Tonster's Brain Sneeze #1 Vol. 1

It's 3:54am in the morning... getting my daily dose of BiA and Paper Planes during a quick break. Reading through the many blogs reflecting on topics of interest from my fellow AP peers, it made me ponder. I've been a long time reader of this blog and PaPla (as I call it... I mean I can't call it P.P. haha). It was at this point when I caught myself grinning that it made me realize a few things. I enjoy reading and getting a glimpse of the lives of the contributors of these blogs. In ways, I get to connect with them on a more personal level... topics of hardships, anticipation, and just humorous observations.

Like leaves changing in the fall, likewise, has a lot of you guys and myself. However, the one thing I desire to keep consistent is my desire to stay close to my AP family. Some of you may have noticed my absence lately or my lack of involvement. I'm at a crucial period of finding myself and making good on the words that I have spoken to a few. Given my recent opportunities, I really hope to change that. So hopefully to bore you less... here's what's going on in my life (Hopefully I'm not cramping your style J.Frosty! You inspire me!):

School: I'm still in school. With Kat attending the same school as me, higher tuition and more budget cuts, apartment rent, expensive textbooks, and the competitive nature of my major and desired career, I'm taking baby-steps. From 2005-2008, I've been out due to a severe medical condition and prolonged re-cooperation from my last surgery. Sadly, health-wise, med-school is out of the picture. My body's too weak to endure it. Currently to compensate, I've been doing research, interning, and applying to small scholarships. I hope to start applying to Pharmacy school in the next two years.

Work: Full-time: Shift Lead Supervisor @ Starbucks. I work near 35 hours a week. Part-time: Mobile DJ. I do HS dances, parties, and if I'm lucky, warmer or down toners for clubs. On the side: I sell a load of things on eBay/Amazon for quick cash.

Love Life: I don't kiss and tell. Haha. I am actively dating for fun. I'll go on random dates when I have the time. Given my hectic schedule, I can't afford a full-time girlfriend right now nor have I found a qualified one. Some of you guys suspect I'm still dating Ann. We still hangout and see each other but we're not in a relationship. Ladies read: The Tonster's still single! haha.

Activities: I'm currently taking interest in mixed martial arts after a friend introduced me to his gym. Status: Getting my butt kicked! XD Add in a couple of nights of bar hopping and hiphop dance sessions and that's about it!

There's always time to elaborate but I hope that by opening up a little, it'll kickstart to what I hope will be an awesome fall season 2010! I look forward to seeing you guys more often and as always, you guys rock!

Signed "Gah I'm running late for work! It's 4:25am and I have to be there @ 5am!" - Tonster


J.Frosty said...

i'm honored you think i have style!!

it's good to hear from you mate. I hope you don't overdo it but you do it to it.

Anh Di said...

busy mfer !

glad to get the update

and that AP stays on the the priority list!

whether you show up to TNTT or not, as long as you're doin yo thang thats all that matters!

Mac OBryan said...

Do it hardcore, whatever it is!