Movie Ratings

127 Hours : 9.5/10 Good movie, James Franco: Douche in Real Life, but one hell of an actor.

Trying really hard to be fair about these ratings, but I love pretty much all movies, and who I watch it with really makes the movie better.

Skyline : 8/10
Easy A : 8/10
Takers : 8/10

Having waffles during a movie is always a +1

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Mac OBryan said...

I've seen Franco up close, I can attest that he is a D-Bag.

I will add to your movie review.

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1. I give it 6/10. Ema Watson makes this movie bearable. I am a HP fan and I am sad to give it such a low rating. At least I knew what was going on. If i wasn't a fan, I'd give it a 4/10. Its only redeeming features are the great cinematic scenes. I give props to the director for polishing this turd as best as he could. Whats the main reason this movie sucks? The plot is incomplete. Why is that? Because its half a book! The ending blows because its not really an ending.

Anyway, I would recommend the 2nd part to everyone, because that one will have action, unlike this first half.