New Co-operative Game

What's the only two player game more fun than flying an attacking helicopter with a friend in Battlefield 3? Now you can play two player co-op tetris with a friend on a giant NES controller!

Superior or Douche

So i recently bought a soldering iron from radio shack and it wasn't the best but it was all i needed. Came in a small little kit that included some goodies. Days pass and one use later I find myself with a no longer usable soldering iron, the tip had shat itself. It seemed like the perfect time to read the reviews lol, looks like it was a common problem, chet! I wasn't too angry, it was a cheap soldering iron and would only cost about two bucks to fix.

Incident Begin:
So i went to radio shack with the carbon covered soldering iron, what could've been mistaken as a prison shank to some, to buy the replacement part. Asked the employee if the limited lifetime warranty (a subject that will be covered in another post) covered the soldering iron. Employee looked at the soldering iron and said "if it's in 30 days". Woohoo! it was, but i didn't have a receipt, i didn't have anything in my hands except a dirty dead soldering iron....duuuuuuuu me

The employee asked me if i could bring him the same soldering iron off the shelf. I thought he was going to cross check the two soldering irons, new in package and used, but when he got it he opened up the package and replaced the new one with my old one. He looked at me and said "i'll just tell my boss i found it like this," I immediately thanked him and he said "cause i remember selling it to you"

So to me this guy is Superior! But to the boss, if he ever finds out, this guy is a douche. I Salute you Radio Shack man for sticking up for the little man!


Life is all about balance. People should be a little bit of everything, to enjoy as many things as possible and to understand as many people as possible. So here's a list off the top of my head.

Balance between working and playing. Balance between science and arts. Balance between taking shots and driving to the basket. Balance between driving to the left and driving to the right. Balance between serious and playful. Balance between a katana sword and a sushi knife. Balance between playing with bunnies and playing with "bunnies". Balance between giving honest advice and not hurting someone's feelings. Balance between holding your ground and giving way. Balance between respecting elders and doing what you want to do. Balance between being a lady's man and being a man's man. Balance between being the helicopter pilot in BF3 and being the gunner while your friend crashes the helicopter. Balance in telling lame jokes and telling dirty jokes. Balance in being a dreamer and being a do-er. Balance in eating sugary cereal and eating boring cereal. Balance in making a fool of yourself and gaining the respect of others. Balance in being wise and being youthful.

the list goes on and on...

Melodica 90s Megamix

It's quite funny that almost everyone in my family knows how to play a musical instrument, except me. I played the Oboe for 1/2 year in middle school and quit, because I don't recall why (probably was not confident in my skills to wield it).

So my youngest brother, music star in my family, bought a Melodica instrument (basically a crossover from a piano, harmonica, and a woodwind instrument) a while back and he enjoyed playing with it. I have a recording of him playing the first 30 seconds of Careless Whisper on my phone and it sounds pretty good.

Anyway, he showed me a video today of someone else on youtube using the instrument to do a 90s Megamix and well, listen and see how many of these songs you recognize (mostly from the dance and techno era).


Show Stoppa

Enrolled in a Modern Language class to complete my Themed courses, the class is Aging and Literature.

Pretty interesting class and a lot of things being learned. One of the main things that struck me were about parents wanting their kids to be successful in life. And not only being successful but more successful than the parents were. Which is true, most parents work hard to give their kids a good future and a chance at a great future. This is how we were all raised, to strive to make it bigger than our parents.

My teacher then went on to explain to us, the class, how this way of growing up just isn't possible anymore. The country is running out of room in the white collar level job industry because of all the people and parents, or something like that lol. She said it was sad that it's economically impossible, with an exception here and there, to really succeed our parents.

Kind of kills yours dreams huh? I guess not everyone can be a doctor ;). What do you think?

Insane jump in viewership

(click thumbnail to enlarge picture)

November had 1,182 views which was normal for the past year. December jumped up to 3,759 views, and so far January has 4,751 views. I can think of two reasons why and Frosty is to credit for both. He figured out how to plan future autoposts which allowed us to easily ensure at least one post a day. He also switched to dynamic layout, which allow people to see alot of material. Lastly, our site is so full of variety that we get all bunch of stragglers from google. Thank you visitors and enjoy your stay!


You know what Melts my Frosty?

Tricky Mudabitches in a parking lot/structure. I'm talking about the people who make eye contact with you as you signal to take their spot so they speed up and get to their car making you think "oh good! they'll be out quick" but end up looking at themselves in the mirror for three to four minutes before they even turn the car on. Why you gotta trick me like that!? duuuuuuuu me mang!

Whats an immoral pleasure seeker?

Here's a little hump day laugh! :D

Superior or Douche!

I give to you another event in which you can decide the subject is superior or douche!

Today I had to help my dad install a water heater at someone's house. Skip some details, we're at Home Depot doing some water heating shopping. First event incident, I was looking for some heat shrink but it took some time to find an employee to assist me and when i found one he had no idea what i was talking about. Second event incident, after failing to assist me the employee scrambled to find another employee to assist me. Third event incident, repeat incidents one and two lol. Fourth event incident, finally got what i was looking for! Fifth event incident, got some plywood cut, first two cuts are free and any additional cuts are 25 cents each. Employee gave me 4 cuts for free, Superior!. Sixth and final event incident, as i'm waiting near a cashier for my dad to pick something up real quick this white guy is walking to the front with an unhappy aura about him, while mumbling something under his breath about no one in sight to assist him. He walks straight to a lady cashier who is sharing a conversation with another cashier (both of which have no one to ring up) and says to her "Get over there *points at the lady's cash register* and get back to work"

Let's stop here, it's clear that the guy was a little frustrated about his visit and took it out on the cashier but what we don't get from this is that he also had his son (i assume) helping him. So while he is talking down to the cashier his son is standing there in embarrassment. That's two accounts of Douche'n for the Dad in my book.

As the cashier hesitantly rings the guy up she is showered with "You guys need to work" and "That's the problem here", all of which she just let's pass. As the guy finishes up his purchase the cashier tells the guy that he is rude and he responds with... "I'm a nice guy"...... Strike Three! Three accounts of Douche'n for the Dad and that's life in the book of douches. GG Ya Bastard!

Best actor ever

Sure good actors like Johnny Depp can play many different characters, but can he act many different ways with the same glare? I think not. Steven Seagal is the MAN.

Happy New Year

So I learned something new today. The "Happy New Year" song played on Vietnamese radio was made by ABBA, the American disco group. I had no clue, I thought it was a song made popular on Paris by Night or something. Second thing, from reading Tet traditions on wikipedia, this song is super popular in Vietnam during Tet. I didn't really believe it I saw the comments on the below video. Things like "Happy New Year from Hai Phong City". This is pretty funny, it's almost kinda like Borat and "Everybody Dance Now".

Giving It a 2nd Shot

I had previously mentioned that the Cleveland Show was kind of lame, but that was before I got to the second season. I think the writers got the message that fans need something between Family Guy and the Simpsons, not another King of the Hill. Getting through the first season on netflix was miserable, but if you haven't watched it yet, jumped ahead to the second season. There are finally moments where I laugh as hard and spontaneously as American Dad The Cleveland Show is being more random and funny, but still keeps reality based story lines. You also cannot imagine the amount of cameos and guest stars they have in this show. With Cleveland quality going up, and FG quality going down, I dare say I might enjoy next season's Cleveland Show more than next season's Family Guy. Here's some stuff from season 2:


Pretty good =]

Stuff I watched on Hulu Plus

Over Christmas, I used my one month free trial of Hulu Plus to watch these shows. Since it just expired I will share what I watched and what I thought of them.

Up All Night. Currently in season one, I caught up to current episodes. Starring Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame and Christina Applegate of Married with Children fame. I give it a 5/10. It's not really funny, and Arnett plays too much of a straight man, which ruins his talent for being a funny doofus. But it is heartwarming, centering around raising a baby. While I don't care if I miss episodes, I don't mind sitting through it.

American Dad. I watched Season 6, right now season 7 is on TV. I give it 9/10. I love American Dad.

New Girl. Currently in season one, I caught up to current episodes. I took this on advice from Ceci. Zooey Daschanel (sp?) is lovable, but I don't really like the dead-pan acting. It reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld the show was built on the genius of Kramer and George. Jerry himself was sooooo lame. Example: "why does milk expire? what's the deal with that people?!" *plays corny seinfeld string riff*. But this show is watchable because she reminds me of my inner dork, and it's funny seeing how her three male roommates interact. Reminds me too much of our group. I give this show 7.5/10

BiA Black Out

Imagine a world without pointless rants, and SBD comedy...

To join the world community (and to copy Google and Wikipedia) BiA is shut down today to protest PIPA and SOPA. You can take our media and communication, but you can never take our..... FRRRREEEEEDDDOOMMMMaaaaaggghhh

Thank My Lucky Stars: Fresh & Easy

I'm so grateful that Fresh & Easy Supermarkets use normal shoppers in their commercials, not famous celebrities. This saves money on their commercials from which they can directly pass on the savings to me. I don't care that Ralph's used Tom Cruise in their commercial, or that Von's used Brad Pitt. The bottom line is price, thanks Fresh & Easy!

Video Editing

A small video i put together using some footage i had previously recorded. Used adobe after effects, adobe premiere pro, adobe bridge, and adobe media encoder. The first step into the video world! =]

This Makes Me Gears Grind (Direct copy of Bryan’s Grinds My Gear Segment)

So as some of you heard in mass today, my uncle’s mom died (Chu Khiet’s mom). She was my grandmother’s sister. Luckily Joe explained to me how we are related in terms that I can understand. My relationship with this person is equivalent to Aaron and Mai’s relationship with Bryan’s mom, which they also call Ba. Uh Ah!

So like tradition, before mass the person reads the mass intentions. There were a good amount of “Xin le cho linh hon Maria, moi qua doi.” It really makes me gears grind when they repeat “moi qua doi” three plus times in a roll. Each time I hear it, I just want to stand up with a shocked face like OMG! Moi qua doi?!?! I think announcing it once is plenty good enough, the moi qya doi part that is. Another thing that is annoying is when they xin le for someone that died in Vietnam. They always have to say “moi qua doi tai Vietnam.” My reaction would always be, oh thank goodness it’s not the linh hon Maria in America that I know… Our Vietnamese traditions can be very funny…

Anyways I wanted to share a little bit of what I know of Ba aka linh hon Maria. I didn’t have much of a relationship with her, but I will always remember her as the Ba that really loved my mom. Once in a while, she would take candy and fruit from her house, wrap it up in a napkin and brings it to church for my mom. Of course every time she brings it, my mom would say no please don’t bring it because I can’t eat it. Ba’s response would always be the same, “then give it to your boys!.” When I was younger, I loved her sneaker bars! I will also remember her as a extremely strong lady that survived breast cancer and a robbery which they tried to kill her, all of this in Vietnam where the hospital system is nowhere as good as ours. Now that’s a strong lady!

Now this last part, I hope will pull on the heart strings of those that read this. My other uncle whom doesn’t go to our church has been taking his mother’s hospitalization not very well. It has really messed up his head. For the past week prior to her passing, he would not be able to sleep and would always cry out at night for his mother, “Ma oy, ma oy.” The hours prior to her passing, he was at her bedside saying his goodbyes. He was saying that he was sorry that he had to join the army which resulted in him being away from his mom for a very long time. He really regretted his time away.

My lesson learned is to really cherish the moments we have with our parents, especially our mothers. No matter how irrational we may think they are, deep down we have it good because they love us so much! Don’t live life with a possible regret of the last thing you said your moms. Cherish every moment as they will not be around forever.

What What? In the Butt [1]

So begins our 100 Sunday segment!


Superior or Douche: An encounter with LA City Parking

I hate LA City parking. Instead of going after rich business men in downtown (where I rarely see parking officers) they hawk college communities like Westwood. This one time I was parked on Gayley Ave between Kelton and Veteran. If you don't know the area, it's an intersection that's jammed during rush hour. Anyway they don't let anyone park there between 3-7PM so that the parking lane can be used as a driving lane. I knew this, and I got to my car around 2:45 to move it. There was a tow truck and a white Civic (the ticket car) both ten yards behind my car, waiting like sharks. As I got to my car, with a recent ticket searing in my memory, I put up two middle fingers: one for each of them. As I left, I noticed they also moved... probably looking for their next victim. Then I drove off into the Sunset ... boulevard.

S or D?

Could be more

something my cousin Anh showed me.

It's pretty crazy what this was made for, Thought it was for like a movie if not a short. Great stuff

Thank My Lucky Stars: Technology for Male Bonding

Here's a brief history of the technology of communication off the top of my head. Morse code was invented in the early 1800s after electricity is developed. People can communicate important things, like the movement of soldiers to help generals stay informed. In the late 1800s, the telephone started to be developed, which changed communication forever. Of course the first uses were expensive and were reserved for important things like the birth of a child etc. But as costs became cheaper, telephone conversations became more mundane.

My mind immediately jumps to the 1950s in the hey-day of suburban America: the creation of soap operas, the safe but boring suburban neighborhoods, and stay at home moms. What were women to do at home? Cheat on their husbands? Well maybe they could... but all other men were also at work. So what to do? Pick up the telephone and call the other women in the neighborhood to gossip and pass the time. Now I realize that there is a valuable female social bonding component to gossip, even though I think most of the time it's negative for society and a waste of one's energies to listen and propagate. I just know that pretty much every female I know likes engaging in it. It makes them happy. It's important for females to share their knowledge and emotions, as it makes them feel loved. But I am not a woman, so I don't understand it.

Jump to the late 1990s when the internet started being "normal" and not only for nerds and pedophiles. Talking with friends became totally different. Instead of three-waying on the phone, it was way easier to chat on AIM. And it became easier to talk to girls. I was a shy 13 year old, but internet chatting helped me break the ice. BUT guys never really talk to guys, unless there's something important to discuss like homework or plans for the weekend. I don't think I've ever asked a guy online: "how's your day going?"

So how do guys bond? Sure they talk about serious things... like once a year. Otherwise bonding remains in two realms: the comical and the physical. Guys easily bond through joking and busting of balls (whereas busting of ovaries is likely to lead to resentment). The physical bonding is obvious. We value competition and teamwork. It makes us feel accomplished to win, and it's more fun when we win with our friends.

Introducing: internet gaming in the mid 2000s. Finally technology allows males to bond at long distance (about a century after females took advantage of the telephone). Playing Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 in the 90s was a bonding experience, but you had to go over to a friend's house. It wasn't that convenient. But with high speed internet becoming more common, you could play games with your friends from your own homes. I believe this is why Counter-Strike became so popular. When I was a freshman in HS, literally 50-75% of guys at my HS played CS. Why was it so popular?

With games like CS and Battlefield, guys can compete while using teamwork. It's the same mental stimulation like playing basketball together. So next time you girls think guys are senselessly playing video games, they aren't. I may not understand why women gossip, but I know why. You may not understand our video games, but now you know why.

Know The Law – Or Get Owned

So I had to park out in the streets yesterday and I was rushing because I didn’t want to be miss my train.. I saw a open parking spot next to a fire hydrant. I pull in and leave 2-3 feet clearance thinking that was more than enough. I double check to make sure the curb is not painted red, which it wasn’t.

I come back to my car at night and there was a parking ticket for $68. I was thinking of fighting it, but I looked up the CA vehicle code and it says:

V C Section 22514 Fire Hydrants

22514. No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle within 15 feet of a fire hydrant except as follows:

a) You’re in the car and can move it as needed
b) Local city law says okay to park closer than 15 feet
c) Your car is a fire truck

So know the law or get owned!


Time for another segment of melts my frosty! *possible repost but idknow =X*

You know what melts my frosty?

Hearing about guys catching heat because they used a coupon on a girl. Just this morning on KIIS FM I heard a girl call in about getting mad because her guy used a groupon...How stuck up can a girl be to get mad at a man for saving money!? I understand that you can measure the importance of something by it's monetary value but COME ON! There's a difference between spending $10 at McDonalds and going to Chili's and spending $10 for $20 worth of food! When you find a girl that doesn't wanna go out cause you don't have a coupon you'll know she's a keeper, less she be a



What are your thoughts?

MF! I cant believe im doing it too!

For the longest time, I use to yell at people (they can't hear it since im in my car) that are standing at the bus stops that keep looking down the street to see if their bus is coming. Like this guy below:

They sometimes tiptoe to look over cars that are coming. Whenever I see this I'm like "you idiot! the bus will come when it comes! looking isn't going to make it come any faster!"

Well now that I take the public transportation, MF I'm doing it too! I find myself occasionally looking down the track to see when the train will come. Ah it's killing me..

I guess I understand why the other people do it too. It comes down to having nothing else to do so you're just curious to see if the next bus or train is coming yet.

The Past

If you've been on netflix lately you might've noticed a couple wrestling documentaries. Well, i've been watching them =P. It all started when i got bored and watched one. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately watched another one. I have a really good time watching these, a lot more than i thought i would. Even though I used to be a pretty huge wrestling fan, watching Raw or Smackdown whenever i could, I always thought i grew out of it and in a sense I did. The superstars of today just fail to reel me in like the stars of the past. I guess that's why i enjoy these documentaries so much, they take me back to when i was a child. I mean, i really enjoy it and get into it, NBD i even got emotional when the stars got emotional in the video.

And that's what bring me to my main point of this post, Wrestling has produced some pretty great people. The ones that made it big, and by big i mean eternally remembered by fans and future wrestlers, are the ones that earned it through thick and thin. They're some of the most humble and appreciative people ever and have great stories to be told. Some of these people can rightfully call themselves the best sports entertainers in the world. As i watched these documentaries I truly feel happy for the wrestler and his success. It makes me feel good and replenishes my hope for all tight spandex wearing men. Very nice!

Grinds my Gears: Holding Hands in Church

You know how we hold hands with other people in church during the Our Father? Generally people keep their hands somewhere between bicep to shoulder level, and at the end, we raise them to eye level. Well some people hold their hands above the shoulder at the beginning, like ear level. This makes me tired, and when the part comes to raise your hands, we barely raise our hands because ear level is so dang close to eye level. I'm thinking mudabitch, you want to start above the shoulders, I will make you finish above the head!

JuMex Success

This is a reference to a JuMex post from awhile back. Refresher: Well it appears that I found an super old TIME magazine that belonged to my dad. It was dated 1966. I read some of the articles and it's about the escalation of military action in Vietnam. That's right, not all out war, but an increasing escalation... so this article is older than the war. And then one these little beauties falls out. And I think: Mission Accomplished.

I checked on Amazon, a subscription to TIME is now sold for $30 for one year (56 issues). That equals 54 cents an issue. That means 33 issues would now be sold for $17.82. But with this you can get it for $3.97! Hax! I wonder what would happen if I mailed this subscription postcard in...


People like this make me wanna learn to play the violin! But of course, i'll probably never do it, at least not any time in the near future.

question: Anyone willing to invest in some BiA clothing? just something casual you can wear here or there. Let me know!

Questions of the Week!

…or more like the year?! I know I’ve been mia since I’ve been caught up with a lot of things, but you're in luck since I have insomnia! I would love to hear fellow ballers/PPs (lol) answer the following questions:

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?

I have controlled about 70% of the direction of my life, which I feel is not enough at the moment. Looking back, I have always felt the need to please my parents so I was concerned about doing [their] things right rather than doing the right things for myself. Now that I am older and more aware of who I am and what I want, I strive to gain more control of my life. It is definitely a struggle, but I know it’s a must!

Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

Oh gosh…ripped undies! I have a couple panties that have lace embellishments and they easily ripped in the washer. Who needs to spend money on nearly crotchless panties?! haha I’ve kept them around for those “I don’t give a crap…feeling like horse poop” days. Admitting this makes me realize how much I really need to let them go! Btw, much thanks to Mac for free VS panty coupons this past year! lol

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

Wear no makeup. I was extremely self-conscious about myself throughout high school because of my severe acne and around the age of 17, I felt the need to pile on makeup to feel accepted and attractive. I guess that insecurity still lingers a bit today.

Which is worse, failing or never trying?

I would have to say never trying. I would rather fail at something and know than regret never trying and wondering what could have been.

...and what about you?!

I seen it!

Don't push the button!

Badass Mama!

Saw this on Yahoo's home page this morning and thought...damn she's badass! Is this even legal to do in the state of California though? Hmm...

Badass Mama!

Twilight in Vietnam

Breaking Dawn is called Hung Dong in Vietnam. Is this version X rated? Do Edward and Jacob go for each other? So tempting... but must resist .... urge... to watch ....

New Year New Segment

I give you the opposite of Grind My Gears: Thank My Lucky Stars

This segment will feature unexpected or unasked things in everyday life, big or small, that makes life a little easier or more enjoyable.

Volume 1: People who don't put a password on their wireless network.

When I first moved into my UCLA apartment and Rowland Heights home, it took at least a few days to get internet service, but I wasn't in the dark. In fact, I still use the neighbors internet sometimes when I need to download large files, because he has download speeds of 3 MBits a second and I only have up to 1 Mbit/sec.

Although these individuals don't give freely out of charity, but rather out of technological ignorance... I still greatly appreciate it. Here's cheers to you, noobs!

Chúc Mừng Năm (Tây) Mới !

I was at Walmart this week and noticed there are two things behind locked display:

What do they have in common? Both men and women use it to feed their babies!

I'm passing along some information from the LAPD and LASD: Don't be firing your babies in the air. Besides it's too expensive, popping a champagne cork is probably cheaper :-)

Happy New Year's yall!