Back from camp which was awesome! This was by far the best camp ever, anyone else feel that way?

As proof of how awesome camp was: I, who am pretty loud and talkative, have lost my tenor voice. I can kind of hear it in my regular speech but where it really got me is in my vocal range. Can't throw out any high pitches or "Wooooooos" without forcing it and even then it doesn't have the -J- in it.

It was definitely a stress free camp and I was able to enjoy every minute of it, even with only 8 hours of sleep the whole camp.

Things that made this camp awesome:
-All the Volleyball.
-All the other Doans and Huynh Truongs, especially Kito Vua. Lots of love in the air.
-Knowing a lot more people & not being afraid to getting to know many more!
-Participating as much as possible in activities with other Doans.
-The great MCs and the Spirit Team
-Having camp set up to be less competitive, which lead to a more friendly atmosphere.
-Great weather day and night.
-Some other stuff
-And of course Doan An Phong

To be a bit more active at camp I volunteered to be a referee for Nghia Si Volleyball. I always knew what referees went through but after you experience it your perspective widens. Even though i was older and bigger than those kids I couldn't help but feel peril when they would argue about a call. Not only that, but I also felt like my soul was getting strangled when I'd walk around camp after the games. Thank God for all the other Huynh Truong referees standing strong with me lol. But all in all it was really fun and i loved it!

After this camp I really want to go to Sports Day and maybe even more of those Huynh Truong camps. Maybe I can help out with future Huynh Truong-to-be camps. "Jon? Responsibility?" I know right? Just kidding, I'm going for the ladies! Soul-Mate Searching with my son NDick ;] Lmao.

Thank you LDRK for camp! & Grats to all the peeps who made Huynh Truong!
Welcome to Thieu Nhi An Phong Thuy Anh. See you at the July Party!

Exhausted but just getting started


Anh Di said...

I completely agree, best camp. I hope the supporting atmostphere stays there all this competition was killin me hah.

no bao no! abort mission ! nuke is almost here !

Mac OBryan said...

I think this was our best camp overall, there was a connection between the kids and HT that I know never existed before this camp.

but i still think the summer camp of 2004 was best for me. blame it on nostalgia. we had alot of NS and our play was ridiculously ridic

Anh Di said...

hopefully I will get to experience something like that 04 camp you are talking about