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First things first MOB won their 2nd game! WHOOP! The only reason the "Hard Hittahs" lost was because they didn't play as a team (Little bit of Racism: but was it just a coincidence that they were Blk? Kind of felt like playing at Duarte all over again...) and used the 'chuck threes' at the end when they were down by 10. But their efforts were futile. GO MOB!

This guy messaged me on Youtube. I like it. DANKE!

"No Warning" written and recorded by Dustin Prinz.
Video by Dustin Prinz.

Anna Kinder Piano and Vocals
Dustin Prinz Guitar, Bass...


Next > Naruto Season 3 here i come! Sanin Battle from season 2: +1

3rd: According to Conttonelle's Great Debate 2010 the correct way to roll the toilet paper is over! =]


As I strolled through campus, I saw an ROTC and immediately thought of the Army Reserve for some reason. I wondered what it would feel like to be called into action as a Reserve. Think about it... You are called to fight, a reserve soldier who is called just in case the regular army is not enough! I know I'd question how effective i'd be. Then this lead me to think what happens if there is a draft... Which means even the Reserve, or any other military, is not enough!!! I guess that's why a draft is mandatory =[. All i need's my m14 but There goes the morale! -_-

Now for a Smile

Grats & Good Luck to you guys getting Confirmed. Go find 'your' God!


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