What a night.

So last night I was invited to a chat room with Bryan, Tony, & Lisa. What started out as a random event became a very entertaining night. It definitely was High School all over again Bryan. We all talked till about 3:30am, what time did we start? 10ish?

Several interesting conversations came up but what kept the night going was when Bryan brought Xanga up. OOoooo memories, Xanga brought up several other conversations that are not appropriate to be posted =X.


Turns out I was the first one to get a Xanga at the age of 12-13, before I matured mentally. I think it might've been too early for me to get a web blog because I read over a couple of my first entries and I was a real douche. My spelling was really bad too. So yeah, I am sorry for whoever had to put up with that.

We also concluded that Tony's hair is in fact Japanese and not Vietnamese. Rock that J-Pop hair Tony.

Stay Frosty


Lisa said...

Speaking of hair...Bryan should grow his out! do it! do it!

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

Yea i wanna see the 'Mexican' fro

CP said...

Bryan should also grow some facial hair like his character, King Herold