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awesome video

here's how i got to this video:

looked up youtube clips on Community, clicked on an interview of allison brie, which lead to a clip of her in mad men dancing the charleston, which lead to this.

Women serving in combat?

The big news right now is that the U.S. military has some top brass that support women to have combat roles in the military.

People who are against it have two reasons:

1) Physical. Can a woman do the same physical qualifications as a man?

2) Mental/Emotional. Can a woman fight? Will she cause her unit to be less effective?

The physical is easy, a person can either carry one hundred pounds and jump a wall, or they can't. It's the mental part that will get people debating.

My stance? I support having woman permitted in combat roles, because I support every individual's right to do whatever they want, as long as it's not hurting someone else. Some women would make great soldiers. I suppose it's easier for me to imagine as a Vietnamese, because we have the legendary Trung sisters who lead revolts against the Chinese.

That being said, I am not a feminist. I'm actually sexist in the fact that I believe the average men and women have significant differences.

Men are different from women. Not every man is the same, and not every woman is the same. But biologically there are differences that make the gender what it is. An off-topic example: some neurologists took samples of brain fluid from convicts and they have a much higher level of nickel (or was it cobalt?) than the average person. It's not causation, but it's definitely correlation. Keep in mind that Nickel/Cobalt is a trace element in the bloodstream. How much more would testosterone and estrogen affect people? Experiments with hormone therapy significantly affect people's personality and moods. Those two hormones are what makes the genders different.

Most boys grow up playing with guns. Most girls grow up playing with dolls. Some of them will play with the others' toys, but most will not. It's what makes them happy. Some nurture has some part of it: parents give them gender specific toys. But nature is the bigger culprit. Do you think parents tell little boys to go finger shooting each other inside church? Hell no, that's just them. The violence is the same reason bucks play-fight each other as young deer. They don't know it yet, but it's preparing them for the future. It's fun because it's natural.

But while the average man is different from the average woman, not every man is the same and not every woman is the same. Can women make good soldiers? Some can, and some can't. But it's just like men. Some men aren't brave enough to fight. Therefore a woman who wants to fight is more of a man than many men. I say let her fight and let us honor her sacrifices.

What are you more afraid of?

Are you afraid of crazy bad guys more, or rational bad guys?

I'm not sure myself, but I would assume that there are ALOT more rational bad guys than crazy ones.

Repealing the 2nd amendment would stop emo mfers from shooting schools. But it would make life so much easier for the rational bad guys. Now they can rob gas stations and jewelry stores with knives and have no fear.

Which of these would you rather stop? A rare (but getting more common) incident of public shootings, or the everyday occurence of non-reported crime? The big shootings get more attention, but do you think the family of a slain gas station clerk are any less devastated?

People who are extremely liberal would eliminate citizen firearms in the hope that everything becomes better. Admittedly alot of things would get better, but many things would also get worse.

No opinion is stupid, only the people who refuse to listen to all sides of debate. Rational compromise only starts when the yelling stops.

My solution: make guns extremely hard to get - legal and psychology background checks, family friends and employer interview, and a gun shooting test (like DMV test). All these costs would be beared by the gun buyer, and not other taxpayers. But I would also allow those same people to have conceal carry in public. Hopefully this can cut down crazy shootings AND normal crime. Any private business has the choice to put up a "no guns here" sign if they want, but is anyone that brave?


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