Time for another segment of melts my frosty! *possible repost but idknow =X*

You know what melts my frosty?

Hearing about guys catching heat because they used a coupon on a girl. Just this morning on KIIS FM I heard a girl call in about getting mad because her guy used a groupon...How stuck up can a girl be to get mad at a man for saving money!? I understand that you can measure the importance of something by it's monetary value but COME ON! There's a difference between spending $10 at McDonalds and going to Chili's and spending $10 for $20 worth of food! When you find a girl that doesn't wanna go out cause you don't have a coupon you'll know she's a keeper, less she be a



What are your thoughts?


CP said...

Well if I was him and this relationship is still new, I'd let her know that I got this really cool deal on groupon and I wanted to share it with her. It does look cheap if you go on a date and pull out a groupon or coupon.

If the relationship gets more serious she would already be use to a thrifty guy.

Or he can pull it out on a first date to test her which in this case she would have failed.

Mother Russia said...

As a coupon-er myself, this chick needs a backhand.
At least she can think that the saved money would be used on other items, like a future gift or on bills. tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

I guess it just depends on the situation. If it was a first date, it's either best to suck it up & take the hit in his wallet OR if circumstances permit, be slight and stealthy hand to the waiter on your way to the b-room near end of date.

However, the girl caller just red-flagged herself as an individual with no money-sense. Probably the kind of girl that splurges and wouldn't want to compromise her "pride & dignity" to save a few (of her man's) dollars in front of others. *Ugh turn-off!

Bryan said...

i agree that he shouldnt do it on a first date, or even second. but she totally red flagged herself.

Willy Bob said...

Wow...what an unappreciative bizzotch! Especially when he's paying for the date too!