Old AIM Logs

I found these gems through my Aim Log file after reformatting. Unfortunately these logs only start in 2008. I probably started doing logs in 2004, but it's lost now. I'd do anything to be able to read those again. But anyway, whenever I get bored I will read some of these and share anything I find interesting.

This looks really bad out of context. The context is that I needed faceshots of everyone to create the An Phong basketball picture. HS kids didn't have facebook yet, so I needed to ask for pics. As you can see, I never did find a picture.

Monday, June 23, 2008
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:01 PM):hey do you got the link to andy's myspace?
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:14 PM):i havent been tehre forever so i cant find his lol
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:15:31 PM):lol i dont think i have it
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:15:39 PM):sorry >< dont u have his number tho?
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:47 PM):nah i dont want to talk to him
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:51 PM):just wanna get a picture of him
phAt fAt pAndA (10:15:52 PM):lol
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:15:54 PM):lmao
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:15:59 PM):i'll try to find it
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:00 PM):hold up
phAt fAt pAndA (10:16:01 PM):you have any pics of him?
phAt fAt pAndA (10:16:04 PM):if you do i'll take it
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:14 PM):nopee lmao i dont take stalker pics of andy
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:14 PM):;[
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:19 PM):maybe u but not andy.
BABY x LUUKiiS (10:16:20 PM):LOL jks

Monday, June 23, 2008
phAt fAt pAndA (10:22:22 PM):hey do you have any pictures of Andy?
phAt fAt pAndA (10:22:27 PM):i just need his face
iishort86 (10:30:11 PM):check Nhis emails over the weekend
phAt fAt pAndA (10:30:11 PM):I am away from my computer right now.
phAt fAt pAndA (10:30:21 PM):why
iishort86 (10:30:22 PM):u can prob find a few shots of andy from camp
phAt fAt pAndA (10:30:25 PM):oh
iishort86 (10:30:29 PM):she has links to pics
phAt fAt pAndA (10:30:46 PM):ok thanks
iishort86 (10:32:18 PM):np                   

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