awkward moments

we are all aware of the obvious awkward moments that happen to us in our everyday lives. moments like when your walking path happens to meet head on with someone elses walking path or you find out that the guy next to you is spraying the golden rain onto your foot. delicious...

or when you and some other person are going for the same thing like a ball? what do you do? get agressive and get there first? or become passive and let the other person get it. what about when you both decide to do the same thing? oh boy will you two look funny.

or maybe you see a cook exit el bano without washing his manos? do you confront the chef or the manager? do you become agressive and demand that julio be brought to justice? or do you take the alternate route, the less than perfect alternate ending that you must go to special features to see, and risk a possible chance of getting the clap? what do you do? the clap? a risky situation no one wants to be caught up in.

the point of this post isnt to give you valuable knowledge for everyday life or to get your input and opinion. no...this post, like the average post written by yours truly, was made to get you excited and leave you high and dry right before climax like a post op thai lady boy who has revealed its secret mid intercourse....let us hope that awkward moment never happens to any of you.

question time.

1. guy encounters you for your wallet but the guy has a sleeping disorder and falls asleeep mid mugging. you are presented with two options, one you can call the cops and report the incident and the guy will get arrested. or two, you take back your items and walk away. for both scenarios, you were not harmed and you get back all your stuff either way. what do you do?

2. you are out walking your life long friend and best buddy giraffe and suddenly a giant man eatting bird drops in on you out of no where. do you throw your life away for your giraffe or do you live to fight and get revenge another day? note that the bird is trying to feed its new borns and will consider you and your giraffe equally and that violence does not beget violence in this special case.

from my phone. signed. j.frosty


Mac OBryan said...

1. call the cops, then teabag him

2. live another day

Willy Bob said...

1. Take back my items while calling the cops and having my foot ready to kick him in the nuts in the event that he wakes up.

2. I'd bolt outta there and try to take giraffe with me.

CP said...

1) fart on his face, take his belongings and throw it away, use him as a punching bag, compare penis sizes, then call cops.

2) Run with giraffe but if it comes down to my life or giraffe, bird can take giraffe. Go open carry for the rest of my life in hopes of confronting this beast so I can take take revenge.