First things first. some music to listen to while you read this. Came across this during my daily drive and just had to put it on replay.


So what's up!? It's been awhile since I've done a personal update. I've been busy busy busy. For example, I now own stock in Google, Ebay, and Toyota! Ok.... that's a lie, but! I assure you that I've been busy.

I've been playing 1-3 hours of basketball every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. However, most people get the wrong impression when I tell them that I play basketball this many times a week. They think I'm amazing or something special. I can't say that I'm good yet, but I will say that I'm miles from where I started. What i can never get across is that, I only seriously got into it last year. So hopefully one day I can be that super awesome guy.

OH MAN Just came across this on Youtube. Sorry it's a sad song, I just love all the emotion from the song. Enjoy!

Naruto Break...
Yup, I'm addicted. GG Mac.

+ Bryan - He was in the shower.

In other news, just got back from Big Bear with the old Thieu Nhi group and most of the Ballers. Only had 7? kids there =[, but maybe it was better that way. Less to worry about and hung out with each kid more. Left Joe's house Friday, and after a loooooong drive, we got to the Greg Spurrel >=]. Kicked that 'No Electronics' rule to the curb day 1, lame rule. You can't stop technology! After the official lights out, Mac, Tonster, V-man, and I stayed up to watch Naruto and now i'm hooked. WHO PUT CRACK IN THIS SHOW!?

Halo: More than just games!


Day 2, Went out to the Lake side for TCL, very fun hiding for an ambush on Chris and Mac. Acted like a bear trying to get the kids food that they tied in the trees -_- Lots of... fun. Also fun to get finger fed a squashed banana from V-man.... and getting the Heimlich from Bao. Got in an argument with our simple tyrant, I mean president... I dont' understand how hard is it to change a schedule to make it more efficient and fun. If two people, especially the person who was deemed in charge of that part of the day, tell you that they want to change it WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET IT GO. Felt sad and fubar so I went and took a nap out on the lake side... Much Better.

Volleyball (FUN! But i must say, those teams were.... beyond unfair. The only reason we were close were because of my awesome serves! ;] BAHAha.) Dinner, YUM! And a Van Nghe. Tough crowd huh Mac? More Naruto.

Sunday: Waken up too early cause someone can't tell time. Breakfast, MORE YUM! pack up, parting prayer and goodbyes.

BOILING CRAB TO GO AT JOE'S! I just wish it was spicier. "Uncontrollable soiling of the pants" spicy! Next time we'll be sure to include you ladies =]

Naruto! Goodbye Social Life?

the best part of Naruto is this song

So like I said, i've been watching Naruto lately and my got! it's really something. Especially the sad and 'truly happy' parts, when they play that song above.... nothing but emotions through my mato chante. But, there's one thing i can do without, all the previous episode re-caps for the people who start late, believe me I know what happened. Other than that, this is an awesome anime and I gladly recommend it to everyone. Naruto is just about few simple things... friends,love and dreams. What more do you need!?

Next on the list is Bleach per recommendation from Tonster.
To lighten the mood



Willy Bob said...

Wow...what a weekend! Yahtzee!!

v-man said...

Yup super fun weekend with everyone including the General making it amazing!