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While driving these thoughts came up:

- Rain - Keeps me from driving. I hate how scared people are of driving in the rain. I hate driving in the rain. I don't hate driving in the rain because of the rain, I hate driving in the rain because of people who don't know how to drive when it rains. I'm not asking you to go fast, i'm just asking you to go speed limit...ESPECIALLY when taking inside streets, 30mph isn't gonna cause you to lose control you bastard. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS. My mission when it rains is to get as many people to turn on their lights by flashing mine. I'm currently 4 for 6.

- Rain - Brings ants! Little black bastards (ants) get their houses rained out so they come looking for refuge in the house. One by one they die and the message still isn't clear that they're not welcome. This ain't no shelter... to all you homeless ants: yous gotta stay outside unless you pay the rent!

- Rain - Keeps me from being outdoors. Rain keeps me from walking Loki and shooting hoops at the park. Rain keeps me from walking out at night and looking at the stars. Rain keeps me from being outside where i belong!

Rain, you're only good for water! But what good is that!?!? =X

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Mac OBryan said...

55-65 is good for rain weather.

thank God for gym membership, a dry place to shoot some hoops