 2008. This series is about toughness. I think in terms of offensive firepower, both squads are equal. It's going to be defensive mentality that wins the series. Odom can cover Pierce or Garnett. On defense he needs to limit whoever he guards and on offense he needs to attack and draw fouls on the Celtic's big men. This is his golden chance because the Celtics will concentrate on Kobe and Gasol.


I won't make one, but I want the Lakers to win :-)

Unintentional Comedy

Associated Press

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Paul Pierce is excited to return to the NBA Finals and his hometown for the next round in the league's greatest rivalry.

Boston's best player isn't exactly thrilled that Los Angeles' welcoming committee includes Ron Artest, a physical, tenacious defender.

"He likes to bang you," Pierce said Monday, "grab you, hold you, pull your shorts down. He's going to try anything."

Hmmm sounds like RAPE!

Some More Hatin-spiration

Finally, I will play this song at the beginning of Game 1 tonight. Damn you NBC, you used your money to choose the XFL over the NBA? I will never forgive you for letting this epic theme song die out!




Restroom Moments

Today at campus when i went to use the restroom during break I saw a guy in a wheelchair wait for a non handicapped guy to get out of the handicap stall.

Also during that restroom visit someone in a stall sneezed and everyone in the restroom said bless you. Restrooms, bringing people together little by little. Made me smile.


i love summer songs!

I really really like Katy Perry's California Gurls right now. I am also sure that I will get tired of it in two weeks when it becomes overplayed on the radio. But the song is so catchy that I think I would like hearing this song every summer in the future, just like Lil Rob's Summer Nights. Actually this song is like the female compliment of Summer Nights. Songs like this make you just wanna kick it with the crew. And they capture the essence of summer perfectly.

The Lil Rob video is super ghetto, I think he could done a better job. But I guess he was going for the ghetto-ness. As for the girl in the Katy Perry clip, DAYMN GIRL.

Of course the other category of songs that never die are Christmas songs, if you can make a really good Christmas song, it will be immortalized. Think Wham's "Last Christmas" and Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas". Those songs will still be playing on 103.5 twenty years from now. Even if Wham and Mariah Carey were one hit wonders, the royalties from Christmas music is enough for retirement. I can't say the same for Lil Rob's one hit wonder...

A little Chuck Norris for you

Not even our blog can contain Chuck!

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