Cool trailer, i really want to try this for the cross platform experience. We will see what happens after i slave my life away to Battlefield 3 for a couple months, and MW3 for a couple hours. Dang, counter strike has really come a long way, i remember playing 1.5 back at Bosco. Paying to play when i didn't have a computer or when i didn't feel like playing on dial up. Condition Zero, 1.6, Source...Dang, sooo many versions and all were great in my mind. Valve really hit a jackpot with their engines. Their engines were so good that they could change some minor details and create a whole new franchise, Day of Defeat!, damn, what a good game. If it weren't for WoW I'd probably always be playing CS or DoD.

To the future

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Mac OBryan said...

@ 38 seconds you can see that the CT is south korean !