One of the Best Weekends Ever!

Friday: Hey there is still snow on the mountain! Went out to Lunch with my cousins Chi Be and Phi, as well as two visiting cousins from Colorado, Vu, and Be(Vien). We ate at the Olive Garden out in Ontario Mills. Olive Garden got a lot better since I last ate there. Sneaky Ninja Vu paid the bill without us knowing, apparently you can hand them your card before you order. Then Phi treated us to a showing of Prince of Persia, which i thought was a really good movie. Went to Wing Stop with some other cousins. Later at night i went to a Huynh Truong nomination meeting, cleared up a lot of things.

Got home around midnight and as i was about to go to sleep i heard the most dreadful nagging sound ever. "Long!... Phi Long!" .... it was like getting slapped in the face and kicked in the nuts. My mom was calling me to tell me to "Sweep the floor so I can mop". Let me remind you that it was midnight, i just got home after 3 hour meeting, and i had to wake up at 8 to help my dad. What really ticked me off was that my sister was home the entire night doing nothing. I asked my mom why she didn't ask her while she was home and she said it's because she just thought of it. I asked her to ask my sister to do it tmrw morning. But she said she had guests coming over tmrw and i had to sweep so she could mop. B fk'n S... ALL OF IT.

Hey there is still snow on the mountain! Woke up at 8, saw that the floor had not been mop'd -_- so i cursed and left with my dad. Started to set up for my uncle's party. I was a little upset that i couldn't play basketball, but oh well. Awesome party with delicious food and a Laker Game! KOBE IS A BEAST! Great game and it was even more fun with uncles and cousins watching.

A few of us cousins stayed at my cousin's house for the night. We stayed up till 2 playing Taboo, the girls won =[.

It was a pretty hot day.

BTW: No guests came over to my house...

Sunday: Can't believe there is still snow on the mountain! Woke up to a rampaging niece and nephew and a nice home cooked breakfast. Cinnamon rolls, Dac Biet Omelet, and some custard fruit tarts, yum! Thanks Chi Be! Then we headed back to the Chino House for mass with Chu Chi and more delicious food. The ladies had a long conversation trading Child Labor Stories and other baby stuff with my expecting cousin... Disgusting lol. Then i kicked it with Bryan and Andy for the night. Balled some guys up at the park. Bryan's mom made Stir Fried Lobster as an appetizer, droooooooooool, and some Bo Kho to fill us up =].

Monday: Not as much but, there is still snow on the mountain! Memorial Day Picnic with An Phong at the Park. Lots and lots of food and volleyball. Combine this with friends and family and you are set! Balled some guys up again.

-J- It is going to get hot =[, I want to hire someone to follow me with a fan that sprays water.

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