the ultimate poll

a bunch of choices with all the same question: who would win in a fight to the death?

since there are alot, i put them all at the bottom of the sidebar.


also, did you guys know the korean figure skater kim yu na is a catholic? saw her doing the sign of the cross before a routine. i think my interest in her went from 10% to 60% (100% being infatuated). yay


Weekend in Review + Seasonal Segment: Pwned by Lent

Warning, Another Long Read Incomming


Got lots of stuff done. Got that hair cut, $10 =[. Definitely Overpriced because she only took my sides from a 5 to a 3 with a high fade, no work done on top. But I wanted to get it cut in the morning so I just took the hit.

After reducing my conditioning from everyday to Tuesdays and Thursdays I moved up my conditioning to 2 miles, haven't timed it yet, but I'm able to run it non stop. Maybe i'll time it in another week or two. Anyways while i was running today i think i passed someone who was listening to the exact same song as me, I didn't hear anything but i kind of read the lips and if i read right, she said "X gonna give it to ya" DMX! lol good running music. Knee is definitely feeling better with this schedule =]

Cleaned the house and rolled some sushi for Nhom. Cleaning the house was easy, maybe took me 30 minutes, but making sushi took me 2 hours. I made a bunch of rolls but it didn't fill up the trays as quickly as i expected, probably cause i kept eating all the ends =D. Hope everyone enjoyed it, took me a couple rolls to get the half sheets working, as well as making them inside out (Rice Outside).

Had a really fun time playing all those games after prayer. Especially 'Silent' Library.


It rained for maybe 3 hours and of course it rained in the morning. So no basketball =[, instead we spent the whole day at Mac's house. Watched them play video games for an hour or two before i fell asleep. Went to Garden Cafe after we woke up. With the 'encouragement' of certain individuals, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I decided I was gonna give up Meat & Sushi instead of Video Games. Mhmmm good lunch. Then we bought Terminator 2 so ND could finally watch. BF:Bad Company 2 didn't work so I didn't get to play the game that made me go back on my Lent Promise. So we just watched T2. Stopped halfway through the movie to meet up with the Phams to get some Dinner at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant. Mhmmm tasty dinner but it was one of those places where you pay a lot and get a little =[. They had TVs in the restroom on top of the urinals, we took a couple pictures ;]

Then we went to Joe's BR for some late night snacks. I gave up sweets so i just ate a waffle cone. Finished Terminator 2 then called it a night. Glad you liked T2 ND.

Moment of the Day: Having ND dress up like a douche for dinner.


Woke up and felt that BF: Bad Company 2 not working was a sign and felt so bad for going back on my promise that I have also included 7-Eleven to the forbidden list. If you're thinking: "7-Eleven? Weak!" you might want to consider that for this guy 7-Eleven is a lifeline, I go there at least once a week, sometimes more to get a liquid fix. But no more until Lent ends =X

Thieu Nhi...same as always...

Came to a conclusion that we will be going to Big Bear at the end of March. I cannot wait, i feel like a little kid who is about to go to Disneyland after a couple years. Grey Squirrel here we come!

I think it was just me but i felt completely drained today when I got to church. Maybe it was from all the Dodgeball at Thieu Nhi. But, i just couldn't stay awake when i sat down. Almost instantly knocked out each time.

And now for the New Segment

Seasonal Segment
PWNED by Lent

So far Lent hasn't been completely impossible but, it has definitely been difficult. So far I have only broken one of my Lent Promises, eating sweets, and for that I have added drinking coffee to the list. Resisting sweets, coffee and soda are getting harder and harder each day especially when I have a near unlimited supply taunting me throughout my house...

I have recently given up meat, sushi, and 7-eleven in order to make up for giving up on my video game promise. This seasonal segment is to record myself as I go without meat or sushi. Hope i stay sane.

Post 1: Today at Thieu Nhi we had noodles, I had to take all the meat out. This wasn't too hard. Eating some seafood Chao for dinner. 28 more days to go.

Stay Frosty

i'm weak

Sorry God but i can't do it, i'm not ready. I've given up on my video game sacrifice. Instead i've replaced it with meat. I know it's not the same because I have failed my initial promise so i'm also giving up sushi. That's more or less an equal trade.

I feel really lame for doing this, so i'm including 7-Eleven

so right now the list is:

I know I didn't end up playing video games,
but i'd feel worse going back on it.


Watching T2 with the guys cause Andy has never seen it yet.

Stay Frosty

Cloudy Nights -1

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how i wonder where you are =[

Hope it doesn't rain & hope everyone had a good time at nhom tonight?

Update: 1:15am

Update: 2:09am. Amazing Song

Update: 2:37am

Stay Frosty

From the makers of Hasbrothas...

-Willy Bob

"Trainer Killer" killer whale

Sea World has done the stupid by allowing the whale to stay in captivity at the Orlando Sea World. That same whale is directly responsible for killing 3 humans including the recent drowning of a trainer. I say it's they either let it go free or put it down, it obviously hates humans. And then I thought how would you kill the thing? It would be really hard. That's what she said. Anyway I have put up a poll on the right side. Answers range from humane, to fun, to torturous, to crazy, to tree-hugger.

two/twenty six/ten

Things to do:

-?Rinse my car?
-Watch a movie.
-Fall asleep during movie.
-Roll some sushi

And somewhere in between all this I gotta shower.
Bubbles =]. Bubbles in the eyes =[.
More Bubbles =].

::: I hate waiting for a package from UPS. All big trucks sound the same coming up my street. Every time a big truck comes up the street I look out my window and just hope it's UPS.
This is what it's like every time. *Hears truck approaching. Stares out window* "Come on UPS, Come on!" ... ... ... "Arrowhead!? darn."

1. Done
2. Done
3. Done
4. Skip
5. Done
6. Skip
9. Done
10. Done
11. Done

Stay Frosty.

I've always thought about becoming a youtube star

yes that's right. a youtube star.Add Image
some people do it through singing. this guy jason whom i know personally, has over a 300k hits on some songs.

others do it through teaching stuff ... like michelle phan who teaches how to put on makeup... i have a crush on her even though she's probably in HS... gah... crush on a high schooler...

and others do it by being funny... daxflame (white boy with PMS), nigahiga (how to be nerd, ninja, etc), Bart Kwan as Uncle Same (ghetto korean guy from UCLA who has a good viet accent).

Well I know I can be funny, but I never really had true inspiration for making youtube videos. BiA's joint venture Eeeytproductions hasn't taken off yet, because we haven't tried yet. I'm sure when we put up our first video, it has a good chance to go viral and explode.

But what I've always wanted to do is create a character that people would love to hate. A fob that's a major douche but so funny that you have to watch him. I've got so much material from being a former douche myself. Combine that with a lovable fob accent and some racist humor = win-win situation! Think Michael Scott, but instead of running an office, he's an Asian student. Fobby, ignorant, racist, douchebag asian FTW!

I don't want to be famous in real life. But I want to be anonymously famous. Just to bring laughs to the hordes of guys just like us.

Jon would you like join me in my quest for youtube stardom? You have a better Viet accent and I'm actually better at a Chinese accent. We can do joint videos and separate videos on the same account. First of, we need fake names... like Phuc Dat and Long Wang... or Bao Waw and Tai Shu... give me some suggestions in the comments...

- Mac

What a night.

So last night I was invited to a chat room with Bryan, Tony, & Lisa. What started out as a random event became a very entertaining night. It definitely was High School all over again Bryan. We all talked till about 3:30am, what time did we start? 10ish?

Several interesting conversations came up but what kept the night going was when Bryan brought Xanga up. OOoooo memories, Xanga brought up several other conversations that are not appropriate to be posted =X.


Turns out I was the first one to get a Xanga at the age of 12-13, before I matured mentally. I think it might've been too early for me to get a web blog because I read over a couple of my first entries and I was a real douche. My spelling was really bad too. So yeah, I am sorry for whoever had to put up with that.

We also concluded that Tony's hair is in fact Japanese and not Vietnamese. Rock that J-Pop hair Tony.

Stay Frosty

Said I'm Sorry Mama

Never meant to hurt you, But tonight i'm cleaning out my closet.

Watching Laker Game.

Well actually this afternoon =]. But, I packed about four boxes full of dresses that have been sitting in my closet since we moved in. "Get Outta My Closet!" as I sent them all to the back for storage which means closet space! WOOOOOO! But don't tell my mom ;]. After re-claiming what was rightfully mine, I was able to put a good amount of stuff lying around my room into the closet, Justice never felt so good. I was then inspired to do some more cleaning... I think my room looks cleaner?

Aw come on Kobe, Artest was open in the corner! =[

"Warning Graphic Genocide Pictures" Read a sign I pass as I walked from my morning class to the library. 'Hmmm wonder what that is?' I was thinking maybe they're talking about WWII, so I strolled on by but, to my surprise there was a huge Anti-Abortion display, if I wasn't so desensitized I might've thrown up on the spot. I was in awe when I was ambushed by a volley of gruesome images. They had several graphic pictures up culminating into a huge display, maybe 11'x30'. And these weren't pictures printed out by students overnight, these were high resolution demons that burned themselves into your brain. They showed everything possible! I thought I was ready for some graphic pictures but this thing hit me like a Train. I'm all for anti-abortion but jeeeeeeez.

In other news, this whole iPod mess is finally coming to an end. After lots of messages and emails, Ebay will refund my $44 as soon as the item is delivered Yippee! That sob sent me the wrong, as well as broken, iPod thinking he was so smart. It looked like he took a hammer to it. Well he got negative feedback and I did some non-scout like stuff to that iPod before I sent it back. This is one catholic that reserves the right to turn the other cheek. Good Game.

Stay Frosty

BiA Salutes #3

[cue up the 80s style Bud Light's "Real Men of Genius" song]

BiA presents real men of genius.

*Real Men of Geniiuus*

Today, we salute you, Mr. Gangster shooting your Glock sideways.

*Mr. Gangsta shootin' your Glock sideways*

Yeah, you're packing heat and you're badass. We know the reason you constantly pull up your pants up isn't because you're like baggy jeans, it's because you're toting a Glock Foh-tay.

*Just like CP*

You prefer your guns to be just like you: cheap and black. No safety? No Problem. Accidental Discharge? Not if you tell your homies you shot your foot on purpose.


There's a law in South Central L.A. not many know about: you can't use gun sights. It's the same law used in the African city of Monrovia, Liberia. If you shoot straight, the po-po will come and take your guns away.

* We be shootin' sideways*

So BiA salutes you, ninja of the ninety-degree, and next time you do a drive-by, remember to drive your car sideways too.

*Mr. Gangsta shootin' your Glock sideways*

Ballers in Arms, Thieu Nhi Thanh The, Altadena California.


Looks like this layout is a winner?

Anyways, Updated the BiO (Profiles Up). =====Over Here=========>
Have fun, i know i did =]

Stay Frosty.

Going on up, one search engine at a time

If you type "ballers in arms" in google and aol search, our blog is the number one result.

msn/bing and yahoo haven't received permission from us yet. but we might let them show our blog eventually.

- Mac


BiA is currently under construction. We are trying to find a layout that everyone can agree on.

Please leave your opinions and suggestions as a comment in this post

Done with this layout. Feedback
Here's the original:

Problems: No Quick Edit, Gotta Put your Sig in again.

Mac: Please add links to BiY and BiW

Stay Frosty

Close Line!

Listening to some DMX, this guy is vicious, makes me want to stab something =X

Today's Thieu Nhi was fun as always, but the highlight of the day was during game time. We played Red Rover, surprisingly not many people knew what this game was. I had played this game year after year when I was younger but, I guess some schools just played different things. Anyways, Red Rover is a "Break thru" game. The kids form two opposing lines and take turns sending one kid at a time to try to Break thru the other team's line. More details on the game are on the bottom, in case you don't know what this game is.

All was good until the Au Nhi started putting their bodies on the line. First incident was when an Au Nhi almost fell on his back from the impact. But, that was nothing compared to what was about to come. Ethan "Bazooka Joe" was called over and exploded toward the other line. Zoom! as he ran past us, his tiny legs are winding back and forth like he was running from death itself... then... BAM! CLOSE LINE! he falls on his back as if he just hit a concrete wall. The challenging team got so scared of Ethan's ferocity that they leaned away causing their arms to raise to the level of Ethan's neck. However, this was not enough to deter Bazooka Joe as he gave his body up for the cause.

Today Ethan is awarded the moment of the day. Congrats Bazooka Joe you are a model of bravery to us all.

Other than that, me n my sis went to Jammin' Jumpin' at the Santa Anita mall for my niece's 2nd birthday. That place is wild! Kids run the Jungle. It's true! They actually charge more for kids than they do Adults.

Stay Frosty.

-Removed the Adult Content warning, i'm too lazy to hit continue every time.
-Trying to cut back on all the color changes, sorry i just think it looks amazing lol.
Red Rover: In this game, the kids form two opposing lines and attempt to "break through" the opposing team's line. At first, two teams are chosen of equal size, and they form two lines, facing each other and holding hands. One side starts by picking a person on the opposing team and saying "Red Rover, Red Rover, send right over" Jason then lets go of his teammates and begins a headlong rush for the other line. His goal is to break through the line by overpowering the kid's hold on eachother. If Jason breaks through, he chooses one person for the opposing team to join his team, and they both go back and join in their line. If he fails to break through, Jason becomes part of the other team. Each team alternates calling people over until one team has all the people and is declared the winner. Note that since all the players are on the winning team at the end, there really are no losers in this game.

You are a star.

Failed 1 of 3 Lent promises. FK!

Stay Frosty.

Tet's not over yet


Got bored, couldn't eat meat, so I rolled sushi. Ended up watching 'Public Enemies' then 'Ali'. Got bored again so I went up to Mac's house, excuse was to practice for Saturday's Lion Dance but,... We didn't practice. Idle... ... ... While we waited for 'Paranormal Activity' to finish downloading we went to 7/11 to get some grub. Mac, who gave up meat for Lent, got nachos. I got 2 hot dogs, Andrew got chips. Then we went to Tommy's to get some fries, I ended up getting a chili boat (was about 12:15AM by now)

Then we watched 'Paranormal Activity'. Good movie, A LOT of "oh... what the eff...... OH SH*****T!" moments but, I definitely didn't lose any sleep over it. Not saying I'm some tough guy, it's just there was nothing to be scared of. They didn't give a face to be scared of. PHEW! So, for now 'The Grudge' is still the scariest movie I've seen. That girl and the little boy scare the crap out of me.

I felt absolutely horrible from eating all that food, not a guilty feeling, a horrible "I'm about to explode" feeling. Yea, that feeling. Slept at about 3?

Moment of the D: Andrew left after 4-5 minutes of 'Paranormal Activity' (Before anything scary happened). But he was still too scared to go to sleep. =D


Jumped up at about 8:30 thinking my alarm went off, but it was Mac's. Bastard Andrew came into the room at about 8:45 and started playing Call of Duty, grrrrr. Fell asleep about 15 minutes later.

Tet party in the O.C. for several 'Praise Jesus' groups. Lots of fun. Did another Lion Dance and made $80 but we donated all of it back. Proud of you guys for doing this. Anyone got a video of the Lion Dance!?

Went back to Joe and Chris's house, Nap, had yet another Tet party. Great BBQ'n Joe, very good. Gambled some, turned $15 into $39 =]. Back to Mac's for a few, watched Ohno do work in speed skating. Take that Korea!

Moment of the Day: Winter Olympics - someone just ate snow during the 'Super G' Event. "Who was it!?" Not USA. "Phew... USA! USA! USA!". followed by several replays of the accident.

Let's see how Sunday goes.

Stay Frosty.

We're Queer, and We're Here.................. !?

Hope you're enjoying the new layout, I know we are. I feel like it represents myself as well as Ballers in Arms perfectly. It says, "Yes, We're Gay." Wait... no, it doesn't say that, i take it back!!!. It says, "Badass MF but Understanding" Yeah that sounds better. But in all seriousness, we really do like this layout and no, none of us are gay. At least no one is out of the closet, but, I think Mac's closet is open and a foot is coming out. =X


Lovin' my new iPod and all this music.
Thanks Gordon!

In other news, I think I have "Runner's Knee" =[ Gotta set something up with the Doctor Man. Hope it's nothing serious.

Stay Frosty.

Latte Break #1 Vol. 1

As a contributor of this blog, I'm formally calling my postings as "Latte Breaks." Consider it my release for the irrationalities and logic-defying moments I experience everyday especially the escapades at work. As some of you may know, I am a barista/shift supervisor at Starbucks. I work in an area that caters to one of the wealthiest customer base in SoCal. On a regular basis I see customers in SLKs, CLKs (all AMG badged btw), Ferraris, Bentleys, Maseratis, & Lambos roll by for some espresso drinks. Although I still consider them all classy and exotic, I run into them so much that I don't get as excited as I used to. They're my norm. Now and then celebrities do come by. Then there's the regular run-of-the-mill customers and finally the homeless people.

Ahh the homeless people. I have no ill-intent towards homeless people. There are a few I've actually befriended and they're down-to-earth. What we all forget sometimes is that they are like you and I. It's just that sometimes circumstances in life permit them to a dreadful life. I've had the opportunity to talk to a guy that explained that he has a kid but was separated from his wife. She left him with nothing and ever since then he's been living on the streets. He hasn't seen his kid since she was 12 and he'd once carried a picture of her but it became so worn out that he wasn't able to see her face anymore. For some, sadly they devolve from being coherent to the most derange people you'd ever encounter. Interestingly enough, every homeless person is unique. I've never encountered two that were practically the same.

Now here comes the part that may make me sound insensitive. I only validate what I say because the homeless people that come in and make a job harder are usually the crazy ones. The kind that no longer exhibit any fiber of humanity and are incoherent. For normal homeless people, I allow them to come in and chill as long as they're not bothering anyone. I find myself more compassionate then some considering my co-workers tend to ask me to kick them out once they're through the door. More than a few actually do buy a cup of coffee. First of all, I want to point out that homeless b.o. all smell the same. I'd be at the espresso bar making drinks. Someone opens the door and a this whiff of b.o would blow in full force and creep up my nose. I'd feel a burning sensation in my nasal cavities followed by a sour expression by my face. It's tolerable should it happen once in a while. However, this is on EVERY shift. Not once, not twice.... many instances in one day. Regardless of how long I've been working there I'm still not use to it. The previous day a homeless guy came in to sit for a couple of hours. I wasn't working when he was there, however, I did come in a couple hours later. As I'm doing the usual lobby check/cleaning, I smelled something familiar. It was isolated in one area of the store and it was still alive. But no one was there! It stuck around for awhile and even thought the store was packed, the area where the b.o. lingered was empty. Unfortunately it was near the entrance and we've lost a few potential customers that day. Funniest thing I've seen in awhile. A customer would walk in, stand still, bulge their eyes, look around, and walk out.

When I first started working I was hesitant to interact, nevertheless, confront a crazy homeless person. Even my manager was hesitant himself. After becoming callous from all the crap I get from customers and the hostilities of homeless people, nothing really phases me anymore. Considering it bittersweet, I can deal with anyone with zen like patience and calm demeanor. Usually when a homeless person comes into the store and bothers everyone, who does everyone come up to for help? Unfortunately me. I've been threaten many times. On two separate occasions two different homeless guys threaten to kill me. I responded with: "That's nice to know, but you are clearly making the customers uncomfortable. I need you to leave." I've been spat at but luckily I had decent reflexes to avoid getting hit.

Anyways, that's it for today. Next time I'll talk about barista pet peeves and what you can do to ensure a barista doesn't @#$! up your drink because he doesn't like you. XD

Signed "What is that f'n smell?!
- Tonster

Do I Sound Like That?

It's Lent! What does that mean to me? Well Lent means a lot to me... but, what really stands alone during Lent is Filet'o'Fish Fridays at McDonalds!

I've missed you so much =D

If you watched the Video, YES YOU JUST WASTED 1:10 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE! =P
If you didn't watch the video yet, please disregard the previous comment and watch the video.


What I'm doing for Lent this year: Giving up - Video Games, Sweets, Soda, Maybe More.

Stay Frosty

When it comes to dating...

What qualities do you possess that puts you ahead of other guys?

Just something to think about. ;)

-Willy Bob


Laptop Farted on me.

Spent 30 minutes debating whether or not I should reformat, 2 Hours Reformatting Laptop followed by 5 minutes crying about lost music. Then realized I had backed up a good amount of music on my External hard drive, Phew!!!. Spent 2 hours Updating Music Library.

Tmrw's Agenda: Get the rest back and some more =]

Stay Frosty.


Click-Clock by Mac O'Bryan, sung to the tune of Kesha's Tik Tok

Wake up in the morning want to t-bag Anhdi (hey what the *?!)
Got my glasses - I'm in the zone, I'm gonna own Karachi (let's go)
Before I start, brush my teeth with a bottle of Dew
Cause when I leave for See-oh-Dee, I ain't coming back

I'm talking - fragging up all our foes, foes
Trying out all our scopes, scopes
Boys blowin C4 with phones, phones ...

Crate dropping - don't want no UAVs
Praying to God very hard-ly
Trying to get an AC-130 ...

Don't stop, make it pop
DJ, blow my speakers up
Tonight, Imma fight
'Til we see the sunlight
Click-Clock, rack my Glock
But the fraggin' don't stop
No Oh Ooh oh oh oh oh
Oh Ooh oh oh oh oh

Ain't got a care in the world, but you got plenty of fear
Ain't got no nades in my pocket, but I'm already near
And now the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger
But we make 'em bite the dust unless they bring a big chopper

I'm talkin aboout - errbody getting stunned, stunned
Boys trying to steal my sentry gun, gun
Gonna shank em cuz its too much fun, fun
Now, now - we goin till host kicks us out, out
Or the parents shut us down, down
Parents shut us down, down
Po-po shut us *boom*

Don't stop, make it pop
DJ, blow my speakers up
Tonight, Imma fight
'Til we see the sunlight
Click-Clock, rack my Glock
But the fraggin' don't stop
No Oh Ooh oh oh oh oh
Oh Ooh oh oh oh oh

You build me up
You break me down
My heart, it pounds
Yeah, you got me
With my hands up
You got me now
You got that SCAR
Yea, you got me

You build me up
You break me down
My heart, it pounds
Yeah, you got me
With my hands up
Put your hands up
Put your hands up

Now lan parties don't start 'til I join in

Don't stop, make it pop
DJ, blow my speakers up
Tonight, Imma fight
'Til we see the sunlight
Click-Clock, rack my Glock
But the fraggin' don't stop
No Oh Ooh oh oh oh oh
Oh Ooh oh oh oh oh

New poll on the right side!

I think we'll see some good variety of answers in this poll. Why Kwame Brown as a choice? Because you can beat him at 21 and see a grown man cry. Afterwards you can make up to him with a stick of Butterfinger candy.

Also, If I ever find Khoa Ngo Dinh Pham, I'm gonna kill him.

- Mac 'Khoa Dinh Nguyen' O'Bryan

Suggested Reading

My dear friend, Khoa Ngo Dinh Pham, has once again written a phenomenal novel that I wish to share with you...

S i l e n t W h i s p e r s
feat. BiA's Mac

"Nothing has ever been this nasty." - Los Angeles Times
"The things people do for money..." - Boston Globe
"Disgustingly captivating." - Chicago Tribune

-Willy Bob

First Lunar Post.

Surprisingly enough I actually got a complaint about the lack of posts, I know right? Who reads this other than the people who write it!? So I thought I'd put together a piece about the past weekend. Thanks for the Inspiration (srsly =])

Listening to the Chronicles of Narnia 2: Prince Caspian Soundtrack while I write this.

Warning: Long Long Post. (4 days of material)

Friday - Picked up ND and Rachel from La Salle. Sat outside ND's house for about 20 minutes because no one had the key. (Found out the key was under hidden in a disclosed area, GG.) Played some MW2, ND got nuked by Andrew. Then played some basketball in Duarte. & My whiteboard got pillaged pretty bad, it's like Bosco all over again.

Awesome party at Judy's house. Joint prayer and activities. Sorry I fell asleep, I just lost all will power that night. But the activities after were great! Nothing like a little homemade 'Silent Library'

Moment of the Day: Mac slapping someone across the face with a giant sausage during 'Silent Library'.

Changed Music to Fall Out Boy's Newest Album cause the Narnia Soundtrack was all Slow Instrumentals...

Saturday - Bread and butter of the weekend. Woke up in the morning and did some exercising. Timed my first mile since freshman year in high school, 8:18:78... Not bad i think but, gonna keep conditioning for fun. After this I did some errands for the mother, found out that 5lbs bags of ice are only $1.08 at Fresh & Easy (Tax Included). Best price I know of.

This album is pretty good. _Fall Out Boy_'Folie à Deux'

Then went down to my Uncle's house in Chino for Tet. All-Star Dunk Contest was a bust, and made me sad =[. Other than that there was the usual stuff, Adults gambled and Children played games. Had a great time talking to Tam, cousin from SD, as well as Kenny & Eric, Quan, An, and Christina. But wooooow it got pretty chilly outside that night.

Moment of the day: Tam-"You're just a pussy" (to Quan) Kenny-"Dayum!" Me-"BAHAHAHAHA!" (as Quan puts his head down) +1 Tam.

Intermission: I need a drink. You can pretend this is a live streaming post by listening to this while I'm gone... Back, Hope you enjoyed the Link. If you continued on without clicking the link, you should come back when you're done reading. =]

Sunday - Tet! Lion Dance! Basketball & All-Star Game! Chili's!

Lion Dance was fun as usual and we collected $360 for our Lion Dance this year!!!! GOOD JOB GUYS! However, I'm ready for next year cause Mac wants back in, WOOOOOO! That means, it'll be even better! Gambling was also fun, set up the usual 'Find the Joker' table for all the little kids and finished it off by taking Joe's money =P.

All-Star Game made up for the crappy Saturday. Good job East, GRATS WADE (MVP).

Chili's was fun, had some pretty interesting conversations. For Example: Would you rather have your date tell you that you have something in your teeth or not? I split a pretty amazing custom Old Timer's Burger with Mac, New Favorite.

Finished the night with 'The Unborn'. Not a bad movie, but definitely didn't make Frosty scared. Scariest parts were on the Trailer. Put 3 of 6 viewers to sleep, would've been 4 but I tried really hard not to fall asleep. ND didn't watch, but at least he stayed in the room... You are on your way ND...

Moment of the day: ND-"I don't want to watch it...I'd rather take it in the back from Shaq"

Monday - Because of some MF from Ebay I lost $17.50 to a stupid Paypal / Bank acct complication. Paypal payment refunds go to your paypal balance instead of the original source the money came from. Paypal makes you 'Withdraw to Bank Account' which means you are essentially depositing money into your bank account and ultimately means it is NOT A REFUND. My bank will only reverse the Overdraft Fee if they see that the payment was refunded. Paypal cannot & will not refund money to bank accounts and therefor I can only receive a partial reversal on the overdraft fee... FML... That guy better send me the iPod.

This album is catchy, think I'll listen to the rest of it right now. Hope you enjoyed this post.


2010 all over again

Happy Lunar New Year!

Stay Frosty.

Tonster: My 1st Post And It's About Sonics -__-

So I jumped on the bandwagon and submitted by going to the newly established Sonics in Monrovia. I had a 10 minute window before I was late to work but eh, the impulsive need to go was killing me. Noticing the huge crowd and the small amount of time I had, I opted to park away from the chaos and bear the couple of seconds of extra walking. The drive in concept was interesting. At that moment I thought to myself how they'd react to someone ordering on a bike. So being new to the way things go at "Sonics" I looked around and thought cleverly to myself. "Aha these people are so wrapped into the refreshed idea of the drive-in ambiance that I'll just go old school and order inside!" So that's what I did. I went INSIDE. I asked one of the workers where's the counter so I could order. The girl shrieked and explained that they didn't have an order-area indoors and that I had to order outside. Oh. After making my order by yelling frantically at the menu, "NO, I SAID FRITOS CHILI CHEESE WRAP" I sat there watching other people awkwardly deciphering this new concept of ordering at Sonics. Seeing the workers rollerblade around, I figured it's inevitable that there's an off-chance that one day one of them will fall backwards with food flying in the air. Only thing to do is pick up the food and what's left of their dignity. lol. I left with a few snacks, lg tots, onion rings, apparently the fritos wrap, and a watermelon cream slush. Overall interesting experience. Considering that I used to drive all the way to Anaheim for the only Sonics in SoCal, the 9+ miles drive to Monrovia isn't so bad.

- Tonster

Who took the GPS out of the Cookie Jar!?

So today I found out my mom can't find her Brand New Unopened Garmin Nuvi 265WT. She blames the Cable Guy who came about a month ago. So either my forgetful madre misplaced it or the evil Cable Guy took it.

I don't really care what happened cause it's gone now. That's what happens when you leave brand new stuff laying around. Make sure you keep your stuff IN YOUR ROOM. It's not safe anywhere else. That's why i keep my bunny in my closet...*wink*

Stay Frosty.

Forget Twilight...

Spend your Valentine's Day with this year's hottest romance novel...


by Khoa Ngo Dinh Pham

...starring our very own Tonster!

"Pure oriental sexiness." -Washington Post
"Quá Set-si! Dặc Biệt Vá Hay." - Người Việt Newspaper

Can't get enough of him? Check out his schedule of events:
2/11/10 Phuoc Loc Tho book signing (Westminster, Ca)
2/12/10 Paris By Night show taping (Westminster, Ca)
2/13/10 San Gabriel Superstore book signing (San Gabriel, Ca)
2/14/10 An Phong's Tet Celebration appearance (Altadena, Ca)

-Willy Bob

What is Love? (baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no mo')

Valentine's Day is coming up at the end of the week. It's a neat holiday to look forward to whether you're in a relationship or single. While I agree that it is SAD for many (Single Awareness Day), it's no reason to be resentful of those who hold hands everywhere they go. While I can't define love, I can say that its the one virtue that makes us human. Everywhere I go, I see it at all different maturity levels. From the innocent crush of pre-teens to the visceral desires of teenagers to the commitment of marriage by young adults. Being single, I still really appreciate these things. I appreciate being in love and being single equally. Appreciate being in love because it's the greatest force in the world. The highs from young love induce dopamine levels in the brain that are near crack-addict levels. Appreciate being single because you get to be you whenever you want. You see things from outside the box, and you're mood doesn't fluctuate on the whims of another. Being in a relationship and being single is like yin and yang, one does not exist without the other.

Yes, love is a double-edged sword, but it wouldn't be fun without the risks. There's a reason why paintball is more fun than laser tag: its real, it's dangerous, and you're so full of adrenaline you can't think properly. And of course, it can hurt alot. But the bruises at the end of the day will heal, and you'll come back to the paintball park again in the future. And playing paintball is always fun :-) ... well unless you get shot in the nads like CP did to Frosty...

- Mac Lovin'

P.S. Haddaway looks like a douche, but considering that this was the early 90s and the Fresh Prince looked even more ridiculous, I say he qualifies for "superior".

why did i do this

after sitting in a car with some pre-teen girls going crazy over a justin bieber (not beaver, as i thought it was), i decided to look up a music video on youtube. at first i thought his voice and music was okay. I thought he was a 12 year old boy by hearing his voice on the radio, i was like "oh that's cute" until i found out he was 16 and looks like a DOUCHE yet sounds like a GIRL. Ehh... anyway.... I just wanted to punch him in the face for being annoying. It's guys like this that make Aaron grow out a douche-mop. There is hope yet for this Justin Douchebag however, lil Bow Wow didn't turn out so bad after his voice changed.

Anyway, I regret looking up the video because now I dislike someone for no real good reason.

- Mac

P.S. New weekly poll up. Last week's results is still on the right bar but moved to the bottom.

It's Time!

So today I went to my middle school, Annunciation, to do some recruiting for the Boy Scouts (Troop 140). I knew most of the kids went to the presentation just so they could get out of class because I remember I did. But, it was alright, I was able to relate and I had an angle to work with. Hopefully I made an impression on them cause we definitely need some more boys.

But, on to the main event. After this recruiting event I found out there was a boy's varsity basketball game at Annunciation. This had been to the first Charger, Annunciation's Mascot, game I've been to since I graduated the 8th grade. I was excited!!! Tip off. Down by 3... Down by 8... Down by 16... Game over... WTF!? I wasn't really mad, they played their best but I have to say the other team was just better. This got me thinking, these kids have no fundamentals.

I am now inspired to begin coaching the basketball team and create the most ridiculous and dominant team ever seen!!! RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Maybe the next year =]

Stay Frosty.

I'm in your corner.

People always gonna talk,
Try and make you feel lonely.
But remember I got your back,
You can always run to me.

Stay Frosty.
"Tet is a time of excess, one does not enjoy Tet, one 'eats' Tet" BEAST IT!
SOOOOOOOOO Ready to Lion Dance for Tet!!!! Come out and watch, but don't forget to bring some "Lucky Money" =]

Bryant new Lakers' all-time scoring leader.
Grats Kobe!

Stay Frosty

They got it better.

I envy how much faster my mom's shower gets hot. It's basically instant hot water. In my restroom we gotta wait like 3 minutes. That's 3 minutes of shivering and wasted water. & What's going on with the available selection of soap over there... They got like 8 bottles ready to go, and they're good bottles of soap.

Where is all of our high quality stuff? Where are my strawberries!? They yell at me whenever I grab a bottle of the good stuff from the cabinet and tell me to use the crappy generic ones. I WANT TO SMELL GOOD TOO!!!

Had a good time at nhom boys. Can't wait to see the final design for the t-shirts. Let me know if you need me to do anything. I get bored so it's no problem.

Stay Frosty.

Practice makes perfect?

So last night yours truly went clubbing. We went to Highlands in Hollywood. Thanks to VSA and other certain individuals it was awesome and I had a really good time. I came to realize that I suck at dancing lol but, hey, everyone has to start somewhere. I just happen to have to start at the end. If only clubbing were about bumping your head, I'd rock that for sure.

In other news, I am now programmed to wake up at 7:30 am regardless of what time I go to sleep and how tired I still am when I wake up... This sucks.

I'm gonna try to go back to sleep now. Have a great day!

Stay Frosty.


It is your presence that I seek to share,
my heart is yours, I so declare
Yesterday has passed and the memory remains
tomorrow will come and my love will sustain
My eyes tell a story, when you look you can see
that in your heart is where I want to be.

Sorry but i found this Amazing picture (Cause I Love Legos!) & had to find something for it.
Stay Frosty.

Another Superior or Douche Moment.

I am amazed at all the over competitive guys out there. Today I got out of my last class early, about an hour early, but I didn't feel like going home. So, I sat in during a Basketball Class taking place in the gym. All was fun and I was soooooo jealous I wasn't playing. Then this guy went in for the layup and got blocked. He was furious! "F**K! WHERE'S MY HELP!?" (Look around a**hole they're standing right there.) Unfortunately the ball ends up in the hands of an unsuspecting girl running the court. She doesn't see him coming and has no idea what's about to happen... SLAP & RIP! The guy reaches in, grabs the ball, loses control, tucks and rolls sending yet another girl to the floor. She's really lucky this was in a gym and she felt the smooth surface of the wood. In conclusion, I gotta ask, what's up with all these jerks ruining this game? . BE A GENTLEMAN, SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE, AND ADMIT DEFEAT. If you're going to be a showoff and forget your team then you better be ready to lose and for the love of God stop taking out your anger on women.

This guy was a DOUCHE!

Stay Frosty.

BiA Salutes #2

[cue up the 80s style Bud Light's "real men of genius" song]

BiA presents real men of genius. *Real men of Geniiuuus* Today we salute you, Shaun Livingston, Mr. tear-your-knee-on-an-open-layup *Mr. tear-your-knee-on-an-open-layuuuppp* Your teammate poked away the rock and passed it you. You thought you had an open breakaway dunk. You thought wrong, because your forgot the enemy has six defenders: the five on the court, and GRAVITY. *it's 10 meters per second squareeed* You were the the 4th overall pick of the 2004 NBA draft. You were drafted before Devin Harris, Kevin Martin, Jameer Nelson, and Trevor Ariza. The Clippers hoped you would be the point guard of the future. Instead, you had the guards point the way out to the ambulance. *Assist for the E-M-Teee!* Because of you, we couldn't dare to play basketball for weeks. We drank milk, we did squats, we did everything to not **** up our knees like yours. Dear God, it's so disgusting but we've seen that video on youtube 100 times. *pray before you plaaaay!* So BiA salutes you Shaun Livingston, and we hope next time you tear your ACL, MCL, and PCL, you'll make the layup. *Mr. tear-your-knee-on-an-open-layuuuppp* Ballers in Arms, Thieu Nhi Thanh The, Altadena California.

BiA Celebrity Look-alikes

I wanted a distraction from work so I decided to look up celebrity look-alikes for each member of BiA. I kid you not...these results are legit and straight from the site! LOL Enjoy





Gen. Fee-Lahm

I will keep my identity hidden and replace myself with a member from Paper Planes...


-Willy Bob

Superior or Douche?

I put this in FB but I'll put it here for anyone who doesn't use FB.

I was at the park this morning pretending to be good at basketball. While I was shooting around a couple came out and started messing around. Within 30 seconds the guy blocks the girl sending her falling to the pavement.

This guy was a DOUCHE!

Bought a pair of stereo headphones... but now I want to drop some money for a really good pair. Thanks Christina lol.

And with that, I will bid all of you Adieu.

Stay Frosty.

News of the day.

It was reported that a black guy called the cops because his car got broken in, but most importantly...his greens are missing. LOL [true story]

-Willy Bob

I wonder...

so far already 10 votes on the basketball poll. what do you guys think other people answered? here's my opinion

4 - better jumpshot
Joe, Tony, Vianney, Christina

1 - jump higher

3 - better dribbling
Jon, Bryan, Lisa

2- more strength and stamina
Chris, Vincent

comment what you think!

- Mac

Everyone loves a Quickie

Quick Update.

* Say the yearly prayer to the Man upstairs.
* Find some Girl Scouts to sell me some cookies. Yum.
* Catch up on sleep.
* Find someone to massage these knots out.
* Sonics - Orders Correct: 2/5 - You almost had my order right today, but you forgot the ranch.
* Physical Conditioning and working on my jumper.
* Get some swagger from Vianney? (According to Christina)
* Teach Christina how to shoot a Basketball cause granny isn't gonna cut it. =]
* Running low on music, using emergency reserves from the '90s dance category!!!
* Looking forward to Saturday with the Boys. I hope it doesn't rain. *Fingers Crossed*
* Buy some headphones.
* Can't wait for Lion Dance Practice, thanks for that video Andy.
* This knight is falling...

Another Moment in the day: Slammin' car doors shut at Sonics leads to Cups flying. =]

Stay Frosty.

FB Vs. WoW?

I remember when i use to play World of Warcraft, it was WoW 24/7. Nothing else really mattered. Late for class? Meh that's ok. Homework? No, WoW. It was my life and I loved it and Hated it. But I have since left that life behind me or so I thought.

Today I woke up late, just to let you know how late: I usually leave the house by the time my mom wakes up (7:00 A.M.) but, today my mom woke me up... GAH! I jumped out of bed ran around to get ready and as I was about to put on my shoes... something drove me to turn on my laptop, check my email, and go on FB for a couple minutes. Late for class? Meh that's ok...

Solution: Drop out of school. =] Just Kidding.

Stay Frosty.