Guess what this picture is!

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Two Twins Too Fast

Can you guess what this picture is?

Friday Flashback [22]

still makes me laugh for some reason :-)

What they really do!

I would like to introduce to you ballers the "what I really do" meme. It's a series of pictures showing a range of perceptions associated with a certain person or group of people.  I thought it would be fun to put together my own so here is my first go at it. Enjoy! ;)

Bad Movie Monday [1]

This is from "Future Force". I like how the same button does a bunch of different commands.

Guess what this picture is!

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Lisa victimizing Sir Bryant

Can you guess what this is a picture of?

Friday Flashback [21]

Kairos retreat senior year, SFHS. somewhere in Santa Barbara

the pictures inside the basketball court take me back. wish i could go back in time for a few hours and play with the fellas again (and own them up this time around).

JuMex - getting cologne for free

Some guy at a WalMart parking lot tried to sell me cologne out of his car trunk. I ignored him because it's either fake or it's stolen. But then I realize that brand name cologne is magnitudes more expensive than AXE, while being only two or three times better (at least going by own rookie olfactory palate). But now you can get cologne for free! Go into a bookstore and grab a fashion magazine. Flip to an ad with a sample, open it, and rub over your body!

spelling bee awkward moment and parody

Definition: the Negus ruled Ethiopia until the coup of 1975. LMAO

The video by Derrick Comedy made me laugh so hard, especially how Danny Glover (future Troy on Community) uses the word in a sentence.

Electronic Cigarett

Really? So dumb! People that would buy something like this do it because it looks "cool" but once people find out it's fake, they look so dumb...

Final Meme Monday

I guess my build up on Meme Mondays has finished, since there hasn't been one in two weeks. So I just made a new one right now (Sunday night). This will be the final one, so we bid farewell to Meme Monday. Don't worry about flashback friday though, it's scheduled until at least August, but I will add even more. We might last till December. But in Meme Monday's place, next week will have Bad Movie Monday! This one's for Tony

Cheap bike = good deal right?

So the guys want to start bike riding together so a Bryan and I went out to buy bikes at good old Target. I can't speak for Bryan's bike, but here is the short lived story of my bike... Price tag was $99.99. First thought, sweet cheap bike! Then I took it to the cash register and the final price was $10 less. Second thought, sweet super cheap bike! As I was taking it out to the car, I noticed the breaks weren't working properly. There was some rubbing on the back wheel. Third thought, okay I can fix this. I spent about 45 minutes trying to fine tune the breaks to get it to work property. I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted. Fourth thought, okay lets just go riding and see how it goes. I was going and going then the peddle came flying off. Fifth thought, okay maybe it was loose. I'll just screw it back on and go on. So I continue on and then it came off again. Sixth thought, WTF this is under regular riding conditions and it's coming off? Seventh thought, dam if I was going faster, I could have lose control. Last thought, this piece of crap is going back to Target. End of story.

Guess what this picture is!

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Sacrificial 5k

Can you guess what this picture is?

Friday Flashback [20]

Christmas Retreat 2008.

0:16 and 0:30

Guess what this picture is!

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The creeper strikes again!

Can you guess what this picture is?

Mrs Doubtfire Horror Movie

They're re-releasing Mrs. Doubtfire and completely changed it into a horror movie!

Friday Flashback [19]

summer 2005 with Andrew and Ba The(Rick). This is a perfect Disney commercial, I didn't even have to edit the music it's already there.

I Just Arrived

I'm a sucker for live action adaptations of video games and that involves parodies. Check this out, saw part 1...had to watch them all. 


You know who melts my frosty?

Teachers who don't know how to read a crowd...or a clock.

I had a professor that not only taught monotone but, also had no regard for her student's time. She would always say one line that made me soft and it was "Ok, we have three minutes left so let's go over one more example". Of course the example was never done in three minutes and we would get out five minutes late...TF DOOO!? 3 min left = 5 min late = haul ass to next class. No bueno yall. The point is if you can't get it done in the time given then don't fk'n make me run to the next class!


Meme Monday [17]

The Bear Grylls meme. Making fun of survival skills.

Guess what this picture is!

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BiA Undercooked Heavy Veggie Pizza!

Can you guess what this picture is?

Friday Flashback [18]

Fact: first time I introduced dirty charades to the group was when we had a dinner (Krn ribs, fried tofu) at my apartment in my third year.

Fact: first time I ever played dirty charades was above, first week of 2nd year.