Old AIM Logs

I found these gems through my Aim Log file after reformatting. Unfortunately these logs only start in 2008. I probably started doing logs in 2004, but it's lost now. I'd do anything to be able to read those again. But anyway, whenever I get bored I will read some of these and share anything I find interesting.

This looks really bad out of context. The context is that I needed faceshots of everyone to create the An Phong basketball picture. HS kids didn't have facebook yet, so I needed to ask for pics. As you can see, I never did find a picture.

Monday, June 23, 2008
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:01 PM):hey do you got the link to andy's myspace?
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:14 PM):i havent been tehre forever so i cant find his lol
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:15:31 PM):lol i dont think i have it
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:15:39 PM):sorry >< dont u have his number tho?
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:47 PM):nah i dont want to talk to him
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:51 PM):just wanna get a picture of him
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:52 PM):lol
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:15:54 PM):lmao
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:15:59 PM):i'll try to find it
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:00 PM):hold up
phAt fAt pAndA (10:16:01 PM):you have any pics of him?
phAt fAt pAndA (10:16:04 PM):if you do i'll take it
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:14 PM):nopee lmao i dont take stalker pics of andy
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:14 PM):;[
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:19 PM):maybe u but not andy.
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:20 PM):LOL jks

Monday, June 23, 2008
phAt fAt pAndA (10:22:22 PM):hey do you have any pictures of Andy?
phAt fAt pAndA (10:22:27 PM):i just need his face
iishort86 (10:30:11 PM):check Nhis emails over the weekend
phAt fAt pAndA (10:30:11 PM):I am away from my computer right now.
phAt fAt pAndA (10:30:21 PM):why
iishort86 (10:30:22 PM):u can prob find a few shots of andy from camp
phAt fAt pAndA (10:30:25 PM):oh
iishort86 (10:30:29 PM):she has links to pics
phAt fAt pAndA (10:30:46 PM):ok thanks
iishort86 (10:32:18 PM):np                   

Reformatted my Hard Drive

I changed the template of the blog because as nice as the old one looked, it took a long time to load. I'd rather go with simpler so I switched back to classic view. Anyway now to the post.

I reformatted my hard drive because playing League of Legends was laggy on my old Pentium 4. Guess what, still laggy. I realized then that this computer was built the summer 2004 (before my HS senior year). This damn machine is over 8 years old! Anyway, because I reformatted I installed old programs that I always keep in my separate partitions. This is why I've been able to keep files from 2007. Unfortunately I don't have anything from before that because the HD wasn't partitioned yet, so lost it all during reformats. I don't really game anymore nor download random torrents, so I have no need to reformat. This is my first reformat in over two years. Back then it wasn't rare for me to reformat every break between college quarters. I lost nothing because all my music, pictures, program files, documents, etc are on the non-windows partition. I only have to re-install programs.

I highly suggest that you partition your hard drive as soon as you buy a new computer, it also gets rid of all the stupid unnecessary manufacture installed trial programs. Another tip, if you notice your computer startup slowing down over time, it's because of your programs running in the background. Here's something that will help. From the Start button, "Run" msconfig. Go to the startup tab and uncheck EVERYTHING. Now your computer is fast again.

I took a gamble and updated to Windows 7, and luckily all my drivers still work (I was prepared to give it a try, expecting to have to re-install XP). Networking is so easy on Windows 7. Now all the computers in the house have 7 and sharing is so easy. Compare that to XP, where connecting to a wireless router was easy, but network sharing was a pain. Compare XP to Windows 98/ME where connecting to a wireless router was a pain. Stuff keeps getting easier. Technology FTW!

CA Proposition results


Measure B also passed, the San Fernando Valley industry will likely suffer due to out of state competition. Even worse, tax money will be used on the state for an office of people watching porn to make sure rules are followed. I can see it now: tissue boxes labelled "your tax dollars at work".

It makes no sense to me that the death penalty was not repealed, but voters decided to ease up on the three strikes rule. I'm against the death penalty in theory, but it happens rarely in California (13 executions since 1978, less than 2% of convicted murders) so it's not a big deal. But changing the three strikes law will cause more criminals to be on the streets. A felony is a felony, why should it have to be violent crimes? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, fuck you. If they don't learn after two felonies, they don't deserve to be in society. Just think from a economic point of view. The two-strike-criminal's fear just went down by ridiculous margins. He can now resume selling meth and stealing cars FOREVER.