There's a new movie coming out tomorrow

The movie is called The Social Blog. Here is their advertisement I saw on the freeway the other day. If you don't get it... click here

Thank You Namu!

Yeah, I'll say it! I love Timberlake!

Latte Break #3 Vol. 1

Inspired by Paper Planes, if you guys ever forget the link to the blog, make sure to come to the blog and click on this link:

Here's a screenshot in case you don't know what it looks like:

If you need to look for something on the internets, click on this link: It's very helpful because there are a lot of links that can help you.

Remember to e-mail your friends and chat all the time. I heard it is a popular thing to do. Also, make sure to comment on everything, everywhere in facebook. You might make your friends sad if you don't!

Be sure to e-mail me about this! I may not know about it. Okay now... who's up for some Fantastic Basketball?

Signed "Do you have an e-mail? We can chats!" - Tonster

Places I want to go to

These are places that I need to go to before I die

Hong Kong
Iwo Jima

That's all I can think of at the moment. I typed this out spontaneously, but looking at the list now, I can see how my brains works. As you can see, I am a huge history buff. I want to go to sites of ancient civilization, modern civilization, and WWII sites lol . I guess I also want to go to some nice isolated tropical places, like Tahiti.

Places I need to go to again:


There were things here that I didn't do that I really want to do if I can go again. I'd make Rome a pilgrimage this time, because last time I was like only 19. I'd love to go do things in Vietnam and see what it's like being a local and have some fun. When I was there I'd usually only stay with family and so I didn't get out much. Amsterdam.... well pretty obvious why. And Zurich, I didn't get the chance to appreciate Swiss culture, the part where they get to use certain "machines" to put holes into their cheese. And every male Swiss gets one of these machines for free and the government encourages them to practice these skills!

What places do you guys want to go to?

Willy Bob's Book Club

By popular demand, I have chosen another remarkable novel by Khoa Ngo Dinh Pham for this fall's reading...

Tranny Rendezvous
feat. BiA's 401k

"A throw up in your mouth must read!"
-Chicago Tribune

Get your personal copy today at your local 99 Ranch Market!

Question of the week:
Paramount Pictures is interested in turning this novel into a movie. Can you come up with a better title?


Went to Chilis today and ordered chicken crispers. The crispy layer on the outside didn't seem to be as crispy as it usually was, but whatever, I was hungry so I just kept on eating. The fries were great! & The honey mustard was delicious as always (for some reason it reminded me of McDonald's honey mustard more than ever). But then out of the corner of my eye I spotted something disturbing on the plate... a piece of the chicken that I cut up was clearly uncooked, not undercooked but uncooked. If things couldn't get worse, I swear there was a fry that looked like it was bit... but I didn't bring that up to my waitress. Waitress took back the plate, manager came out and asked if there was anything else we wanted, got a free basket of fries. and of course, they didn't charge us for the chicken crispers. The waitress came by and apologized sincerely as if it were her fault, made me feel bad so i tipped her $3........ wait a sec..... SOB! FK Salt! She got me, she got me good!

Blended Thai Tea tastes like Thai Tea...but colder =]

Tonster's Brain Sneeze #1 Vol. 1

It's 3:54am in the morning... getting my daily dose of BiA and Paper Planes during a quick break. Reading through the many blogs reflecting on topics of interest from my fellow AP peers, it made me ponder. I've been a long time reader of this blog and PaPla (as I call it... I mean I can't call it P.P. haha). It was at this point when I caught myself grinning that it made me realize a few things. I enjoy reading and getting a glimpse of the lives of the contributors of these blogs. In ways, I get to connect with them on a more personal level... topics of hardships, anticipation, and just humorous observations.

Like leaves changing in the fall, likewise, has a lot of you guys and myself. However, the one thing I desire to keep consistent is my desire to stay close to my AP family. Some of you may have noticed my absence lately or my lack of involvement. I'm at a crucial period of finding myself and making good on the words that I have spoken to a few. Given my recent opportunities, I really hope to change that. So hopefully to bore you less... here's what's going on in my life (Hopefully I'm not cramping your style J.Frosty! You inspire me!):

School: I'm still in school. With Kat attending the same school as me, higher tuition and more budget cuts, apartment rent, expensive textbooks, and the competitive nature of my major and desired career, I'm taking baby-steps. From 2005-2008, I've been out due to a severe medical condition and prolonged re-cooperation from my last surgery. Sadly, health-wise, med-school is out of the picture. My body's too weak to endure it. Currently to compensate, I've been doing research, interning, and applying to small scholarships. I hope to start applying to Pharmacy school in the next two years.

Work: Full-time: Shift Lead Supervisor @ Starbucks. I work near 35 hours a week. Part-time: Mobile DJ. I do HS dances, parties, and if I'm lucky, warmer or down toners for clubs. On the side: I sell a load of things on eBay/Amazon for quick cash.

Love Life: I don't kiss and tell. Haha. I am actively dating for fun. I'll go on random dates when I have the time. Given my hectic schedule, I can't afford a full-time girlfriend right now nor have I found a qualified one. Some of you guys suspect I'm still dating Ann. We still hangout and see each other but we're not in a relationship. Ladies read: The Tonster's still single! haha.

Activities: I'm currently taking interest in mixed martial arts after a friend introduced me to his gym. Status: Getting my butt kicked! XD Add in a couple of nights of bar hopping and hiphop dance sessions and that's about it!

There's always time to elaborate but I hope that by opening up a little, it'll kickstart to what I hope will be an awesome fall season 2010! I look forward to seeing you guys more often and as always, you guys rock!

Signed "Gah I'm running late for work! It's 4:25am and I have to be there @ 5am!" - Tonster

J.Frosty Update

Been awhile since i've done an update on my own life.
First things first, some reading music =]
Big Bang - "Always"

Spent a hell of a lot of money on clothes, normally never this much. Surprisingly enough I didn't get in trouble, guess my dad understands that I usually never buy clothes and that I don't fit in pretty much any of my old clothes anymore. I have absolutely no buyer's remorse from anything i've bought though =]. & i had a lot of fun in the fitting rooms! Thanks for helping me pick Ladies.


Watched "How I met your mother" which is a great show with an all-star cast. I know 3 of the 5 main characters from previous shows and movies. Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious in this show! I still can't believe he's gay... oh well! Starting season 5. Thanks for getting me to watch this show Rachel.


Found out that i'm 5'10" and 183lbs with below normal sugar levels. That's the result from a blood test, I'm below normal even when i had breakfast! But funny thing is that i'm still technically obese lol. "What!? how am i still obese!?!?" Doctor said it's nothing to worry about because i'm very "muscular and fit", please doctor...I know, i was just kidding ;P. Whoop There it is yall! =].


Lots of video games are coming out that I would've pushed old women out of the way to get, but not anymore. I'm not saying i don't play anymore, it's just that I don't play as much as I use too. Idknow what it is, but I just really lost my passion for video games after soooooooooooooooooooooo much Call of Duty & Battlefield. I haven't even bought Halo:Reach =X!!!!!!! Maybe it'll pass, maybe not...


-Royal Oaks Park is complete with Lights. Game time!
-Loki is getting bigger
-No longer looking to buy PS3. Sorry boys
-Friend committed suicide...
-Close Friend's cat (the only one i've ever loved) died =[
-Starcraft 2 is fun
-She is even more fun

Skool day 1: TuTh 11:40-7:50....jeeeeeeeezz
Math: My teacher says OK like it's the period or comma in a sentence. I'd keep count but it's nearly impossible without a clicker.
Political Science: I am actually looking forward to this class. The professor seems like he knows the subject as well as how to teach. And when it's a classroom of +150 students I have to give him props.
3 hour break: tried to nap but a hobo woke me up with his ranting and complaining... to a dog
Econ for Engineers: IDKnow cause the SOB didn't show up...

Other than that life is pretty much the same old. Sound boring to you? Too bad!...I LOVE it!

Bosco Tech is a Family


Don't mess with Bosco Brotherhood, we look out for one another. Doesn't matter who you are, you could be the principal, it doesn't matter who, you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. I think that's good?

LMAO my high school is getting buck wild!

Ricki Magnum Opus

I hope you're still reading this blog Rick, because this one's for you. You were a fun guy and I wish we can hang out again next summer! Love you bro! No homo I swear

'I like girls faggit! - Rick'
- Andy
We working on translating 50 Cent's Candy Shop in Vietnamese. Unfortunately we only finished about 60% before he went back to Dutchland. So I did the rest solo. I'm able to rap this in Viet in my head, but I stutter when I try to rap for real lol. Some lines are translated literally, and the meaning is lost in translation haha.

WARNING: PG-13 material (PG-7 material in Netherlands)

Ơ Hơ
Rất Xét Xi

Anh dem em đi đến tiệm kẹo
And cho em líêm cây kẹo
Cú đi đi em đừng nhừng
Tiếp tục tới chúng chố đúng, lâu!

Em dem anh đi đến tiệm kẹo
Anh thử một miếng cái này
Em làm anh tiêu hết tìên
Tiếp tục tới chúng chố đúng, lâu!

Em có thể làm cách em, thì múôn cách nào
Em xúông đây không, hay là anh phải đẩy lên ?
Nhiệt độ lên, ô kê, chúng mình đi vòng tíêp
Sàn nhảy đông , nóng nhu bình trà

Anh sẽ giải nghỉa cho em, chuyện dễ dàng
nếu em là **** , thì anh là ****
Trong khách sạn , hoặc ghế sau xe thuê
Ở bãi biển hoặc công viên, cái gì em múôn

Anh có cây ma gíc , anh là bắc sĩ tình yêu
Anh làm bạn em chọc về điều em yêu anh
Có muốn chỉ anh èm làm như thế nào , không vấn đề
Leo lên rồi nhẩy như xê lô rai-đơ
Anh có kinh nghiệm khi nói đến việc này
sau khi đổ mồ hôi thì em được chơi với cây
Anh đang cố gắng giải thích cho em hiểu
Anh tan ra trong miệng em, không phải trong tay (Ha Ha)


Những gì mình làm (những gì mình làm)
Và nơi mình làm (và nơi mình làm)
Cách gì mình làm (cách gì mình làm)
Là bí mật của anh và em

Đưa đây cho anh, tốt và chặm
Leo lên trên, cưỡi như em trên con ngựa
Em chưa bao giờ nghe âm thanh như thế này
Vì anh không bao giờ đặt như thế này
Ngay sau đi qua cửa, em cởi quần của anh
Giống như thi đua ai cởi quần áo nhanh hơn
(no idea how to translate this line)
Làm tôi nghĩ về mông đó sau khi tôi đã đi
Tôi sờ chố đúng lúc giờ đúng
Đèn bật hay là tắt, co ầy thích từ phía sau
Rất quyến rũ, bạn phải xem cô ấy múa
Hông cô trong chuyển động chậm lúc mình xay
Nếu cô không ngùng, thì tôi không ngùng
Ướt với mồ hôi, nó bật lên và nhảy
Tất cả rượu, chai theo chai
Mình sẽ uống cho đến khi bọt hết


New Inspiration

I got bored so i drew something.

"6:12 AM"
Completed 9/16/10

2.5 hours over a week.
A whole lot of work and all that's gonna happen
is that it's gonna get rolled up and thrown in the
tube with the rest of the drawings -_-


20 Voices

This guy is great, Give it a listen!
-DeStorm Power-

Music titled "The River"!

Good Charlotte Ft. M.Shadows & S.Gates from A7x - The River

Noel Gourdin - The River

Lyfe Jennings - The River


Good Times Ahead

I'm awestruck by the feelings I get when I read Paper Planes. The stories they tell really bring out emotion and theres such a strong connection within these stories. Then I realize I haven't really done that at BiA too often. Probably due to a misconception that a manly isn't supposed to be emotional. Well I used to think that way, but now I have seen the light. Exhibit A: A juiced-up man on 'roid rage is full of testosterone, and he must obviously be feeling something as he smashes everything he sees into oblivion. If he has the right to have feelings, so do I.

The only thing on my mind tonight is the hope for Thieu Nhi this year. The San Clemente camp was a great way to wrap up the summer. I've gotten to know many people better this summer for sure. Some people think of me as an easy-going goofy guy who throws himself and his dignity out there for entertainment, but I really much more enjoy getting to know people through intimate conversations rather than through an exchange of jokes. I bring that up because I've had a paradigm shift as a Huynh Truong in recent years. I used to think that to get people to come to Thieu Nhi, you had to go have fun activities and get everyone to hang out and have a good time. Although those things are essential, within the last year I've realized that you hook them for life if you can gain their trust in you.

I think you get through to them not by teaching ideals or by playing fun activities but by putting yourself out there and gaining their trust. You can do that by getting to know people pass the surface, not being judgmental, by being patient with people's shortcomings, by believing in their potential to be great, and by expecting nothing in return. Sometimes they do give you nothing in return, but thats okay. Overall you get a whole community of great people who are supportive of one another. Of course I'm talking about the Nghia Si/Hiep Si, because it has always been my belief that the teenagers are the lifeblood of Thieu Nhi. It made me a little bit discouraged when I switched from Nganh Truong of NS to Thieu, but now it excites me, because I get kids a little bit before the teen years. Because its harder to talk to teenagers when they've already decided Thieu Nhi is lame and a waste of time. Sort of like playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare on very hard difficuly. It's frustrating when you keep getting shot down when you turn the same corner over and over again. Or you're approaching from a safe distance and all of a sudden you're sniped and you don't know what happened. But miraculous conversions do happen sometimes, eh Andy (not TN wise, I'm referring how you went from fat to fit)

I've also thought about what should be a HT's true source of inspiration? At training camp they tell you that you need to have a true love for God in order to teach the kids in the best manner. I think that's totally true, but can't it also be okay for the reverse? How about having a true love for the kids which encourages me to get to know God better, so that I can teach the kids about God? In both cases, you end at the same distination: a stronger individual faith and a stronger TN community.

Anyway, I am really excited for this year! More fun, more learning, more jokes, more people, more food, and more Magnifikool!

Saw this

Yo Momma's so fat that she looked up cheats for the Wii Fit

on FB. Lmao!

Airsoft Wars

Andrew and I have been playing each other a couple times a week and it's been fun!

Need to have a big night time battle at my house next sleepover!

4 days

It's been awhile since there's been a post on _.../../._ so I thought i'd just throw something up because i know how all of you can't have a good week without reading an awesome post. Let's be honest, at first you didn't think much about what you read, but now you need to read more and more because of how awesome we are. It's understandable, you need us like you need a cup of coffee or whatever it is you drink in the morning, milk? But sometimes milk goes bad so throw it away because if you drink bad milk you'll learn to regret it from your restroom. So don't drink that sour milk! Speaking of sour things, lemons. Good Luck to all the boys trying to get their sexy 6 packs by Nov 11. I think that's someone's birthday... Anyone?

Good Day!
Hope everything is going well & I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Banana Bread Ingredients (you figure out what to do with it =P)
  • 3 or 4 ripe bananas, smashed
  • 1/3 cup melted butter
  • 1 cup sugar (can easily reduce to 3/4 cup)
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour
There's news of burglars running wild in the streets and more concerning, in the streets of Duarte... I was told by the moms that i should call the police if i see a silver truck driving around the area very slowly... Nah! I've got my own ways of dealing with burglars *pump*, they better hope that's not buck or a slug >=P

Maybe i should invest in a couple non-lethal rounds? maybe rubber? Bean bags get the job done but i think rubber will definitely induce burglars remorse. And if necessary a rubber round can be lethal if it is caught in the head so it wouldn't be necessary to swap rounds. Any thoughts?

Always wear a helmet when entering a construction site