My New Years Resolution:

Find a way to make my milkshake bring all the boys to the yard

Season's Greetings

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas...Willy Bob style-!

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Badabing Badaboom

While helping my dad at work this morning:

Dad: "Who's Duc Me?"
Me: "Thuy-Anh"
Dad: "Who?... The skinny, tall girl?"
Me: "Yeah."
Dad: "Who's Thanh Giuse?"
Me: "Yours Truly"
Dad: "Who?"
Me: "Me"
Dad: "Who?"
Me: "I AM!"
Dad: "WHAT!?"
Me: "Yup"
Dad: "Oh *giggle* That's right, cause she's tall, ok"

It's Not My Baby! I Swear!!!

Rain,Train,Cane,Maine,Sane,Great Dane,

A publication.

While driving these thoughts came up:

- Rain - Keeps me from driving. I hate how scared people are of driving in the rain. I hate driving in the rain. I don't hate driving in the rain because of the rain, I hate driving in the rain because of people who don't know how to drive when it rains. I'm not asking you to go fast, i'm just asking you to go speed limit...ESPECIALLY when taking inside streets, 30mph isn't gonna cause you to lose control you bastard. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS. My mission when it rains is to get as many people to turn on their lights by flashing mine. I'm currently 4 for 6.

- Rain - Brings ants! Little black bastards (ants) get their houses rained out so they come looking for refuge in the house. One by one they die and the message still isn't clear that they're not welcome. This ain't no shelter... to all you homeless ants: yous gotta stay outside unless you pay the rent!

- Rain - Keeps me from being outdoors. Rain keeps me from walking Loki and shooting hoops at the park. Rain keeps me from walking out at night and looking at the stars. Rain keeps me from being outside where i belong!

Rain, you're only good for water! But what good is that!?!? =X

New Feature on BiA

Introducing labels! What are labels you ask? It's like tagging for facebook pictures. When you are creating or editing a post, at the bottom right you will see a input box for Labels. As you can see to the left of our home page, there are already a good number of labels that I have created. I have given Chris, Joe, and Tony their own labels because posts from them are as rare as gold ... whereas Jon's posts are worth a penny (did you know if you melt down Jon's posts, you can sell it for more as scrap metal?)
This is a good way to index our posts that are recurring. I came up with the idea when I wanted to show Khoa all our "romance books" pictures but I didn't know where they were. Now all you have to do is click the "novels" label! I might have missed labeling some posts, so if you want you can go check our past posts, hit the edit button, and add labels. And from now on you can label your new posts.

This picture shows you where the label box is. And the pre-existing labels will pop up when you enter the first letter, so all you have to do is click the box that pops up.


This song is for all those this Christmas season with unrequited love. You know, how you pass the ball alot but the other person never passes it back to you? Anyway, I dedicate this song to all my ballers (aka ball-hoggers). Read the lyrics while you listen along to Mr. Careless Whispers.

"Last Assist"

Last assist, I gave you the ball,
but the very next play, you gave it away.
This game, to save me from tears,
I'll pass it to someone special.


Once stolen, and twice blocked,
You keep on missing, but you still shoot the ball.
Tell me baller, do you see me open?
Well, it's been awhile, it doesn't surprise me.

"Merry Assist"
I wrapped it up and sent it
with a note saying "I trust you", I meant it
Now I know what a fool I've been
but if you asked me now, I know I'd pass it again.

Chorus x2

Oh my ballers...

A crowded court, friends with tired legs,
I'm hiding from you, and your soul of ice,
My god I thought you were someone to rely on
Me? I guess I was a statistic to try on.

I face-up a baller with a fire in his hands,
I had no help defense, so he tore me apart (tore me apart)

Oooh hoo,
Now I've found a real friend, you'll never fool me again.

Last assist, I gave you the ball,
But the very next play, you gave it away.
This game, to save me from tears,
I'll pass it to someone special...

Last assist, I gave you the ball,
But the very next play, you gave it away.
This game, to save me from tears,
I'll pass it to someone special...


Movie Ratings

127 Hours : 9.5/10 Good movie, James Franco: Douche in Real Life, but one hell of an actor.

Trying really hard to be fair about these ratings, but I love pretty much all movies, and who I watch it with really makes the movie better.

Skyline : 8/10
Easy A : 8/10
Takers : 8/10

Having waffles during a movie is always a +1

Till we see the sunrise

I wish I could hold MJ's hand

It's been awhile.

Need a good laugh? Watch This. Don't need a good laugh? too bad, watch this anyways.

"Beckham yous tellin' me you ain't ever been caught off sides?"