Badabing Badaboom

While helping my dad at work this morning:

Dad: "Who's Duc Me?"
Me: "Thuy-Anh"
Dad: "Who?... The skinny, tall girl?"
Me: "Yeah."
Dad: "Who's Thanh Giuse?"
Me: "Yours Truly"
Dad: "Who?"
Me: "Me"
Dad: "Who?"
Me: "I AM!"
Dad: "WHAT!?"
Me: "Yup"
Dad: "Oh *giggle* That's right, cause she's tall, ok"

It's Not My Baby! I Swear!!!


Mac OBryan said...

i can hear the "WHAT?" in my head lol

Willy Bob said...

I guess it's only her height that got you the part ey son? lol

Mutha Russia said...

lol I can totally picture dad's giggle. that man, I love him.