J.Frosty Update

Been awhile since i've done an update on my own life.
First things first, some reading music =]
Big Bang - "Always"

Spent a hell of a lot of money on clothes, normally never this much. Surprisingly enough I didn't get in trouble, guess my dad understands that I usually never buy clothes and that I don't fit in pretty much any of my old clothes anymore. I have absolutely no buyer's remorse from anything i've bought though =]. & i had a lot of fun in the fitting rooms! Thanks for helping me pick Ladies.


Watched "How I met your mother" which is a great show with an all-star cast. I know 3 of the 5 main characters from previous shows and movies. Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious in this show! I still can't believe he's gay... oh well! Starting season 5. Thanks for getting me to watch this show Rachel.


Found out that i'm 5'10" and 183lbs with below normal sugar levels. That's the result from a blood test, I'm below normal even when i had breakfast! But funny thing is that i'm still technically obese lol. "What!? how am i still obese!?!?" Doctor said it's nothing to worry about because i'm very "muscular and fit", please doctor...I know, i was just kidding ;P. Whoop There it is yall! =].


Lots of video games are coming out that I would've pushed old women out of the way to get, but not anymore. I'm not saying i don't play anymore, it's just that I don't play as much as I use too. Idknow what it is, but I just really lost my passion for video games after soooooooooooooooooooooo much Call of Duty & Battlefield. I haven't even bought Halo:Reach =X!!!!!!! Maybe it'll pass, maybe not...


-Royal Oaks Park is complete with Lights. Game time!
-Loki is getting bigger
-No longer looking to buy PS3. Sorry boys
-Friend committed suicide...
-Close Friend's cat (the only one i've ever loved) died =[
-Starcraft 2 is fun
-She is even more fun

Skool day 1: TuTh 11:40-7:50....jeeeeeeeezz
Math: My teacher says OK like it's the period or comma in a sentence. I'd keep count but it's nearly impossible without a clicker.
Political Science: I am actually looking forward to this class. The professor seems like he knows the subject as well as how to teach. And when it's a classroom of +150 students I have to give him props.
3 hour break: tried to nap but a hobo woke me up with his ranting and complaining... to a dog
Econ for Engineers: IDKnow cause the SOB didn't show up...

Other than that life is pretty much the same old. Sound boring to you? Too bad!...I LOVE it!


v-man said...

Sounds amazing! And you just started classes? Lucky son of a gun.

Keep on having fun! Especially with certain things and certain someones!

Anh Di said...

LRG? I dig I dig.
No PS3? I dont dig.
Better give blackops a chance.
Starcraft is fun? I dig.
She is more fun? ew.

Mac OBryan said...

sounds like life is good :-)