To Cut or Not to Cut

Warning: The following you already know

Ever been in a situation when you've had to passaggio del gas but you weren't sure if relieving yourself would result in an embarrassing moment when someone walks by before your nuke could dissipate it's radiation?


I'm here to help you with this simple rule of thumb: The smell can never beat the ventilation. For example, you could drop a Defcon 1 Hiroshima Suzuki Yamato Canon A-Bomb but if you're in an open parking lot with a nice cross breeze you better believe that the chances of collateral damage are slim to none. However, try shooting a simple Defcon 5 Non Bio-Chemical Smart Bomb in an enclosed room and you and your loved ones will surely pay the price.

The test: For your benefit I took this theory and tested it out. I used three different locations with three very different air flows: Walmart, McDonalds, & my Car. To make the test fair i used a controlled gas release of approximately 2-4 seconds with a maximum of 1-2 bursts. After releasing flatulence I inhaled the surrounding gas infused air in intervals of 2 seconds. We will refer to the point of being able to notice gas "Danger" and the point of not being able to notice gas "Safety". Here's what I got. In Walmart with a 3 second double burst it took 2 seconds to enter the danger zone and approximately 30 seconds to reach the point of safety. Not bad, the window for collateral damage was only 28 seconds. Mcdonalds test received similar results with a window of only 20 seconds. With a 2 second single burst it took 4 seconds to enter the danger zone and approximately 24 seconds to reach the point of safety. The last test, my car, proved to a be a challenging test with an enormous window for collateral damage. With a 4 second single burst it took 2 seconds to reach the danger zone and approximately 1 minute to reach the point of safety. That's nearly a minute window! The tests were completed and the conclusion proved the theory to be true.

Conclusion: Don't fart in the car you bastards!!

Some other things to keep in mind. Windows of collateral damage can be reduced by your surrounding temperature and smell. Example: Farting in the seafood section of an Asian market, OK. Farting in a dry sauna, NOT OK. Also, windows of collateral damage can be reduced by actions such as fanning and "crop dusting" which is the passing of flatulence over an area causing the gas to clean air ratio per cubic foot to increase in favor of the clean air.

Until next time: Be mindful of your surrounding and cautious of civilians

Disclaimer, none of the tests actually occurred lol. I am a failed scientist

yar yar ay yar

Funny From Facebook:

FUCK PERIODS...............................

Mutha Russia is learning how to cook! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(time passes)
Mudbutt -_-

ICA is having a fiesta this weekend, our family along with Christine and Judy's family are in charge of the Vietnamese Booth, time to wow some white folk. It'll be in Monrovia just north of Albertsons on Huntington, come out and support yall! Tip enough and i might sing and dance while wearing the communist hat!

Something really gets on my nerves but i forgot what it was...

Under Construction

As you can see, BiA is currently under construction.

Submit your ideas for the new layout now!
No idea is too extreme!!!

JuMex: Is it worth it to drive to a cheaper gas station that's farther?

This post will probably be the most useful of the JuMex topics ever. Don't worry, next time I promise that JuMex will return to being totally useless.

Thanks to Excel, I can quickly do some calculations on when it is a good deal to go to a farther gas station. The equation at the core is simple (money saved at station) - (money spent to drive there). This chart is calculated at the current gas price of $4.00. For example if you buy ten gallons of gas at a station that is 10 cents cheaper than another station, you have saved 10*0.10 = 1 dollar. And if your car's gas mileage is 25 mpg, and the gas station is 3 miles farther (6 miles round trip), then the cost of you driving to that station is 4/25*6= .96 dollars. That means you save 1.00 - 0.96 = 4 cents. Hardly worth your time. Of course when you fill up a big SUV (20 gallons) you save more and so it makes driving farther worth it. A bigger gas price differential (20 cents instead of 10 cents) also makes driving farther ok. A car with better mileage (like say a Prius at 40 mpg) also makes driving farther worth it. The total opposite makes you lose the most money. It's not worth driving a SUV to a station 5 miles away that's only ten cents cheaper to only fill up ten gallons. You will lose 1 dollar and 67 cents.

As I said before, this chart is based on $4.00 gas. As the cost of gas drops down, you are able to drive to a farther station and still break even. The reason is that gas stations keep an absolute price difference, not a relative percentage difference. When a certain Arco is 4.00, a certain Chevron is 4.20. When that Arco is 2.50, that Chevron is 2.70. The difference is still always 20 cents. Which means as gas prices drop, you save more money at the cheaper station because the percentage saved is larger. The opposite is also true, as gas prices rise, a 10 cent differential means nothing to the total cost of your car's tank. To give you an example, if gas at Costco cost $75.10 and gas at Chevron cost $75.25, would anyone bother to save a measly 2 dollars when a full tank costs 1125 dollars? Hell NO.

Useful website:

Some Relationship Advice for Ladies

Finally, something not sarcastic.... NOT. No really here's some useful information. Pulled of course, from "Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus".

How can you get a man to do something for you? Ask him nicely and give him a reason why you'd like him to do it. You have to ask directly and not subtle-ly because hints to not work, we don't read body language as well. For example, if my mom tells me to vacuum the house, I will do it when it's appropriate for me, like when I'm taking a study break. So I might wait until a couple days later or even the next day. But if she says that I need to vacuum because we have guests coming over in an hour, I will drop what I'm doing and do it right away. Just don't lie. You will be like the boy who cried wolf. Or you need help moving some boxes? Tell the guy that you need help because it's a little too heavy for you. He will be more likely to do it sooner because it shows that his help is actually needed rather than just a case of you being bossy. And this is the most important about asking a guy for your help, thank him with a smile. Women like to feel cherished and loved, men like to feel appreciated and needed.

The reason you need to acknowledge him and not abuse your requests is this: a guy never asks another guy for help (like ask for directions) because he wants to do it himself. So when a guy asks another guy for help, its something rare, and another guy will not turn it down because he knows that guy wouldn't ask for help if he could do it himself. The reason men hate some women is that they are NAGGERS. That's right the N word. They can easily do many things themselves but they just direct or ask for everything. Don't abuse your privileges with your male friends. Sure you can get the pushovers to do anything you want, but a real man will call you out on it. That is why when you ask a man for help, you should give him some reason, it will encourage his subconscious mind and he is more likely to do it. And thanking him after is positive reinforcement.

Also, how do you score points with men? Besides the obvious answers of looking pretty for him and initiating intimacy, you can score huge points with men by being understanding when they have failed. [Example: when Frosty fails to cover me in Battlefield when I defuse the bomb, I'm not gonna call him a crappy sniper. He simply just missed on this one shot.] Guys treat their friends failures with the best possible gift: silence. We pretend that it never happened. So when your guy friend is driving and seems lost, give him some time to figure it out (besides if you're pushing for time, it's most likely your fault that you guys left late). If he's still lost after some time, don't accuse him of anything. Don't say "do you know where you're going?" or "we're lost aren't we?". Instead use neutral words like "this area is confusing, let's pull into that gas station and see if they can help us out". Don't make him feel inferior. Your man will appreciate you and shower you with love. Another thing, if a guy is a bad driver, try to not say anything. But if you feel afraid for your life give him specific things like "please don't follow that car so close, I'm uncomfortable". Don't say "you are a horrible driver!"

Also theres another thing you need to realize. If a guy looks tired or is not talking to you, he's just tired. He's not ignoring you. Guys relieve their stress through quietness, not through talking like women. [example: do you know what guys talk about in the restroom? nothing, we avoid each other and go to the farthest stalls away from each other.] When your boyfriend comes home from a stressful day and you want to talk to him, give him thirty minutes to himself. In fact give him a beer or soda when he walks through the door. He will appreciate it. He needs the quiet to recharge. After that half hour you can talk to him and he will be much more attentive and reciprocating than if you had not given him that quiet time.

Lastly, if you're debating or arguing, realize that we use words literally, not figuratively. If you say "this is the hundredth time you've left the toilet seat up!" I will respond with "no it's like only the seventh time" Or if you say "you never take me out on dates anymore" I will respond with "what I took you out two months ago". What happens is that it ends up worse because while you think that you're giving out a plea for help, you think we are being uncaring. On the otherhand we think we are being reasonable and we think you are batshit crazy. When you are mad at a guy, use literal words and get to the point. There is no way for us to guess what you want.

What makes you look away during a movie?

So I finished watching 127 hours this evening. I thought the movie was a 7 at tops, but this is not a movie review so I'll stick to the topic of "What makes you look away during a movie?" aka got dam this is nasty I can't look at it anymore.

For me, I just could not stand watching the guy stab himself! Granted, I just finished dinner so I was fully loaded, but dam I felt sick watching! I had to stand up and walk in circles to get away from the TV.

2 min 20 seconds is the scene I'm talking about:

I was a bit shocked that my body had this reaction. I now know that I can't stand see someone inflict pain on themselves such as the guy stabbing himself. The blood was fine and dandy. I was telling my sister that I can watch someone being shot and bleeding out, but dam I can't take this stabbing!

So what kind of scenes make you turn away? I know for Andy it would be any scary monster scene. I also know others that couldn't stand watching the neddle pit scene in one of the Saw movies. I'm including the scene below for those that have not seen it.

I found this 127 hours remake with Lego pieces. Pretty funny if you've seen the movie.

awkward moments

we are all aware of the obvious awkward moments that happen to us in our everyday lives. moments like when your walking path happens to meet head on with someone elses walking path or you find out that the guy next to you is spraying the golden rain onto your foot. delicious...

or when you and some other person are going for the same thing like a ball? what do you do? get agressive and get there first? or become passive and let the other person get it. what about when you both decide to do the same thing? oh boy will you two look funny.

or maybe you see a cook exit el bano without washing his manos? do you confront the chef or the manager? do you become agressive and demand that julio be brought to justice? or do you take the alternate route, the less than perfect alternate ending that you must go to special features to see, and risk a possible chance of getting the clap? what do you do? the clap? a risky situation no one wants to be caught up in.

the point of this post isnt to give you valuable knowledge for everyday life or to get your input and opinion. no...this post, like the average post written by yours truly, was made to get you excited and leave you high and dry right before climax like a post op thai lady boy who has revealed its secret mid intercourse....let us hope that awkward moment never happens to any of you.

question time.

1. guy encounters you for your wallet but the guy has a sleeping disorder and falls asleeep mid mugging. you are presented with two options, one you can call the cops and report the incident and the guy will get arrested. or two, you take back your items and walk away. for both scenarios, you were not harmed and you get back all your stuff either way. what do you do?

2. you are out walking your life long friend and best buddy giraffe and suddenly a giant man eatting bird drops in on you out of no where. do you throw your life away for your giraffe or do you live to fight and get revenge another day? note that the bird is trying to feed its new borns and will consider you and your giraffe equally and that violence does not beget violence in this special case.

from my phone. signed. j.frosty

Season Finales!

The best part of May are season finales. On a normal week I enjoy comedy shows over dramas but this is where drama dominates. I won't die if I miss a season finale of Office, but it's blasphemy to miss the season finale of a show like 24. My favorite show right now is The Event, which is alot like 24 crossed with Lost crossed with X Files. Come to think of it, nearly all the shows I watch are on NBC: Event, Law and Order, Office, Outsourced, Community, Parks and Rec. The only exceptions are Family Guy and Modern Family. I don't usually watch TV on TV though, I just head over to

Anyway, I had noticed that many of the comedy shows I like have one character that's a gun nut. He is easily the funniest character on the TV show. I wonder why they stop at only one such character on each show, because BiA alone has 3! Anyway I think these three represent us quite well. There's Charlie from Outsourced (like Frosty - easy going and outdoor loving), Ron from Parks and Rec (like Mac - political and sarcastic), and of course my favorite character, Dwight from Office (like CP - violence prone). Enjoy these clips:

Couldn't find any videos of Charlie on youtube, probably because the show is still in its first season.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards: Are they really as bad as they seem?

Something came up from reading Mac's post and Mutha Russia's comment,
Do people really not like it when they get gift cards?

>> From two perspectives:
What do you think when you see someone getting a gift card as a present?
I know some people who see someone getting a gift card think to themselves "that's a thoughtless gift might as well of gave them cash". That's just not the case for me. I think a gift is a gift regardless of what it is. You have only gained something. That is unless you're having an awesome cool 11th birthday party with all the shindigs and someone gives you something like a bowl... Anyways you'll understand my view from reading the following section of how i feel when i get a gift card.

How do you feel when you are the recipient of a gift card?
The only reason why I don't like gift cards is cause I, myself personally, rather get that value in cash so I can do whatever I want with it and not be restricted to whatever the gift card limits me to. so that whole "might as well of give them cash" is true, YES! Just give me cash! But other than that, I appreciate someone getting me something regardless of what it is. Sure I'd love to have someone get me exactly the thing I wanted but I don't expect people to know what I want, not even my closest friends, so the likeliness of them getting me something I have no use for is between 50%-80%, not to say that I will not use it if it is not useful. That being said, to get me a gift card has already lifted the restrictions of the gift by a great deal bringing the percentage of a gift being "less than useful" to 10%-25%. This percentage is the percentage of someone getting me a gift card to somewhere I would not shop at, like.... Barnes&Noble lmao. But let's say someone did buy me a gift card to Barnes&Noble, the gift is still useful! You can use the gift card to buy something in the store as a present for someone else! The circle of life is completed. So in my opinion gift cards are pretty amazing. But like a boba joint, cash is always king ;P


Next Week's Topic:
Is it ok to use a gift card that was a
present to buy someone else a present?

lol. =P

getting a gift for someone of the opposite gender?

Lesson 1 of me rehashing stuff from the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" to you guys.

It's always easier to get a gift for a male acquaintance than a female one. It's because guys like gifts that are gadget-ty or something activity related. If you don't know the guy at all, you can give stuff that most guys can use, for example... some speakers for a computer, a blender, an electric powered stapler, a fancy pen/laser pointer combo. Basically a guy will like any gadget and gizzmo. Just walk through a Staples or Best Buy. Think of something a guy would like to have but does have to have. Those make the best gifts. And they are available at any price range from $10-$100. It's so easy to get a cool gift for a guy you don't know. For example I got a Zippo from Frosty for Christmas. This was such a good gift. Why is it, you girls are wondering? 1- It looks cool and makes a cool sound 2- it has a function. Those are the two reasons why guys love gadget gifts. But this was a special case because Frosty knows I like military memorabilia like this, even if I don't smoke at all. So I've used the Zippo on everything, from fireworks to scented candles. In fact, you can say I go out of way to light things on fire just to use it. So even though the Zippo doesn't have a high functionality to my every day life, it doesn't matter. I think of things I can use it on, just to use it. Guys are like that.

Of course this gift was more personal because Frosty knows me. If you know a guy as an aficionado of something, you can give him a related gift. Like a basketball for the baller, some ankle weights for the iron man, or an airsoft gun for the gun nut (you know how women can never have too many shoes... yeah well this is the same case here). But it's the same idea, all these gifts have a function. Also it's something he may have wanted but not have to have. If you get something of a necessity, he already probably has it. One last thing, stay clear of self-help books, unless you guys are best friends and it's a joke. Women may like these type of gifts, but men take offense to it. It's insulting their pride and capabilities.

Girls are a much harder type to get gifts for if you know nothing about them. They like something that has an emotional meaning between the two people. You can give a girl flowers and she will feel special because the flowers are beautiful, and so you make her feel beautiful, and therefore she is happy. If you give flowers to a guy, he will think... great now I have to give this water, which will do nothing but slow down the inevitable demise of these already dead plants. Anyway, the emotion part means its hard to give an acquaintance a gift because you know nothing about her. And the double fail is that if you try to give her something you consider nice, she might think of it the wrong way. Examples... a girl likes you and shes been giving you signals and on her birthday you give her some flowers. But you only like her as a friend, which makes this gift a very bad idea. Or let's say your mom tells you the house is dirty, that's a hint that she wants you to clean it up. But you buy her a new super vacuum machine. You'd think this would make her happy because it's functional and looks cool (has a see-through vortex suction window) But women don't think that way. This gift just means you're a bastard who expects her to do your dirty work.

It's ironic that some gifts that women like the most can be totally useless in function. This is why flowers and scrapbooks work for women and not for men. It's all about the emotion in the gift. This is the reason why women appreciate self help books, they think you care enough about them to help them improve. You still need to be sensitive though, you can't give her a gym membership. So to review, women like a gift because 1- it reminds them of something about the other person 2 - it looks beautiful 3 - it makes them feel beautiful.

Here's another example of our gender differences: birthday cards. A girl will like a birthday card with pretty pictures and caring words from their friend. They will saw "awww" and hug their friend. She appreciates her friend for making her feel important and special. A guy will like a birthday card that opens up and has some funny song or disgusting picture. The guy is to make him laugh or say "eww what the hell". Either way, the guy will give a high five or fist pound to his buddy who gave him the card. He appreciates his friend for making him laugh.

Obviously, the monetary value of a gift always puts more meaning into the gift. That gift will be more cool and have more function for guys. And for women they represent the hard work the friend put into buying this gift, which reminds them of how special they are.

Here's an example of a big fight that happened between my friends because this guy and his girlfriend didn't understand how the other gender works. On his birthday, she took him to a place where they make pottery with their own hands. That is such a lame thing for a guy to go through. She should have known better. But he also should have known that his gf did it as a nice gesture, although in a wrong way for a male. So instead of gently pointing it out, he accused her of making him sit through the boring pottery lesson and wasting his day where he turned down a day with friends. Needless to say there was a huge argument which could have been avoided if they understood who each other's minds worked.


Well this knowledge helps me with getting gifts for my mom and close friends, but what about female acquaintances? I know nothing about them so I don't what to get. What are examples of stuff that girls like? Women of BiA please let me know what are good gifts for a girl I don't know too well. I look forward to your comments.

stuff to keep me occupied since Playstation Network went down

I've been reading more, and I find it alot cheaper to borrow books from the library than to buy them. But on the way out from the library, I saw a large pile of books that were for sale. I decided to go through the pile and I found some gems for one dollar. There was an Atlas of the World, a relationship book similar to "men are from mars, women are from venus", and the first Twilight book. Yes freaking Twilight. Why would I read this? Because its not classy and super ignorant to be bashing something that I've never read. I may have said that Edward looks like a douche (because all you need to do is see a picture or trailer) but I've never said Twilight the book was lame. So I will eventually read this book and give you a review. This better not be one of those "porn for women" books where it goes: "and so Bella indulged in her fantasy, to be with two men at the same time: Edward was cleaning and Jacob was cooking". To be fair, if the book IS like that, I will read it all the way through before giving it a review. That relationship book is also very interesting, I just got it a few days ago and I almost finished reading it. I don't claim to be a relationship expert but I'll have some posts on interesting stuff I learned that may help you guys (and girls) too.

Anyway, with PSN down I finally opened the Gran Turismo 5 case and started playing. I think I'm in love with racing games again. It's repetitive but I like challenging myself to get better lap times. The cool thing about this game is that they have alot of "normal" cars like Civics and get this, even a Prius. I wouldnt have as much fun if all I can drive are super fast cars. I'd like to know how a normal car operates at fast speeds and sharp corners. Also with all the tuning options it allows you to really preview how a car's performance inproves when you tune it. And it's not bullshit, they spend weeks at a time to just model one car's physics. So when I bought my Mazda 3 in the game and started racing it, I have high confidence that it can train me for real life, if I ever need the skills :-) Here's a 11 minute gameplay video of me showing you a "crash" course in how to get faster lap times.

Easy Mac and Jumex: car edition

The following receives BiA's Easy Mac Seal of Approval:

Imagine you're riding with me when the car gets hit by a drive-by and I'm incapacitated. Or if you're in a Ferrari dealership when zombies start attacking. You need to be get away, but you don't know how to drive stick! It's okay, I'll teach you. Just remember these five easy steps and you'll be able to zoom away on first gear (allows up to 30 miles per hour).

Step 1: Press down all the way on the clutch (the left most pedal) and keep it down until the last step. Step 2: Insert key and turn on engine. Step 3: Get the stick into first gear, by pulling left then pushing up. Step 4: Press down on the gas all the way and hold it down (at this point the car will be very loud and you won't be moving yet). Step 5: Let go of the clutch (now your tires will smoke and you will launch off). Forgot to add to the picture, the first step should be to release the hand brake if its engaged. Congratulations, you just burned the clutch and tires, but at least you didn't stall the engine (happens when there's not enough gas input).


The following receives BiA's Jumex Seal of Approval:

Lowered cars look cool. Sure speedbumps and ramps are the arch nemesis of lowered cars, but at least you get increased performance. The lower center of gravity gives your car better control and stability. Lowering springs cost anywhere from $200 to $1000 depending on quality. But I notice that when I drive a car full of people and gear in the trunk, my car looks like it's been lowered:

And then I realize, why waste so much money on lowering springs? Why not just fill the car with more weight, like say, a couple bags of concrete from Home Depot that cost a few bucks? Sure the car's performance will suck and the mileage will suffer greatly, but it will look so COOL. This is almost as good an idea as those geniuses who put wing spoilers on their Honda Civics.

Until next time, pinch those pennies and find creative solutions!

Review Time

Sorry for the long awaited post. I know you're all dying to hear from frosty ;)

First, some music to compliment the post
..Dance to this!..

Random Updates:
-Bought a PS3, not long after, PSN
-Got a new phone, sidekick 4g & new number.
-9 Months later, still best decision i've ever made
-That mpg booster thing is looking like a scam.
-Want to airsoft or paintball again.
-Plans to turn bed into Couch/Bed in the summer are under way.
-Looking for a full-time/part-time job.
-Chocolate Smoothie from starbucks is the devil
-Starting to workout for the summer again.
-Sooooooo ready for summer!
-Still want to become a cop or join the military
-Loki is in a better place
-I really want a "punisher" style colt 1911
-Willy Bob is graduating, she's gonna get a nice surprising sign at her graduation....
- Switched from Cable to Dsl/Direct Tv. Dislike!
-After our cooking competition, I wish the group would do a monthly BBQ or potluck.

Food Reviews:
Market Grill: Well you all know, this place is bomb. Seriously though, try the felafel burger, it's really pretty good and definitely will fill you up. That gassy side effect isn't that bad ;)

Zen Buffet: For about the same price as HomeTown Buffet, this place is a great change from the classic American buffet. They serve a variety of food from seafood to chinese cuisine and even sushi. The sushi selection and quality isn't as good as the sushi you would find in a sushi bar but for the price and unlimited eat-till-you-drop quantities it isn't anything to complain about. They are also a restaurant so you may also order food other than the buffet, so if you did want above average tasting food or sushi you can buy it. The group should definitely hit this place up. I think overall we'd like it more than Soup Plantation (They've got fried rice Chris!)

JFrosty's Always Good Movie Reviews:
Fast Five: 10/10. All star line up bring the heat. Sad but acceptable change from their street racing roots to a high adrenaline action packed featured film, right down my alley. Even with all this change, at least sexy former break dancer Vin Diesel kept his shotgun! =D

Insidious: 8.5/10. "OH SH!T...*claps* That was good, That was good" A very well made horror/thriller with a surprising twisty ending. Still not as scary or mind raping as the Ring or the Grudge. =P

Soul Surfer: 8/10 An inspiring story of a surfer who learn to adapt and continue her dreams after being a victim of a shark attack. Good movie if you're into surfing or shark attacks.

Thor: TBA
Priests: TBA

Until next time Ballers!

(click to enlarge)
I want another photoshoot


Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's....reading...this...... tf am i doing...

No Mas!

This is a emergency broadcast. werrrrrrrrrr eeeeeeee innnnnnnnnn ... ... ... werrrrrrrrrr eeeeeeeee er er er errrrrrr ... ... ...

Since Slacking from the holiday season, it's time to get back into shape.
No mercy, only will power. Let's go ballers, like yo mama taught you!!!

Here is a quick workout you can practice to help you get started:


Tone those arms, blend those tan lines, trim those pubes!

Summer is around the corner, don't get left behind!

Things are going downhill when...

**This one is dedicated to Mac.

politics boring to you? not when I put a spin on it

Politics is really interesting when you watch people and see what they do. The bills and laws and compromising process are painfully boring to follow, but watching people interact is always fun.

Ceci's blog had a video of Seth Meyers roasting the president and guests, but i had no idea Obama went up before him. And I must say Obama does a better delivery than Meyers. Meyers stutters too much and a comedian should not laugh or smile at his own jokes. Anyway I'm not a huge fan of Obama's policies, but I genuinely like the man. He's down to earth and I can see how much he cares for the average American. And you gotta love how he just smiles through his roasting, not like Trump who looked like he wanted to choke someone to death. This is why I'm proud to be an American, not because we killed someone but because we have freedom of speech. Thank you first amendment! (second only to the second, of course).

In other news, Prince Charles met President Obama at the White House this week. Did you know that you can pretty much write an essay off any picture you see? It's all in the details... First, I love how they are sitting underneath a painting of George Washington, pretty much a subtle way of saying "Amurica! Fuck Yeah! So lick my butt and suck on my balls! Amurica! Fuck Yeah!" gotta love that song... Second, did Prince Charles bring that tea cup from England? Can the royal family not be stereotyped for just one picture? Third, the prince should have a red tie and Obama should have a blue tie. Why change history? This goes against everything I learned about the Revolutionary War in elementary school. Red = bad guys, let's keep it that way okay? Fourth, LMAO is that grape drink on the table for Obama? 2012 SAT analogy... UK : US :: Tea : Grape Drink. Fifth, the basket of apples probably symbolizes the relationship between England and America. The New World did not have apples until the first apple orchard was established in Boston in you guessed it, New England. From there on, Johnny Appleseed spread apples throughout the New World to become the most widespread fruit ever, sort of how Americans and Brits spread English to be the most powerful language in the world. Sixth, those bushes shouldnt be up there, because there is a 27% chance that a Vietcong is hiding behind it. This room was clearly vetted by amateur Secret Service agents, the type that die all the time in episodes of 24. Seventh, look at how Obama crosses his legs. A man should cross his legs with his ankles making contact with his supporting knee, not knee over knee. Ankle over knee means that you are allowing sufficient space for your massive sex organ. Now our enemies know that Great Warlord Obama is not as great as originally thought. This is the sign that Osama bin Laden's followers have been waiting for to launch their next attacks. Good job, White House chief of media, the blood of thousands of Americans will be on your hands. Finally, I'm pretty sure the two leaders ended the summit by singing this same song, with different lyrics:

why... it's almost as if one was copied from the other. those Brits be stealing our music. Like how Berkeley stole UCLA's fight song. damn those British brutes and NorCal hippies!

Counter Arguement?

This Bin laden stuff is raising many views and arguments.
i found this on FB, but the source will have to stay anonymous

"And additionally, I REJOICE IN THE DEATH OF OSAMA BIN LADEN. If you don't, it's your choice, but I find you to be less intelligent for it, not more compassionate. Compassion for evil? That's ridiculous."

what do you think?

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Loving Your Enemies?

I'm going to try to keep this to the point. I was going to make a post last night but a whole day allows me to put me my reasoning together after thinking about all point of views. It is indeed good that Osama bin Laden was found and exterminated, but I am not one for dancing in the streets. Before I can tell you why that is, I need to tell you a little background for you to understand me.

I am not a pacifist. I emphasize being strong and arming yourself to defend yourself and those you love. However I also advocate forgiveness. You should try to reach out to your enemy and make peace. But as history has shown countless times, not everyone has reason and rationality. Maybe their reason and rationality has been affected by hatred or vengeance. Maybe they're just crazy. I would not feel guilty for killing a zombie or a pirate to defend myself because they both lack the ability to love.

But those are the easy cases; not everything is so black and white. There are so many cases where theres no "bad guy" or "good guy". Every battle in history has involved young men killing each other that could have been best friends in normal life. But it's so easy for society to brainwash someone into fighting because they are the "good side". I'm a sucker for glory and honor and being a brother in arms. I have always had dreams of being a soldier for those reasons. Anyone who is a fan of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings knows what I mean. It just feels awesome to fight against evil.

However if you look at a war from outside the box, at the individual soldier level, there is no bad guy. A soldier like me, one who fights for his family and teammates, will have no choice but to kill someone who shoots at me. The enemy could have been just like me, someone who helped his community to be a better place. He had no choice but to go to battle against me. If I happen to kill him, I couldn't find it in myself to gloat. It's an unfortunate necessity, so to celebrate death is wrong. The soldiers who take pictures with dead combatants in Iraq are assholes. How is that any different from the terrorists who drag civilian truckers' bodies through the streets?

So you wonder what position I take? Thus far in my life, I realize to be a pacifist is to be a fool. But to live by the sword also means to die by the sword. You know those Chinese war dramas with people flying around? As a teenager I always thought it was lame how they built up storylines where both were good guys but they were just destined to fight each other because they were heroes for warring kingdoms. It never made sense to me because I didn't know who to root for. Of course one of them has to die, but he gets a proper funeral and eulogy from the opposing hero. Some other examples are Achilles vs Hector and Naruto vs Pain. I love the movie Troy and the Naruto manga because they explain both characters and why they do what they do. Both do what they believe is good. When you are outside the box, there really is no bad side. Who is to say what we believe is good and what the enemy believes is bad? Of course we think what we do is good because it is the result of growing up in our culture. The extremists also believe what they do is good.

In the end we have to fight the terrorists, and they have to fight us. I accept that. I have to defend my way of life, and they have to defend theirs. I'd be happy to leave the terrorists alone with however they want to live, but their way of life insists on making me worship the same god as them and killing innocent people. And so we must fight. But everything we do must be done with the purpose and hope of ultimate peace through love. Violence for the sake of violence or "killing them all" will never solve anything because you cannot kill everyone. Wars will always leave orphans that vow revenge.

To end the cycle of hate we have to understand the enemy. We may not ever come to terms with them, but our actions can change the next generation. They are brainwashed by hate, and so only love can change them. It will take a long time, even some generations, but I believe it can happen. We need to reach out to our enemies with a hand of peace every chance we get, and only defend ourselves if absolutely necessary. If we are content with watching cool videos of airplanes taking off from carriers and cruise missiles launching from submarines, and yelling "Hell yeah kill those motherfuckers" (my exact quote as a 9th grader after 9/11)... nothing will ever change.

It took me nearly ten years after 9/11 to see that my views were flawed. We have to try to see outside the box, outside the "drunk glasses" that our culture has put on us. Did the people yelling "USA USA" think how video of themselves will make potential future terrorists think of us? How about neutral countries like China? Or Europeans? It makes us look like dicks. I don't care if the man is a mass murderer, just because someone deserves death doesn't mean you celebrate it. I remember the rage boiling inside me when I saw videos of Muslim people celebrating the deaths of 9/11. I swear if I was 18 at that time (with my 14 year old mentality) I would have joined the military right then and there. Our celebrations are encouraging future violence. Yes Osama died, now we should work towards making peace with his disciples. But our actions so far are doing the opposite.

I don't blame people for celebrating. We are all made differently, but people need to know the consequences of their actions. I don't blame the father who shoots his daughter's killer in the back. Even though it's justified, it's still murder. Osama might have deserved to die, but cheering his death still looks classless.

I was annoyed by the updated Facebook statuses of people cheering his death. I almost decided to mock them all with a status update of "WOOOO NATIONALISM!!" How can some people say "it's a good day to be an American". That's something you say when you land on the moon or get every kid to be literate, not when one man is killed. Blind patriotism is a dangerous thing. What's next, Obama throwing a parade in front of the White House like this?

Okay so I exaggerated with the Hitler comparison. But you gotta admit, the Nazis with their shiny helmets and boots look BADASS. Germans probably thought they were the shit, and they probably thought. "if we put our mind to it, Nazi Germany can accomplish anything, and not just because of our wealth and power."

When watching the Obama speech and celebrations with me, even my 13 year old brother has the foresight to tell me "how stupid, what are other countries going to thing of us?" Never discount the world's perception of us. That plus learning history can give us a gauge of how we're doing as a nation. If you ignore those two, you are content to live inside your bubble and be lead astray by mob mentality.

Old enemies can become good friends, all you need is perseverance and some time. Example from history: France and England treated Germany like shit with insane demands of war repayments after World War I. You know what happened. The US didn't demand any war repayment from Japan after WWII. In fact we spent a fortune in Japan to help them rebuild their country. And look at our relationship now. We're good allies. We give them F-15s, and they give us PS3s. Although they are fools, they do not know that PS3s are much more valuable than F-15s. Obama finally got the time to go after Osama because the Playstation Network is down.

Pictured: a pathetic F-15, whose air to air combat kill ratio is ONLY 100+ kills to 0 shot down. I'll give you respect when you get a thousand kills (which is about half of Rambo's kills in Rambo 4)


Meh who am I kidding, I'm gonna indulge in some patriotism for the next few minutes while singing along to this song lol