What makes you look away during a movie?

So I finished watching 127 hours this evening. I thought the movie was a 7 at tops, but this is not a movie review so I'll stick to the topic of "What makes you look away during a movie?" aka got dam this is nasty I can't look at it anymore.

For me, I just could not stand watching the guy stab himself! Granted, I just finished dinner so I was fully loaded, but dam I felt sick watching! I had to stand up and walk in circles to get away from the TV.

2 min 20 seconds is the scene I'm talking about:

I was a bit shocked that my body had this reaction. I now know that I can't stand see someone inflict pain on themselves such as the guy stabbing himself. The blood was fine and dandy. I was telling my sister that I can watch someone being shot and bleeding out, but dam I can't take this stabbing!

So what kind of scenes make you turn away? I know for Andy it would be any scary monster scene. I also know others that couldn't stand watching the neddle pit scene in one of the Saw movies. I'm including the scene below for those that have not seen it.

I found this 127 hours remake with Lego pieces. Pretty funny if you've seen the movie.


J.Frosty said...

lmao. watching the lego guy cut his arm off with a smile was entertaining =P

unfortunately for me, this scene was still not enough to make me look away. nothing seems too gory anymore

CP said...

Not even Borat running around naked? Dam jon you're the man!

Mac OBryan said...

i didnt walk away nor look away, but i flinch when i saw 127. so it does make me uncomfortable