Legendary Quotes

2) She says: We need to talk Andy.
She means: I need to complain about something and it’s most likely a problem with you (in this case, his lack of African features below the waist).
6) She says: I've just been so busy lately Bryan. I can't go to the Elton John concert with you.

She means: I'm not interested in hanging out with you and your gayness

"Getting hungry? Eat where you normally eat, whether it be some pho, or 79 cent tacos, or the McDollar Menu. Surprise her! Remember you want her to know who you REALLY ARE!"

"Sometimes perspective is a wonderful thing. It helps us take a new look at things and think of everything we have, instead of only the things we don't. Appreciate every single thing you have!"

"55 Best Things in Life. (not necessarily in order.)
1. Falling in love"

It's like why should a girl buy a product when the company who made it doesn’t stand behind it? Get out there and sell the girl on how amazing you are!

"Wake up in the morning want to t-bag Anhdi"

"I think this is my second post and it took me over 10 minutes to figure out how to make a post."

"The POWER of Credit Cards!"

"Inspired by Paper Planes, if you guys ever forget the link to the blog, make sure to come to the blog and click on this link: "http://ballersinarms.blogspot.com/"

If you're doing and giving everything without her doing or giving anything, how does that make you look? That's right...like a doormat to be trampled on.

" I've been a long time reader of this blog and PaPla (as I call it... I mean I can't call it P.P. haha). It was at this point when I caught myself grinning that it made me realize a few things. I enjoy reading and getting a glimpse of the lives of the contributors of these blogs. In ways, I get to connect with them on a more personal level... topics of hardships, anticipation, and just humorous observations."

"Defeat Bryan and the Frosty
That's very unlikely,
Gonna need more than a little fuzz on your sac
to put down Willy Bob and the Mac"

"...They bring their war, we will stand, we will fight and we will leave victorious! There will be a day when the courage of men will fail, But that is NOT this day. This day we fight!
Men! Brothers! To Arms!"

"The person who came up with splitting California into two separate states need a slap in the cu."

I find that many of our best quotes are not from posts but from our comments. Some comments are just full of win. Exhibit A:

Question: What qualities do you possess that puts you ahead of other guys?

"i'm very patient and tolerant. like if i'm 3 hours late picking you up on a date, i can sit there and take your yelling. or if i forget it's our anniversay, instead of panicking, i can be patient and wait one year to make sure i get it right the next time."

"Not like other guys, I support the feminist movement and will offer you a chance to pay your fair share of the nights expenses."

"I agree with CP. Girls also say, unlike other Asian men, I have the physical features of an African American man below the waist."

"Like Bryan, I too am patient and would only hit a woman AFTER a warning. Chris is also correct, Equal Rights! The woman will not only pay for every other meal, she will also chauffeur every other date. "

"Looks like I'm back to writing dating tips..."