One of the Best Weekends Ever!

Friday: Hey there is still snow on the mountain! Went out to Lunch with my cousins Chi Be and Phi, as well as two visiting cousins from Colorado, Vu, and Be(Vien). We ate at the Olive Garden out in Ontario Mills. Olive Garden got a lot better since I last ate there. Sneaky Ninja Vu paid the bill without us knowing, apparently you can hand them your card before you order. Then Phi treated us to a showing of Prince of Persia, which i thought was a really good movie. Went to Wing Stop with some other cousins. Later at night i went to a Huynh Truong nomination meeting, cleared up a lot of things.

Got home around midnight and as i was about to go to sleep i heard the most dreadful nagging sound ever. "Long!... Phi Long!" .... it was like getting slapped in the face and kicked in the nuts. My mom was calling me to tell me to "Sweep the floor so I can mop". Let me remind you that it was midnight, i just got home after 3 hour meeting, and i had to wake up at 8 to help my dad. What really ticked me off was that my sister was home the entire night doing nothing. I asked my mom why she didn't ask her while she was home and she said it's because she just thought of it. I asked her to ask my sister to do it tmrw morning. But she said she had guests coming over tmrw and i had to sweep so she could mop. B fk'n S... ALL OF IT.

Hey there is still snow on the mountain! Woke up at 8, saw that the floor had not been mop'd -_- so i cursed and left with my dad. Started to set up for my uncle's party. I was a little upset that i couldn't play basketball, but oh well. Awesome party with delicious food and a Laker Game! KOBE IS A BEAST! Great game and it was even more fun with uncles and cousins watching.

A few of us cousins stayed at my cousin's house for the night. We stayed up till 2 playing Taboo, the girls won =[.

It was a pretty hot day.

BTW: No guests came over to my house...

Sunday: Can't believe there is still snow on the mountain! Woke up to a rampaging niece and nephew and a nice home cooked breakfast. Cinnamon rolls, Dac Biet Omelet, and some custard fruit tarts, yum! Thanks Chi Be! Then we headed back to the Chino House for mass with Chu Chi and more delicious food. The ladies had a long conversation trading Child Labor Stories and other baby stuff with my expecting cousin... Disgusting lol. Then i kicked it with Bryan and Andy for the night. Balled some guys up at the park. Bryan's mom made Stir Fried Lobster as an appetizer, droooooooooool, and some Bo Kho to fill us up =].

Monday: Not as much but, there is still snow on the mountain! Memorial Day Picnic with An Phong at the Park. Lots and lots of food and volleyball. Combine this with friends and family and you are set! Balled some guys up again.

-J- It is going to get hot =[, I want to hire someone to follow me with a fan that sprays water.

Snapple Real Fact


Have a great weekend fellow ballers!
-Willy Bob

Bitter Ending

Unfortunately the other team pulled an Artest =[. MOB final record 4-1. Playoff 0-1. Thanks for the season guys, can't wait for next year.

Today's Tips: 5 Ways to Get a Man to Listen!

1. Get their Attention - If you want us to listen, choose a time when you can get their undivided attention

2. Speak loud enough - We don’t hear as well as women. Honestly. It starts at birth.

3. Get to the point - Most of us want the bottom line. You have to learn to say what you want in thirty seconds or less.

4. Say what you want. - If you are asking for something or recommending a change, just say it.

5. Finally, stop talking when you are done. - When you have made your point and everyone agrees with you, STOP TALKING.



Things like this are priceless. You can't get any happier than this in that one moment.

On another note, Lakers fans are merciless. Before the last shot, they booed him because he was having an off-night. Luckily Ron Artest is a badd ass mofo. I can't say the same thing about Kwame's confidence.


Hon Sushi
Thanks Tony!


found this in an old TN folder

i found tons of BiA's epic drawings during our weekly HT meetings.

This one is the most memorable

Robin Hood movie review

I liked this movie very much. It's surprisingly darker than I imagined it would be. It has some nice skirmish action, but falls short of the scale of battle seen in Braveheart and Kingdom of Heaven. The storyline was interesting because it wasn't lame and predictable. They deviated from every other Robin Hood movie. This one was about his background and how he became an "outlaw". And Russel Crowe is one of my favorite actors.

I give this movie 8.5/10. I recommend this movie.

If it wanted a 10, the battles needed to be larger and there needed to be an epic music score (take a cue from Gladiator and Braveheart!) If it wanted an 11, Robin Hood needs to aim his arrows away from the fleeing enemy, shooting it around the world, and having the arrow hit the enemy in the eye.

Movie Trailer

Why Naruto is a great show:


Question of the week...

If your house caught on fire, what 5 materialistic items would you take with you?

Willy Bob says...

1) Important Documents Case
2) Family Photo Album
3) Laptop
4) Cell Phone
5) Purse (which holds my wallet and other knick knacks)

And what about you?!

tight pictures.


My Got!

Just finished episode 31 of N.Shippuden.... I am in awe. I got chills down my spine the last minutes of the episode when they honor Granny Chiyo. The music was perfect!!!!!

Today's Tip: Make sure to practice your cursive.


A tribute to one of my role models

... Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto. I think Masashi is a genius of human psychology. He writes a manga that is so deep even though it's marketed as a children's story. If that's the case, why did so many of friends fall in love with it in college? I even know some people in their 30s and 40s who are fans of the series.

Let me give you some background info on this somewhat random post.

A lot has been going on with Thieu Nhi lately with some potential for rough waters ahead. Of course the ideal thing to ask oneself is "What would Jesus Do?" Well I don't want to turn the other cheek if someone slaps me. Although I respect those who are admirably pacifist. So I find it a lot easier for myself to ask "What would Naruto do?" He would speak his mind, he would train very hard to become proficient enough to protect his friends, as opposed to the sole purpose of destroying his enemies. Naruto sees the good in everyone and doesn't judge people from their past mistakes or current (in)abilities. He turns the bad guys into good people just from befriending them showing him he has faith in them. And he inspires the weak to become strong. The series shows that all people really want in life is to love and be loved.

To be honest, I didn't take teaching TN seriously until the beginning of this school year. And it's not because I became more holy, I'm very mediocre there. The reason for taking TN serious is because I've seen the amazing changes in the kids I work with. The changes happen very slowly but it's such an inspiration to me. Rebels who are now willing to embarrass themselves in games, arrogant kids who are starting to use their strengths to help others instead of showing off, the list goes on. Relationships are KEY. If we dont have relationships in Thieu Nhi we have nothing.

It's like our Thieu Nhi Doan is the real life Konoha (Naruto's village). Huynh Truong are the elite Jounin, Nghia Si is the intermediate Chunin, and Au Nhi is the baby Genin. We Jounin have been handed the Will of Fire and must pass it on to the next generation. The only thing not real is that not everyone respects the leader Hokage *zing*

So whenever I feel a little pessimistic with our low numbers or ineptness, I ask myself WWND? He would try to teach lessons as best he could. He would believe in everyone. And most importantly he would get them to believe in themselves.

For anyone cares about Naruto series: I have a huge crush on Hinata. Naruto should go for her. (btw im not giving away any spoilers Jon, Naruto is still currently single)

And now for some awesome Naruto-like music courtesy of Kickboxer:

you are poor, as for me? well I'm rich.

One day , the father of a very wealthy family from the city took his son on a trip to the country with the express purpose of showing him how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family.

On their return from their trip , the father asked his son , "How was the trip?"

"It was great , Dad." said the son.

"So , tell me , what did you learn from the trip?" asked the father.

The son answered:
"I saw that we have one dog and they had four.
We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end.
We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night.
Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon.
We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight.
We have walls around our property to protect us , they have friends to protect them.
When I grow up I wanna be just like them"

The boy's father was speechless.

Sometimes perspective is a wonderful thing. It helps us take a new look at things and think of everything we have, instead of only the things we don't.

Appreciate every single thing you have!

-J- Courtesy of [AOF]

Question of the week...

Let's say you had to lose either your sense to touch, see, taste or hear. Which one would you choose? Why?

Willy bob says...
Definitely my sense of taste! As much as I enjoy food, the other three senses are more important to me. I want to be able to see my loved ones and feel the simple things in life like rain drops on my face or that warm hug. Playing the piano is a favorite pastime of mine so not being able to hear my music or just music in general would be a major downer. Besides...who wouldn't want to hear Mac's attempt at jokes? lol jk Without my sense of taste, I'll be able to eat all that nasty healthy stuff and not mind at least. =D

And what about you?!


What up yall I am blogging at the request of my friend Mac O'Bryan who is a very loyal Lakers fan. He pisses me off though, how can he like Fisher more than me? I am the greatest who ever played. Anyway, Mac is all on Rajon Rondo's nuts nowadays, what about my nuts son? I am the greatest who ever played. All I gots now is Willy Bob, pfff...

Anyway, you know we gonna sweep the Suns. In case you are blind, Steve Nash is WHITE. White people can't make shots in NBA Live, you think he can make shots in real life? You crazy. Here's my opinion of Steve Nash:

I'll teabag him all day. Now my nuts got Willy Bob AND Steve Nash. I'll let them win one game so I can clinch the series at home. Lakers in 5 baby.

Oh yeah, did you see Lebrick James fail in games 5 and 6 against the Celtics? That fool crazy, he's not good enough to beat them. Only I can, because I am the greatest. I'll allow him to become my right hand man though. Lebron: take the midlevel exception and come to LA. Of course, I am already the King of Los Angeles so the media can start calling you Queen James.

I will take some time to answer questions from my loyal fans:

401k: what's it like being super rich and having people wait on you?
Kobe: Kobe!

Anhdi: what's going through your mind as you take a game winning shot?
Kobe: Kobe!

CP: Has Gasol ever tried to sell flowers and oranges to you?
Kobe: Ko ..... wait... man that's just racist.

Anyway, I gotta go back to practicing my free throws. I shoot one hundred thousand free throws before every game to warm up. I'm half way done so I have about 16 hours of free throws left. Peace out yall


- Kobe


Don't fall victim to the Kitty.

-J- I hate being the biggest guy on the team especially when their guy is bigger...

New segments coming soon to BiA + cat mario

CAT MARIO, the most ridiculous game ever. After beating it once (four stages) I replayed and my best record is -21 lives. You can download it here

I was at the grocery store the other day and I saw two brands that made me think of a new segment for our blog.

The JuMex seal of approval (for all things Ju/Mex)

and the Easy Mac seal of approval (for all things Easy/Mac)

Also, I have gotten our good friend Kobe Bryant to start blogging for us, telling us about his on and off-court experiences with the Lakers during this playoffs run!


So today as I was waiting for my drink to come out something amazing happened. I saw this pretty old guy on his bicycle get hit by a car exiting the parking lot. At first I was thinking "OH S***!" but then the biker stood up, checked himself and his bike, and rode off so casually... From the look of the Driver's face I could tell he was relieved. I, and probably anyone else that saw this was just dumbfounded. This biker was SUPERIOR!

The J - Invincible Orange Slushy from 7-Eleven is perfect for a sunny day like this.

all things basketball

a 22 year old is the star for a high school basketball team.

video analysis of the lakers-jazz epic game 3

Here is a picture from the last time Pau Gasol shaved:


Courtesy of Fail Blog.

"Melody for a friend"

For all of you. =]

And if you enjoyed that piano music i posted before here is a cover with some improv that's absolutely amazing. This guy is great.

Even something for all the Forrest Gump Fans. Makes me feel good inside.


Question of the week...

If you suddenly found yourself turned into
a woman, how would you spend your day?

Willy Bob says...
If I turned into a wo-MAN, the first thing I'd do is to finally experience what it's like to pee standing up (...and find out the size of my package *pinky up haha). It would be interesting to interact with people and see how they respond to a male (I heard girls have it easy when it comes to meeting people and getting what they want). For some fun, I'd hit on my guy friends to see their priceless reactions. lol I'll probably be content the whole day since mood swings won't come around. haha

And what about you?!

More to talk about.

First things first MOB won their 2nd game! WHOOP! The only reason the "Hard Hittahs" lost was because they didn't play as a team (Little bit of Racism: but was it just a coincidence that they were Blk? Kind of felt like playing at Duarte all over again...) and used the 'chuck threes' at the end when they were down by 10. But their efforts were futile. GO MOB!

This guy messaged me on Youtube. I like it. DANKE!

"No Warning" written and recorded by Dustin Prinz.
Video by Dustin Prinz.

Anna Kinder Piano and Vocals
Dustin Prinz Guitar, Bass...


Next > Naruto Season 3 here i come! Sanin Battle from season 2: +1

3rd: According to Conttonelle's Great Debate 2010 the correct way to roll the toilet paper is over! =]


As I strolled through campus, I saw an ROTC and immediately thought of the Army Reserve for some reason. I wondered what it would feel like to be called into action as a Reserve. Think about it... You are called to fight, a reserve soldier who is called just in case the regular army is not enough! I know I'd question how effective i'd be. Then this lead me to think what happens if there is a draft... Which means even the Reserve, or any other military, is not enough!!! I guess that's why a draft is mandatory =[. All i need's my m14 but There goes the morale! -_-

Now for a Smile

Grats & Good Luck to you guys getting Confirmed. Go find 'your' God!


LAPD Gun buyback this Saturday

anyone love their moms enough to trade in a gun for Ralphs gifts card? lol

Naruto Review #2

Rock Lee & Guy Sensei +1
They fixed the long re-caps! +1
Sexy & Harem Jutsu >=] +1
Pervy Sage +1
End of Chunin Exams was epic! +1



First things first. some music to listen to while you read this. Came across this during my daily drive and just had to put it on replay.


So what's up!? It's been awhile since I've done a personal update. I've been busy busy busy. For example, I now own stock in Google, Ebay, and Toyota! Ok.... that's a lie, but! I assure you that I've been busy.

I've been playing 1-3 hours of basketball every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. However, most people get the wrong impression when I tell them that I play basketball this many times a week. They think I'm amazing or something special. I can't say that I'm good yet, but I will say that I'm miles from where I started. What i can never get across is that, I only seriously got into it last year. So hopefully one day I can be that super awesome guy.

OH MAN Just came across this on Youtube. Sorry it's a sad song, I just love all the emotion from the song. Enjoy!

Naruto Break...
Yup, I'm addicted. GG Mac.

+ Bryan - He was in the shower.

In other news, just got back from Big Bear with the old Thieu Nhi group and most of the Ballers. Only had 7? kids there =[, but maybe it was better that way. Less to worry about and hung out with each kid more. Left Joe's house Friday, and after a loooooong drive, we got to the Greg Spurrel >=]. Kicked that 'No Electronics' rule to the curb day 1, lame rule. You can't stop technology! After the official lights out, Mac, Tonster, V-man, and I stayed up to watch Naruto and now i'm hooked. WHO PUT CRACK IN THIS SHOW!?

Halo: More than just games!


Day 2, Went out to the Lake side for TCL, very fun hiding for an ambush on Chris and Mac. Acted like a bear trying to get the kids food that they tied in the trees -_- Lots of... fun. Also fun to get finger fed a squashed banana from V-man.... and getting the Heimlich from Bao. Got in an argument with our simple tyrant, I mean president... I dont' understand how hard is it to change a schedule to make it more efficient and fun. If two people, especially the person who was deemed in charge of that part of the day, tell you that they want to change it WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET IT GO. Felt sad and fubar so I went and took a nap out on the lake side... Much Better.

Volleyball (FUN! But i must say, those teams were.... beyond unfair. The only reason we were close were because of my awesome serves! ;] BAHAha.) Dinner, YUM! And a Van Nghe. Tough crowd huh Mac? More Naruto.

Sunday: Waken up too early cause someone can't tell time. Breakfast, MORE YUM! pack up, parting prayer and goodbyes.

BOILING CRAB TO GO AT JOE'S! I just wish it was spicier. "Uncontrollable soiling of the pants" spicy! Next time we'll be sure to include you ladies =]

Naruto! Goodbye Social Life?

the best part of Naruto is this song

So like I said, i've been watching Naruto lately and my got! it's really something. Especially the sad and 'truly happy' parts, when they play that song above.... nothing but emotions through my mato chante. But, there's one thing i can do without, all the previous episode re-caps for the people who start late, believe me I know what happened. Other than that, this is an awesome anime and I gladly recommend it to everyone. Naruto is just about few simple things... friends,love and dreams. What more do you need!?

Next on the list is Bleach per recommendation from Tonster.
To lighten the mood