Question of the week...

If your house caught on fire, what 5 materialistic items would you take with you?

Willy Bob says...

1) Important Documents Case
2) Family Photo Album
3) Laptop
4) Cell Phone
5) Purse (which holds my wallet and other knick knacks)

And what about you?!


v-man said...

I would take my house unburned. I would then take 4 of my neighbors' houses.


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

the bunny & bunny food, the laptop, the cell/wallet/keys, chapstick, and some underwear.

Mac OBryan said...

i'd take things of great sentimental value, then monetary value

1) the dog
2) photo album(s)
3) my external hard drive
4) my bugout bag (with bunny)
5) the car

Anh Di said...

bryan the dog isnt really materialistic so you have another option

1) My wallet (which has all the photos I'd need)

2) One particular pair of shoes

3) the TV (my family would die without it)

4) my iPod (knowing it'll last me for a long time)

5) my pictures of jon and bryan