Cool trailer, i really want to try this for the cross platform experience. We will see what happens after i slave my life away to Battlefield 3 for a couple months, and MW3 for a couple hours. Dang, counter strike has really come a long way, i remember playing 1.5 back at Bosco. Paying to play when i didn't have a computer or when i didn't feel like playing on dial up. Condition Zero, 1.6, Source...Dang, sooo many versions and all were great in my mind. Valve really hit a jackpot with their engines. Their engines were so good that they could change some minor details and create a whole new franchise, Day of Defeat!, damn, what a good game. If it weren't for WoW I'd probably always be playing CS or DoD.

To the future

Grinds my Gears: Inaccurate Hollywood Portrayals of Firearms and Firearm Accessories

This one's been brewing in the back of my head for a while, but I never really cared to post because 1) Jon and Chris already know the things I'm about to say 2) Everyone else doesn't really care. Well too bad, it has gone on long enough! I saw something that was the final straw. I've been watching Top Shot on Netflix and I consider that a show that knows everything about firearms. But look at it's promotion poster!

Any of the contestants on the show could have told you what's wrong with it. The flying bullet still has it's case attached to it. Only the conical part (bullet) leaves the gun. The rectangular part houses the gunpowder and is ejected out the side of the gun. I've seen this is a couple movie posters with flying bullets and just laughed at it. But this is sad. I thought this show was the real deal. Why couldn't they get a photoshop guy who knew something that all the fans know?

Anyway, here's a couple more that I can list off the top of my head.

1. Never Needing to Reload and Not Aiming Down the Sights

Anyone who plays Call of Duty or Counter-Strike knows about how long you can hold down a trigger until the magazine is empty. It's about 3 seconds.

Check out Arnold in Commando. His first burst against the two guards alone is already one magazine, yet he doesn't have to re-load in the whole battle. Also he aims from the hip and is able to hit all his targets. God mode indeed.

2. Cocking back the hammer on a pistol that doesn't have a hammer.

One common thing in gun movies is when the bad guy points a gun at someone and uses his thumb to cock back the hammer. It makes a "click" sound. I suppose movies use that sound alot because it's the modern equivalent of hearing the executioner sharpen his axe. Most guns can shoot either from a hammer-decocked or hammer-cocked position. But cocking the hammer makes the trigger pull shorter, and thus making a more accurate shot. But it really doesn't matter from a distance of five feet, I guess movies do it for the "click" sound factor.

This guy makes a good point:

But the FAIL in movies and TV shows comes when they apply a click sound to a gun that has no external hammer, like that first revolver in the previous video. The most famous example is a Glock.

If you look at the back edge there is no hammer to cock back. The firing mechanism is internal. And yet when the guy points a Glock, there is a mysterious hammer cocking sound. Of course the biggest culprit in my head is the show 24. They've done this specific mistake at least five times, maybe more.

3. Gratuitous Shotgun pumping / Rifle cocking

You only need to load a gun by pulling on the slide or pump once. That loads one round from the magazine into the firing chamber, and it's ready to go. The sound effect editor or director likes that cocking sound so much that even on guns without hammers (rifles and shotguns) they will have the guy pumping the gun to make that sound. I'm a super 24 junkie and as much as I love the show, every gun battle has way too much gun cocking. In one scene, Jack Bauer has gone rogue and is inside a gas station. The cops surround him outside. Every time they have a cut scene to the cops outside (about 3 times), the cop with a shotgun pumps his shotgun. I face-palmed because unlike pistol hammer cocking, every time he does this a perfectly good round is ejected out of the gun, and he has one less round in the magazine.

There's more examples, but I've made my point. Just know that this Grinds my Gears because I wish Hollywood would consult with technicians who know its better to give up cool "effects" for the sake of being legit. I know guns are powerful and dangerous, I don't need a stupid clicking sound to tell me.

On a positive note, I remember seeing this video from CNN. It's a firefight between rebels in Libya and the Gaddafi forces. The fun part starts at 20 seconds, when you realize you're not watching "Commando" but a real fight. And yet they hop into the line of fire and take a couple shots from the hip. They must be thinking "This is how the big American fights, I shall be like him, he always hits his target and never gets hit. Veery Naaiice." (no one gets hit, you can watch it)

If it at least turns our potential enemies into horrible infantry, then keep it up Hollywood. Keep making movies with Arnold and Chuck and Sylvester. For all we can guess, their hand-to-hand combat training involves only roundhouse kicks.

Willy Bob's Scrapbook

J. Frosty is hungry and looking for dinner!

Willy Bob caught working the streets.

According to Mac's calculations...he has two nuts.

Another day at the accounting office for CP.

The special Kittens with Mittens talking to her bird friend.

Khorn is super excited for harvest season!

Our wise 401k always willing to give us advice.

Mother Russia and all of her might!

"How you doin?" Ton Ton-Tonster always so sexy.


Only managed to get one video and it was kind of hard to get good angles and not get shot lol. My hand accidentally switch the camera's function so it cut the video =[. More to come from Team BiA!

Yeah Baby!


There's a very thin line between a rape van and children's summer camp transportation.

Is this why Vietnamese rule the nail salon business?

random video I came across. I'm gonna ask my parents later and see what they tell me about how the Vietnamese nail salons started.

Movie Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" is a great movie, I will give it a 8.5/10

As you can tell from trailers, it's about a monkey that's been raised by a scientist who is given genetic therapy to make his brain cells as smart as a human. That scientist is played by James Franco. I have to say, no matter how much Franco is labelled a douchebag, I think he is a great actor. Also, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter) once again plays a major douchebag. Where is Hermione when he deserves a punch to the face?!! On the subject of science ... like XMen first class, the way they present neuroscience and biochemistry is amazing. They make science look fun! I wish real life studying was this fun :/

Anyway, without giving away a spoiler here, I will just say that it's a great movie because it's like a "coming of age movie" combined with some action. There's also a hidden political agenda in this movie. The movie is telling us that humans as a whole are too prideful. We think we can make animals suffer in experiments so that we can find cures for ourselves. We are also too hateful. If you watch a movie about a coming of age story where an adolescent from a bad neighborhood absorbs hate and bitterness from his community and continues that legacy, we aren't surprised because we expect it. But have a monkey learn to hate because of his experiences with humans? Damn that's some strong commentary on our society.

All gloominess aside, the ending does shine some light on our prospects for the future. Just as a person has the capability to learn to hate, we have the capability to learn how to be fair and to have courage to take action against injustice. Sorry for the vagueness, but I want you all to enjoy watching this movie!

Well here's a little spoiler: A Glock pistol will not do jack against a charging Gorilla.

GmG: calling generic things by their brand names

Get ready to shake your fists because it's another edition of "You Know What Really Grinds my Gears?"

It annoys me when people call things by a brand name all the time. Stop calling tissues "Kleenex", bandages "Band-Aids" and diapers "Pampers". What makes it even worse is that sometimes they don't even have that correct brand when they call stuff by that name. Otherwise it would be "Hey can you hand me that Kirkland Signature tissue? Thanks"

Imagine a world in which people can liberally apply brand names to any generic item. "Wanna play Spaulding at the park? Let's jump on my Harley" "Dude that's a Baiden basketball and you have a mo-ped" "Whatever man let's take the Ford then" "You mean your '86 Corolla?" "Geez man you're being mean, fine whatever let's just jog there. I need to break in my new Nikes." "You mean you're Payless Shoes shoes?"


I have come to realize why I am able to drink diet soda so easily. I drink soda not for the taste, but for the burn of the carbonation. No matter the flavor or type of soda, I will drink a large enough amount to feel the burn in my throat, which is also why there aren't any alcohols out there that I have had yet that don't go down smooth lol. So that's why i have no problem drinking diet, they all do the same thing as a regular soda in the end, burn =]. Anyways, just thought I'd share that.

They don't taste that bad either ;P

Fever of 109*!

The effects of Bieber Fever:

Lol, idcare if he has a good voice, that style of his will always prevent him from becoming famous. The first guy to make it through was a fluke ;)

But he does have a good voice teehee

Hyena Haha!

So a male koala bear goes into a koala brothel and does a hooker. After he's done, he heads to the door and the koala hooker says "Hey! Where's my money?!" She pulls out a dictionary and reads the definition for hooker..."One who gets paid for [wa-wa-wee-wa] favors." He snatched the dictionary from her and read the definition for koala..."An animal who eats bush, shoots and leaves."


Family Guy Outlook #2

So I came across another event where the moment was ruined because of Family Guy. I think I will come across these often enough that they deserve their own section (new label!).

So I'm just gonna say this straight out, because if you're a Harry Potter fan, you already know, and if you don't already know, you're not a fan. So Severus Snape is the hero in the last book of Harry Potter. He kept everything a secret and agreed to pretend to be the bad guy. His main motivation the entire time was his love for Lily (Harry's mom). Anyway, Lily married James Potter, a bona fide douchebag that Severus hated. And even after they had a child, Snape still loved Lily.

But anyway, when he arrives at the Potter's house after Voldemort kills Harry's parents, he ignores the baby Harry, who's still alive, and clings on to Lily's dead body. I think half of the people in the theater were sad and the other half were creeped out by this scene. I almost blurted out laughing! And here is why:

Sorry, these two videos don't allow embedding, so click these links to see Quagmire in action.

But anyway, I don't mean this to take away from the passion of Severus Snape. I feel his pain man, I understand. It's just... he needed to move on. Like, after Lily got married. Or after she died. Or after 17 years after her death. But it's his choice, haters will hate and lovers will love. He was a lover.